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The Victorian Geo-Dashboard
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A history of all Events in Victoria

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0 05 Nov 16 GEELONG-OPOLY 2016Attended by: No Attendees
25 04 Feb 17 GEELONG-OPOLY 2017Attended by: 25 - Dog-gone; OzHockeyChick; Na'wal; omegaman1971; Darth Briji; maccamob; The_Tritonz; Nicole_Louise; AutumnTree; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Sims_family; DAB; Mark&Kelly; AusFox;; MaggieDot; Jacko83; Pinkpiggy7; khalleur; McPhail family; Neville_devil; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee
29 21 May 16 Happy 3rd birthdayAttended by: 29 - buzzsmc; Bec n Joe; wespro; misschief18; TR!; becca85; Plymouth57; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Darth Briji; Sims_family; RoadRunna; Bushfire; GemmaSistema; Ninny_Muggins; McLookers; AusFox;; DAB; Na'wal; n0w0rries; Jacko83; Buckleysbabe; sorceysal; suscoe; The Coffee's; Tigresss; au_Nerd
21 22 Jul 17 micaparamedic is having a birthday!Attended by: 21 - The_Tritonz; The Morris; GoodLook; micaparamedic; Dippa46; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Saint.Anthony; LouiseAnn; Highrod; Cybergran V; chooknchunk; becca85; dalerious; MazzyMay; wozzle68; au.fait; GemmaSistema; Fergzter; Perpetuallylost; becca85
23 16 Apr 16 Save our SeasAttended by: 23 - geordiefamily; buzzsmc; TR!; Buckleysbabe; vacachin; Whitepaws9; Posho6; Razetoei; maccamob; Phetlern; Cucumber Kid; larafolk; au.fait; Capt.Roverman; Bushfire; Sims_family; DAB; bazinga01; suscoe; Na'wal; Darth Briji; Neville_devil; Crack'n'LeeLee
36 11 Feb 17 2016 Victorian Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 36 - SneakyGeoKids; Team Smokey-Bear; lochb; Ruverbug Jam; -nirgal-; The_Tritonz; Mark9375; SirJ-Oz; locus cache; Spladem; SteMicMitSar; Tyred n Cranky; Phetlern; skullracing; Archie B1 & B2; Muzza; The Morris; ahomburg; Bushfire; maccamob; suss vulture; BernieH; Annoying Tarbit; dazzpete; Cybergran V; Nicole_Louise; FUF009; chooknchunk; suscoe; frilk; ladioactive; Alansee; The-M-Fam; Geoturtle37; Pinkpiggy7; Papillon4506
8 24 Aug 14 7 Souvenirs of August - Coffee StopAttended by: 8 - Jejon; Ms Sassi; megs_q; Wander Which Way?; aveen; Romax; Mainebirds; stooy
20 27 Jul 14 A Farewell to CJAttended by: 20 - xambo4u; Belleakelea; iamapom; ladioactive; SanguineDragonflye; ahomburg; gis+ger; 80degrees; CJ-Curry; kmace; sedgwickDave; 2peasinapod2012; EuDes; drjim7; Archie B1 & B2; LouiseAnn; sharkiefan; josiey; Khalexus; baluke
20 13 Apr 17 DönersTag 2017Attended by: 20 - OzHockeyChick; LouiseAnn; SteMicMitSar; buhfuhguh; º; jascat; the hamfish; benpmorgan; Archie B1 & B2; drjim7; -nirgal-; Muzza; Geo_Seek; icw; The Welder; NinjaTortoise; Zedaycee; Ausyowie; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja
18 05 Jun 16 Event Cache WWFM XIII - it's 3am and you love it!Attended by: 18 - EuDes; Ruverbug Jam; n0w0rries; Papillon4506; BernieH; landau351; leafotwind; gmj3191; cathlud; geo_jas; don55; frilk; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; kangadrew72; JSando; carkisser
0 04 Aug 18 Happy 50th Birthday Wozzle - Ballarat DinnerAttended by: No Attendees
32 28 Nov 09 MERRY MERRIMU CHRISTMAS EVENT.Attended by: 32 - RedPaw64; Speedy Stamps; Trunksergruppe; WB-Holden; Trunksnsuch; happyjester; Clogwog; _jaee; fullonphil; suss vulture; Bushfire; Snakecatcher; Team Crackers; muzza; Geodes; RHPS; shane.thompson; monch's mob; stagetree; squalid; ian-and-penny; maccamob; wallyhunt; feathertop; MrSnoop; Dicksontwo; OzzieBear; Keeper of Time; McAdies; Indiana08; Team PacketStorm; templetonteam
37 10 Jan 15 Puzzles and Multis 101 (Introduction) and 201Attended by: 37 - team_coxy; Alansee; JSando; xambo4u; ahomburg; kmace; maccamob; LucasDavids; EuDes; GJMMelb; Team Crackers; sorceysal; Tomstache; wallyhunt; n0w0rries; 2rascals; ladioactive; The Drovers; abl973; Mel_Adz; Glanville Girls; McLookers; Motndarg; Annoying Tarbit; SirJ-Oz; 80degrees; goodhorsehymn; Square_Pegs; LouiseAnn; quiet1_au; iamapom; BernieH; sharkiefan; MrHyde77; Smepster+Darcy; Riddell; carkisser
7 28 May 16 #microadventure - Dandongadale FallsAttended by: 7 - ScattsMadhouse; Grahame Cookie; Clever Monkey; Archie B1 & B2; g_ordo; º; Jamin Appleford
21 20 May 16 #microadventure - friendly floateesAttended by: 21 - º; Spladem; lochb; ScattsMadhouse; SteMicMitSar; buhfuhguh; Grahame Cookie; BWWC; Clever Monkey; Team?aky; Neville_devil; ThePacman; Archie B1 & B2; drjim7; Muzza; quiet1_au; frilk; vamp1blade; Sims_family; Promontory; gmj3191
11 04 Jun 16 #microadventure - platform divingAttended by: 11 - BWWC; Archie B1 & B2; Harpy O'Halloran; BonnyBlack; -Mountain Goat-; ScattsMadhouse; Team Smokey-Bear; º; Clever Monkey; Team?aky; lmohalloran
8 03 May 16 #microadventure - sleeping under the starsAttended by: 8 - BWWC; Grahame Cookie; ºS; º; Clever Monkey; Archie B1 & B2; ThePacman; g_ordo
31 01 Apr 16 '66 Westall Event - 50th AnniversaryAttended by: 31 - Earthbound Chief; j-bean; skirrel; The Coffee's; chooknchunk; Tagalong Wife; maccamob; Team Smokey-Bear; OzHockeyChick; SciFiRulz; ahomburg; The Double-A's; +Wife; n0w0rries; Alansee; SteMicMitSar; squalid; The Swaggies; Ruverbug; 88andy88; gmj3191; SirJ-Oz; biggles1024; Morcs4; (._o); The-M-Fam; lukie1987; yorsys; PapaGrouch; Mark&Kelly; BackPAQer
33 15 Oct 17 1 Month to the event in Alexandra - WangarattaAttended by: 33 - xsurfergirlx; Clever Monkey; locus cache; JoJoBeenie; Phetlern; skullracing; jimbo_80; ahomburg; SteMicMitSar; Happy Feet 1; The Welder; Papillon4506; Snap Happy; GrumpyBump; Whitepaws9; Geoturtle37; BonnyBlack; maccamob; dalerious; 08151605; The Empire; kmps; Team BGF; baby&Mrs gopher; Cybergran V; Harrowang; BettyBoo3747; weirdobiker; gkeyc; surefoot24; Richie3Blue3Geokids; Jamin Appleford; redsox3714
22 17 Oct 15 1 Month to the MEGAAttended by: 22 - 88andy88; Geocaching Melbourne; daznjaneo; M&D?; sedgwickDave; sqau; gwd.aussie; OzHockeyChick; Bounty Trackers; Poiter.h; BernieH; Kato Potato; d@geo; suzibound; Graling; La mina; Mummy Short Legs; crig; gc.rhi; Silkyie; aburkitt; day1976
22 22 Oct 16 1 month to the Surf Coast Event - WarrnamboolAttended by: 22 - lukie1987; Kia1; The Coffee's; SteMicMitSar; LouiseAnn; bucketeer; GoodLook; locus cache; The_Tritonz; leafotwind; H_3; Walmont; maccamob; Team Crackers; hevwalker; Whitepaws9; Yoshi Warriors; sharkiefan; au.fait; McLookers; Happy Feet 1; Wollaston
5 01 Jan 11 1-1-11 @ 1.11pmAttended by: 5 - oldwinebottle; tigersden; Smegheads; sully1; roundcircle
37 15 Jan 17 10 Months to the event in Alexandra - PakenhamAttended by: 37 - casey.cachers; LouiseAnn; crank1; ms-enchantress; tassieexpat; -nirgal-; OzHockeyChick; leafotwind; Geoturtle37; sharkiefan; ahomburg; McLookers; ceebee2013; Team Crackers; Papillon4506; The Empire; #SEALTeam4; SteMicMitSar; The_Tritonz; Alanica; Team Smokey-Bear; maccamob; The Welder; Cybergran V; Alansee; The Coffee's; BlazerTriaz; BernieH; themd; kmps; don55; S_38; TeamThommo; gmj3191; sedgwickDave; Whitepaws9; HansandLinda
29 07 Nov 15 10 yearsAttended by: 29 - TurtleNBear; Glanville Girls; Just a Trifle; Cherad; The Morris; TR!; highrod; Team Crackers; Whitepaws9; Phetlern; Crazy Creels; suss vulture; Everlasting; Alansee; wozzle68; ST37E; maccamob; Fergzter; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Laighside Legends; The_Tritonz; Shamus1; kenbryl; LouiseAnn; GemmaSistema; Sean.75; kenare
26 24 Oct 15 10 Years And Still Growing TallerAttended by: 26 - Clever Monkey; Code1; º; Budgietas; landau351; MuggleWifeDoes; OzHockeyChick; GJMMelb; PeteTheClown; n0w0rries; faulksi; kmace; pippin69; Whitepaws9; Vanessa&Aodh; Robynonthego; BonnyBlack; Papillon4506; BernieH; spiffy-; omegaman1971; we_have_a_problem; gmj3191; Archie B1 & B2; Phil Serenity; Dora the Explorer!
43 06 Feb 13 1000Attended by: 43 - penpolpals; xambo4u; gemsquared; team_coxy; Spladem; The Coffee's; Ali J; Team Crackers; -nirgal-; Datruk; SnapHappy1; Happy pants; i love dr who; Alansee; kmace; ladioactive; maccamob; EuDes; lochb; Earthbound Chief; crouching cranes; danozz; Riddell; BernieH; muzza; bubblzdee; GJMMelb; quiet1_au; Moosetash; Team KSBTJ; echidna44; littlemerpip; TheGGGs; stray cougar; SirJ-Oz; stemicmitsar; PeteTheClown; Archie B1 & B2; Long John Silva; drjim7; josiey; mazza-g; The Fiddlers
16 31 Mar 18 1000 Finds & Easter Saturday Morning TeaAttended by: 16 - WeRAmused; SteMicMitSar; SciFiRulz; Dvynanjl; fam_o_five; SneakyGeoKids; AndyB84; leafotwind; KmanNZ; Pinkpiggy7; biggles1024; 4 B Ninja's; jascat; Lever's; PapaGrouch; ansmisty
121 18 May 10 10th Anniversary Virtual EventAttended by: 121 - Team RooBok; gorbak; jasir; FeatherWaite; Team?aky; stringy; solomonfamily; pprass; The Spindoctors; Outenabout; Briggbottoms; hookline; jusojara; Captain Terror; rissl; Cached; HDSpringer; The Morris; DnA!; skygod81; red tag; Rigger64; Code1; Deputy D0g; Melia's Slaves; SamCarter; hgl; Dicksontwo; lokipagan; ACME_Caching; terrortorian; Gemini7; J_&_J; Just a Trifle; Ozibags; Dazzatron; King_RyanClarke; AusTrackers; kaisho53; GhostGums; The Marines; pocketrocket&friends; SG-3; GabGab; caughtatwork; Damo.; Daz Rascal; Wonkey Donkey; big dazza; blossom*; The Empire; JABs; the_robots; Team_Ninja; wallyhunt; McKee Clan; ROMA123; Margieh; rubai; Nilbog_Aus; mr_roo; Jabiru230; urch; Trail Buck; team_coxy; flower1; Bob From Elsewhere; winterdragon; Dik:; wing6rider; setsujoku; Chugger!; homedg; Keeper of Time; stagetree; Snuva; The Wackys; Frozen Feet; Shifter Brains; GJMMelb; themd; Shael6636; Riddell; mundoo; TeamGeoPlesk; GeoMonkeys; gd___; fluffyfish; Toy Car; Tatty; Geogetters; Fuddley; roundcircle; Guripper and DGT; Hunter-Finder; Crisp image; SecretSquirrel-BJC; kennythe1st; Oz Lurker; youngoldfella; Yurt; Camstal; McAdies; Black Bunny; Tealby; PrincessDiala; edmil; Trigg-A-Nomics; darth trader; pwags; malikaal; Kunama; Bushfire; rogerw3; Coffee and Cache; g_ordo; firesafe; Tuena; honeysucker; Datruk; rogerw3
6 11 Dec 13 11-12-13Attended by: 6 - Crazy Creels; The Morris; Romax; Geogetters; au.fait; whit's wanderers
60 11 Nov 11 by: 60 - WazzaAndWenches; maccamob; Gonefishen07; laker63; The Coffee's; Quasar3671; xambo4u; C@H; team_coxy; DazRascal; MightyMidget1; PrincessDiala; Spladem; millsy031; Phetlern; Hearse068; haveanez; kmace; Datruk; º; Rabbitto; littlemerpip; crank1; sedgwickDave; The Swaggies; chefs on the run; Gonefishen07; -Lisette-; The Empire; landau351; 80degrees; SKSJD; Toy Car; coley_babee; Team Crackers; Alansee; Gozanators; Robmc; Radioburwood; midaho; breannaluke; Miss Snips; 3bearzz; Gaga66; wyrdsister; ahomburg; Landsergruppe; S4pphire; Cracka1; Daryllm123; ollave; iamapom; Paul_the_Hippy; Whitepaws9; Earthbound Chief; BeeJay22; stemicmitsar; Obi-Cal; SirJ-Oz; TeamTOSH.net
36 11 Nov 11 Pre Event Dinner.Attended by: 36 - WazzaAndWenches; maccamob; laker63; Trunksnsuch; The Coffee's; Quasar3671; xambo4u; C@H; team_coxy; PrincessDiala; Spladem; Phetlern; Hearse068; kmace; Datruk; Rabbitto; crank1; littlemerpip; Gonefishen07; Rhiua; -Lisette-; landau351; 80degrees; Toy Car; coley_babee; Team Crackers; Alansee; Robmc; Geopr1ncess; wyrdsister; Paul_the_Hippy; iamapom; Whitepaws9; Earthbound Chief; SirJ-Oz; BeeJay22
44 11 Nov 11 - FlashmobAttended by: 44 - Quasar3671; The Coffee's; C@H; highrod; AppleBees; Whitepaws9; Phetlern; kotukuSI; crank1; diddysmum; landau351; 80degrees; Spruce Mooses; Alansee; Zherff; TrailRunning; wyrdsister; Alsume; the sock man; Franklj; jsmyong55; feathertop; Team Crackers; BackPAQer; EuDes; GrahamT; geo_jas; garnercx; BeeJay22; Scubacrazy666; maccamob; squalid; CamBendy; ollave; Earthbound Chief; themd; caughtatwork; Spladem; SnapHappy1; wyrdsister; iamapom; *ENJ*; dcr; Kel279
9 11 Dec 13 11/12/13Attended by: 9 - Kinkell1; misschief18; Glanville Girls; Tomstache; McLookers; Motndarg; Fergzter; Rehfisch Clan; Rehfisch Clan
13 01 Dec 12 12 Days of Caching Flash Mob EventAttended by: 13 - Shamus1; debbriamber; S 4 Sammy; Phetlern; tigersden; suscoe; BPJTHillas; McAdies; Geo_Eddie; ST37E; McLookers; sully1; highrod
29 12 Dec 12 12/12/12 12:12 - A Wedding AnniversaryAttended by: 29 - lemmykc; landau351; Archie B1 & B2; ladioactive; ahomburg; Katjuusa; josiey; Jykk€; -nirgal-; OGirlOz; Spladem; Gaga66; whyfarer; gmj3191; drjim7; Riddell; Condorito; Krazy K Krew; The Rebel Alliance; Rebel Acts; Belleakelea; micaparamedic; EuDes; echidna44; littlemerpip; BernieH; quiet1_au; muzza; baluke
9 12 Dec 12 12/12/12 12:12:12Attended by: 9 - Phetlern; highrod; 6Hinemoa2; Poseidon_2002; debbriamber; sully1; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Shamus1
25 12 Dec 12 12/12/12 Darebin Creek Trail Ride-throughAttended by: 25 - _husky_; Ali J; Archie B1 & B2; Jacimarble; LouiseAnn; -nirgal-; Spladem; nadya; EuDes; Long John Silva; whyfarer; landau351; Riddell; daunts; 80degrees; clickcraftsman; daunts; GJMMelb; ssmc4; bubblzdee; littlemerpip; echidna44; haldane; Melbermans; Melbermans
13 03 Mar 13 13 + 5Attended by: 13 - The 2 Wanderers; Kinkell1; highrod; Riddell; Julie&GGs; misschief18; sashi2; suss vulture; FUF009; 6Hinemoa2; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; ST37E
17 09 Mar 14 14 + 6Attended by: 17 - Kinkell1; FUF009; 2y'stassies; markndee; The 2 Wanderers; sully1; wozzle68; Harrowang; misschief18; Fergzter; Geo_Eddie; Julie&GGs; McAdies; Tomstache; McLookers; The_Tritonz; geniejoan
35 24 Jun 17 15 Years of Events in VictoriaAttended by: 35 - GrumpyBump; tackle_head; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; GoodLook; Papillon4506; Highrod; The Coffee's; SirJ-Oz; Alansee; Stibarkes Family; GeoJo; LouiseAnn; -nirgal-; 08151605; sedgwickDave; OzHockeyChick; Ausyowie; wozzle68; FUF009; sharkiefan; Jarwillo; Geoturtle37; ahomburg; day1976; Phetlern; Cybergran V; Quasar; the england's; dazzpete; jtnsilo; 6Hinemoa2; surefoot24; prmarks1391; little blue wren
11 02 May 15 15 years of Geocaching - PaynesvilleAttended by: 11 - mezza74; gwd.aussie; Poiter.h; Jimmymaff; Fredd01; comback; sqau; KI bug; Debandian; d@geo; greynomads
28 02 May 15 15 Years of Geocaching BarbequeAttended by: 28 - boo09; neisha07; chan02; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Glanville Girls; becca85; Jacko83; highrod; Tomstache; wozzle68; alchey; misschief18; McLookers; ST37E; The Empire; chooknchunk; FUF009; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; strange quark1; The 2 Wanderers; Gemmasiemensma; Shamus1; Fergzter; The Herenach; Riddell
5 07 Jul 18 15 Years of TerrorAttended by: 5 - BoatieTim; SteMicMitSar; Archie B1 & B2; AlphaDeltaIndigo; nirgalagrin
0 16 Jun 07 1st Annual 2006 Victorian Awards NightAttended by: No Attendees
9 24 Jun 02 1st VIC Cache Event PicnicAttended by: 9 - Team Frogger; Derringer; Biggles Bear; Quasar; Dashing Dog Mac; maccamob; GeoJo; Pyrenees Kid; the england's
27 23 Jul 16 2 for 1 Birthday BashAttended by: 27 - buzzsmc; Tigresss; DreamyDragon; Snap Happy; TR!; chooknchunk; OzHockeyChick; Na'wal; Buckleysbabe; Bushfire; jolauso11; maccamob; The_Tritonz; sully1; Helian; Sims_family; sharkiefan; geniejoan; AusFox;; suss vulture; +Wife; n0w0rries; Ninny_Muggins; 08151605; larafolk; Neville_devil; jinkyandjohn
31 23 Sep 17 2 Months to the event in Alexandra - BairnsdaleAttended by: 31 - Alansee; gwd.aussie; Teammoss5; locus cache; M&D?; GoodLook; The Welder; benjay21; wozzle68; SteMicMitSar; Phetlern; maccamob; sqau; ahomburg; Papillon4506; Geoturtle37; BendSinister; d@geo; micaparamedic; The Empire; kmps; BlazerTriaz; Cybergran V; gcuk; kryslazz; GemmaSistema; greynomads; surefoot24; OzHockeyChick; shai.marelle; The_Tritonz
40 12 Sep 15 2 Months to the MEGAAttended by: 40 - TeamLauren; Wiser than Owls; chan02; gregandjudi; neisha07; The Coffee's; ReganSeekers; TR!; day1976; ST37E; wozzle68; Geocaching Melbourne; little blue wren; DoorMatt; ahomburg; maccamob; jigg61; Alansee; Team Crackers; The_Tritonz; hQ88; sedgwickDave; BernieH; becca85; Emthegem; Glanville Girls; 08151605; sorceysal; Aussie Fun Seakers; GemmaSistema; Cybergran V; o.kay; Shamus1; WazzaAndWenches; FUF009; claybol; sharkiefan; geniejoan; jtnsilo; #GeoHulk
30 10 Sep 16 2 months to the Surf Coast Event - BallaratAttended by: 30 - Glanville Girls; brisal5; mogni; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; misschief18; wozzle68; OzHockeyChick; The Coffee's; H_3; McAdies; locus cache; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; Cherad; FUF009; TR!; leafotwind; feathertop; Snap Happy; sharkiefan; au.fait; geniejoan; LouiseAnn; Geocaching Melbourne; BackPAQer; McLookers; BoatieTim; GemmaSistema; Fergzter
27 13 Feb 16 2 Weeks until the Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 27 - Geo_Eddie; jelly_bean14; ST37E; McAdies; Annoying Tarbit; chooknchunk; SirJ-Oz; The Coffee's; The_Tritonz; LouiseAnn; SteMicMitSar; Tomstache; wozzle68; FUF009; sharkiefan; Green Team 2; maccamob; Glanville Girls; MazzyMay; McLookers; Saint.Anthony; GemmaSistema; Fergzter; Muggle-L; Shamus1; jaggedwings; GeoYogster
36 25 Jul 15 20,000 Between UsAttended by: 36 - monpetiterouge; the england's; Archie B1 & B2; drjim7; The Coffee's; skullracing; +Wife; ladioactive; sedgwickDave; maccamob; wozzle68; Glanville Girls; highrod; ahomburg; SirJ-Oz; The_Tritonz; M&D?; Annoying Tarbit; GJMMelb; Alsume; Loz6032; sharkiefan; Na'wal; kmace; Mark&Kelly; Clever Monkey; Rabbitto; Team Crackers; McLookers; Promontory; Robmc; gmj3191; Alansee; Muzza; Morcs4; kangadrew72
56 23 Feb 13 2012 Victorian Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 56 - lemmykc; Pathfinder24; Team Crackers; Rigger64; Spladem; Gonefishen07; ladioactive; sedgwickDave; EuDes; kmace; DarkyP; danozz; stooy; Alansee; Franklj; The Coffee's; Phetlern; maccamob; tackle_head; SnapHappy1; aveen; iamapom; ahomburg; Bounty Trackers; SirJ-Oz; squalid; stagetree; muzza; The Empire; BorisB&Natasha; -nirgal-; gmj3191; echidna44; littlemerpip; LouiseAnn; Archie B1 & B2; GJMMelb; BernieH; nufrat; KTCvic; Pea bear; day1976; Belleakelea; josiey; i love dr who; quiet1_au; Happiikhat; drjim7; daunts; landau351; Starruby; breannaluke; hippowaffle; 80degrees; baluke; TeamGodfreys
56 22 Feb 14 2013 Victorian Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 56 - skogpingvin; mkdl; Bexta; iamapom; kleineblauesonne; The GeoPrincess; -nirgal-; Poiter.h; Coruze; The Morris; Archie B1 & B2; sedgwickDave; ahomburg; landau351; drjim7; Alsume; xambo4u; Robmc; maccamob; BettyBoo3747; GJMMelb; stemicmitsar; skogpingvin; ladioactive; trixie&toby; littlemerpip; The Double-A's; skullracing; TonyGold; gis+ger; CJ-Curry; 80degrees; Motndarg; kmace; windscreen; Dicksontwo; BernieH; Riddell; Rabbitto; Nut bear; BorisB&Natasha; RogDel; spiffy-; muzza; donidoode; Alansee; gmj3191; 2peasinapod2012; LouiseAnn; Tomstache; McLookers; GraWil; quiet1_au; Biggles Bear; sharkiefan; Na'wal
0 18 Jan 14 2014 Adventure Park Victorian geocaching gatheringAttended by: No Attendees
67 21 Feb 15 2014 Victorian Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 67 - AussieGuy007; micaparamedic; -nirgal-; Ostara74; Franklj; Frog_Lady; Team Crackers; º; ahomburg; chooknchunk; SteMicMitSar; iamapom; Mark&Kelly; GJMMelb; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; day1976; jemstar1712; rmdhudson; ladioactive; Riddell; landau351; SirJ-Oz; gis+ger; BernieH; Muzza; Annoying Tarbit; windscreen; Glanville Girls; sharkiefan; birdie.eats; McLookers; E10707; Tomstache; geo_jas; Alansee; LouiseAnn; sedgwickDave; Na'wal; Rabbitto; quiet1_au; maccamob; lemmykc; BorisB&Natasha; gmj3191; yorsys; -nirgal-; 2peasinapod2012; Morcs4; Smepster+Darcy; spiffy-; Teneche; 80degrees; Biggles Bear; Earthbound Chief; Rehfisch Clan; skakids; Sorcha86; robinyang; Pinkpiggy7; The Double-A's; OzHockeyChick; 88andy88; carkisser; JSando; The Rusty's; Mrsblueduck
29 06 Nov 15 2015 GIFF - BallaratAttended by: 29 - 6Hinemoa2; sorceysal; Just a Trifle; Tomstache; TR!; Team Crackers; Phetlern; mudbrick; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; GrumpyBump; Darth Briji; strange quark1; au.fait; chooknchunk; misschief18; ST37E; wozzle68; AusFox!; Everlasting; Glanville Girls; maccamob; suss vulture; Whitepaws9; Laighside Legends; GemmaSistema; Shamus1; McLookers; micaparamedic
57 27 Feb 16 2015 Victorian Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 57 - JSando; BWWC; Geocaching Melbourne; we_have_a_problem; iamapom; Coruze; skullracing; ladioactive; geniejoan; lochb; The Coffee's; The_Tritonz; maccamob; Clever Monkey; Frog_Lady; OzHockeyChick; SirJ-Oz; Tyred n Cranky; LouiseAnn; Phetlern; SteMicMitSar; Franklj; wozzle68; rmdhudson; ansmisty; ahomburg; becca85; landau351; GJMMelb; Nut bear; chooknchunk; RogDel; Glanville Girls; lukie1987; suehut; squalid; sog12; Bucks23; Dicksontwo; Morcs4; Legomango's Dad; Legomango9; RemedY3072; gc8; drjim7; sedgwickDave; n0w0rries; kangadrew72; Mark&Kelly; Riddell; Shamus1; The Rusty's; Pinkpiggy7; lionlord; vividrogers; Saint.Anthony; 88andy88
30 27 Feb 16 2015 Victorian Geocaching Adventure FestivalAttended by: 30 - iamapom; Coruze; The_Tritonz; The Coffee's; Clever Monkey; maccamob; OzHockeyChick; 88andy88; skullracing; SteMicMitSar; rmdhudson; ahomburg; BWWC; º; crank1; AusFox!; Muzza; robinyang; McLookers; Jacko83; windscreen; Tomstache; ThePacman; BernieH; Whitepaws9; dazzpete; Alansee; squalid; kangadrew72; drjim7
27 04 Nov 16 2016 GIFF - BallaratAttended by: 27 - Phetlern; Dippa46; misschief18; The_Tritonz; geniejoan; MazzyMay; Laighside Legends; mudbrick; Bushfire; Highrod; Cherad; Sunset62; chooknchunk; micaparamedic; McAdies; au.fait; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; Glanville Girls; suss vulture; GeoYogster; Motndarg; TR!; GemmaSistema; Shamus1; Fergzter; Beckster22
27 04 Nov 16 2016 GIFF - Upper BeaconsfieldAttended by: 27 - stinky bob; jaktembo; Ruverbug Jam; #SEALTeam4; ansmisty; SteMicMitSar; Papillon4506; Alanica; OzHockeyChick; Team Crackers; leafotwind; BlazerTriaz; Geoturtle37; buhfuhguh; SneakyGeoKids; Pinkpiggy7; draggedalong; tassieexpat; jascat; lukie1987; surefoot24; KmanNZ; 4 B Ninja's; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; TeamThommo
15 31 Dec 16 2016 Gregorian Calendar Last DayAttended by: 15 - tuttle; sharkiefan; The Wackys; gwd.aussie; d@geo; kangadrew72; Phetlern; Alansee; maccamob; TeamAstro; Muzza; Zedaycee; gmj3191; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja
8 11 Jan 17 2016 Victorian Geocaching Adventure FestivalAttended by: 8 - BWWC; landau351; sharkiefan; ahomburg; Archie B1 & B2; OzHockeyChick; kangadrew72; Ausyowie
23 06 Nov 17 2017 GIFF - BallaratAttended by: 23 - vaja1; Motndarg; Sunset62; SteMicMitSar; wozzle68; Phetlern; Snap Happy; feathertop; WeRAmused; becca85; maccamob; MazzyMay; Dippa46; The Empire; muff1; GemmaSistema; firesafe; au.fait; kotukuSI; Saint.Anthony; Fergzter; McLookers; suss vulture
26 03 Nov 17 2017 GIFF - Upper BeaconsfieldAttended by: 26 - crank1; SneakyGeoKids; jascat; Papi4506; The_Tritonz; kangas11; Everlasting; Team Crackers; micaparamedic; Splad_; leafotwind; maccamob; Alansee; dahumbug; SteMicMitSar; Rabbitto; +Wife; n0w0rries; Earthbound Chief; beckNmonts; Teammoss5; surefoot24; biggles1024; OzHockeyChick; Cybergran V; jaktembo
39 24 Feb 18 2017 Victorian Cache of the Year AwardsAttended by: 39 - McTreasure Seekers; Phetlern; sorceysal; Team Crackers; locus cache; ThePacman; ladioactive; micaparamedic; landau351; chooknchunk; The Coffee's; The_Tritonz; SirJ-Oz; Archie B1 & B2; Sims_family; Tyred n Cranky; Annoying Tarbit; SteMicMitSar; BendSinister; Jentrek1; PamJ; biggles1024; beckNmonts; surefoot24; Ausyowie; Biggles Bear; sezmos; plowfive; au.fait; ASP84; jupiterpearl; Square_Pegs; Geo_Seek; VK3TV; tassieexpat; Riddell; LouJean70; Rabbitto; rodeee
5 03 Mar 18 2018 Summer Puzzle Solving FestAttended by: 5 - JMorg24; surefoot24; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja
11 12 Mar 05 21........Again!!!Attended by: 11 - T. D. Bear; Nutcache; sbalogh53; Mikita; geofreak; maccamob; pprass; GeoJo; The Coffee's; Biggles Bear; Maccaholics
42 09 Jul 06 2nd City Circle Caching ConjunctureAttended by: 42 - SPY-KIDS; GeoQuacks; team marengo; The Rebel Alliance; Partic; The Farmers 5; Clever Monkey; Raeberry; Rebel Acts; howjen567; fullonphil; Team Crackers; the england's; Team Rubik; The Coffee's; GeoJo; davroy; ghellard; The Morris; Clogwog; dcr; Alansee; dak's Emu Mob; ssmc4; Thyla and Thylo; pprass; Biggles Bear; Tank47; Rabbitto; MrHyde77; Pteranodon; Spruce Mooses; BackPAQer; chefs on the run; Derringer; pickupfamily; Rhinogeo; Uncle Jiffy; Facitman; GabGab; caughtatwork; Maccaholics
29 06 Aug 17 3 Months to the event in Alexandra - EchucaAttended by: 29 - gregandjudi; WazzaAndWenches; day1976; The Morris; coley_babee; Mark&Kelly; hembee; maccamob; Papillon4506; dalerious; Tyred n Cranky; Cybergran V; Hercs&pinky; -nirgal-; FUF009; The Empire; kmps; BonnyBlack; Geoturtle37; SteMicMitSar; TeamBarnaby; baby&Mrs gopher; o.kay; jimbo_80; sharkiefan; Aussie Fun Seakers; Harrowang; OzHockeyChick; surefoot24
32 22 Aug 15 3 Months to the MEGA Event 2015Attended by: 32 - The lost wanderers; jacko*; day1976; Coruze; Geocaching Melbourne; OzHockeyChick; 88andy88; Rapidlywild; dalerious; skullracing; sharkiefan; LouiseAnn; BernieH; ZQX; DazRascal; The Farmers 5; haveanez; jaynie_grazza; robinyang; Spy Inc.; maccamob; Team BGF; gmj3191; Harrowang; lgoody; GrumpyBump; Cocker-Family; joeylovestreasure; HansandLinda; ptw312; Jamin Appleford; LouisaOz
28 20 Aug 16 3 months to the Surf Coast Event - St.ArnaudAttended by: 28 - Geocaching Melbourne; The Coffee's; mogni; The_Tritonz; becca85; brisal5; Phetlern; The Swaggies; ahomburg; maccamob; Robmc; Cherad; LouiseAnn; squalid; chooknchunk; Tyred n Cranky; McLookers; LizzieandE; 2y'stassies; FUF009; The Morris; Aussie Fun Seakers; Cybergran V; micaparamedic; Bernipnip; baby&Mrs gopher; sharkiefan; AnyMules
27 28 Jan 17 3,650 days! But who's counting!Attended by: 27 - clancy79; Happy pants; OzHockeyChick; GJMMelb; Moosetash; ahomburg; sharkiefan; Phetlern; lukie1987; leafotwind; The Welder; b l u e s t o n e s; Muzza; Happy Feet 1; Lynjoh; maccamob; Promontory; angelique_anja; frilk; Jentrek1; Zedaycee; omegaman1971; Tally Tiger; Morcs4; BonnyBlack; (._o); Mark&Kelly
33 31 Aug 13 31st on the 31stAttended by: 33 - lemmykc; Pir8sOld&New; loopygirl105; one-eyed; ladioactive; sedgwickDave; CJ-Curry; Phetlern; landau351; ahomburg; The Empire; coley_babee; nadya; The Coffee's; diddysmum; EuDes; the sock man; barista86; KRAZYK:-p; squalid; iamapom; baluke; 80degrees; kmace; littlemerpip; MegUA; Long John Silva; gmj3191; stagetree; quiet1_au; nanton34; sisso; QuantumLucas
25 30 Jul 12 366 + 1000 = StarrubyAttended by: 25 - nurse suzy; shogun-; The Coffee's; Spladem; Ali J; Quasar3671; Rigger64; Starruby; ahomburg; themd; Epsilon Crucis; Team Crackers; Grim Jeeper; hazey1; -Lisette-; Jacimarble; Datruk; day1976; S4pphire; Dicksontwo; BeeJay22; skip2992; GrahamT; SirJ-Oz; Cracka1
22 29 Feb 16 366th DayAttended by: 22 - tansta8; Leetalicious; Panda&Lion; Clever Monkey; Lisa.kenny13; bogonghazy; chook&toon; dalerious; WazzaAndWenches; lillieb05; au.fait; Kelshandra; kerydn21; micheena; LizzieandE; Spy Inc.; TheChops; docNwitchjy; Cybergran V; jigg61; hQ88; Symeshep
30 18 Jul 15 4 Months to The MEGA Event 2015Attended by: 30 - nightchild1221; monch's mob; autumncs; º; xsurfergirlx; sedgwickDave; Tigresss; Geocaching Melbourne; Wiser than Owls; The Morris; Alansee; AusFox!; Darth Briji; Jacko83; windscreen; BernieH; Helian1; Bushfire; Mel_Adz; day1976; EuDes; vacachin; suscoe; AutumnTree; Buckleysbabe; ianwin; gmj3191; BBDAMN; n0w0rries; MaggieDot
28 09 Jul 16 4 months to the Surf Coast Event - MilduraAttended by: 28 - sammyh3@bigpond.com; honeysucker; locus cache; brisal5; The_Tritonz; maccamob; BernieH; Geocaching Melbourne; LouiseAnn; hevwalker; DAB; geniejoan; sir_spectre; McLookers; Highrod; doheng; clare007; sbliim; Princess Peach 25; Lord rossatron; Moneydork; 08151605; Samhsg; Paige Ketting; maddieturlan; hollyeileen; Paige Ketting; Nik07
15 22 Nov 15 4 Years of GeocachingAttended by: 15 - MazzyMay; Tomstache; Alansee; Phetlern; The Drovers; Team Crackers; Fergzter; Saint.Anthony; Shamus1; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; mi5sie; Cherad; McLookers
35 24 Nov 07 4x4 - 2x2 Campfire EventAttended by: 35 - The Coffee's; the england's; Crisp image; maccamob; slipknot 666; Mini Cacher One; astro69; Pyrenees Kid; Dicko; djcache; LuckDogsCrew; pandpp; Nutcache; sandar10; fullonphil; Team Crackers; Chookies; Team Rubik; Facitman; edmil; ian-and-penny; the flower bunch; Tank47; sw2092; Clogwog; geojames4; Rabbitto; Ratbag14; Geof; Rebel Acts; Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; Highrod; pprass; Rhinogeo
11 22 Jun 03 4x4 Camping WeekendAttended by: 11 - boodi; Nutcache; geofreak; Derringer; Biggles Bear; maccamob; kiwideb; muzza; the england's; GeoJo; Mr Blobby
33 03 Jun 17 5 Months to the event in Alexandra - WerribeeAttended by: 33 - tackle_head; locus cache; Robmc; Alansee; mudbrick; Muzza; Riddell; FUF009; IgorTheNavigator; -nirgal-; themd; OzHockeyChick; SteMicMitSar; GoodLook; Papillon4506; Clever Monkey; Cybergran V; Geoturtle37; The Empire; BernieH; sharkiefan; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; micaparamedic; Bushfire; cathlud; McLookers; surefoot24; BonnyBlack; RGSBruce; Team Smokey-Bear; vamp1blade; *emmas*
30 11 Jun 16 5 months to the Surf Coast Event - BendigoAttended by: 30 - geojosiah; day1976; Geocaching Melbourne; chan02; boo09; neisha07; geniejoan; The Coffee's; Tyred n Cranky; The_Tritonz; Glanville Girls; FUF009; becca85; LouiseAnn; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; wozzle68; McAdies; jacko*; little blue wren; Shamus1; gandl768; ST37E; gmj3191; claybol; Crazy Creels; kazba16; jtnsilo; 08151605; lilberryclan
11 27 Aug 16 50 50 50 50 50 GUESS WHO TURNS 50!!!Attended by: 11 - sully1; TR!; Snap Happy; Fergzter; Phetlern; wozzle68; maccamob; Helian; GemmaSistema; MazzyMay; Shamus1
16 24 Sep 11 500 days and countingAttended by: 16 - Trunksnsuch; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; maccamob; squalid; drjim7; gregandjudi; josiey; SnapHappy1; Riddell; Spladem; Kinkell1; Crazy Creels; Moosetash; Pirateute; monch's mob
12 26 Jan 13 5th Annual Gippsland Meet and Greet.Attended by: 12 - PrincessDiala; Trunksnsuch; KI bug; Fredd01; Landsergruppe; de ja vu; wam78; Cache-eyes; SKI Pair; La mina; crig; 2max
37 07 May 17 6 Months to the event in Alexandra - Swan HillAttended by: 37 - Team Crackers; Team Crackers; brisal5; OzHockeyChick; Papillon4506; Geoturtle37; locus cache; BernieH; SteMicMitSar; sully; maccamob; Snap Happy; mogni; hevwalker; BonnyBlack; GoodLook; The Empire; Cybergran V; Alansee; neisha07; boo09; FUF009; becca85; day1976; FREEDOM33; PamJ; Aussie M & M; CPwanderer; gmj3191; jtnsilo; surefoot24; King Kyal; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; becsin4; mile high RnC; Tally Tiger
29 16 May 15 6 Months to The M... Event 2015Attended by: 29 - skullracing; The Coffee's; micaparamedic; d@geo; megs_q; sqau; Geocaching Melbourne; Alansee; xsurfergirlx; +Wife; sharkiefan; HADO KARP; gwd.aussie; sedgwickDave; Quasar3671; Square_Pegs; BorisB&Natasha; FnKPatrolling; The Double-A's; Wiser than Owls; TeamThommo; ahomburg; BonnyBlack; de ja vu; biggles1024; Muzza; Darkandstormy; draggedalong; tassieexpat
26 14 May 16 6 months to the Surf Coast Event - BeechworthAttended by: 26 - 08151605; SusanDW; The Coffee's; The_Tritonz; LouiseAnn; GrumpyBump; ahomburg; geniejoan; geojosiah; day1976; maccamob; skullracing; Alansee; The Farmers 5; gmj3191; Spy Inc.; bucrog52; SciFiRulz; Harrowang; BettyBoo3747; HansandLinda; boothie103; PapaGrouch; Red_Leader_&_Fox_2; Indianagleeson; Shellumbus
11 13 Apr 18 7 Months in Australia!Attended by: 11 - leafotwind; nirgalagrin; Alansee; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; jascat; liambaxter88; RiddleyWalker; Riddell; Isaac80
33 02 Apr 17 7 Months to the event in Alexandra - WarragulAttended by: 33 - King Kyal; MrDogga; jascat; Geoturtle37; mezza74; #SEALTeam4; OzHockeyChick; sqau; -nirgal-; SteMicMitSar; gwd.aussie; d@geo; ahomburg; The Empire; ceebee2013; BernieH; de ja vu; BlazerTriaz; jeckleberry and tedd; cathlud; Papillon4506; Poiter.h; BonnyBlack; Mummy Short Legs; McLookers; Kato Potato; the hamfish; tassieexpat; Kashbound; kmps; Bounty Trackers; Tally Tiger; Mark&Kelly
28 09 Apr 16 7 months to the Surf Coast Event - TraralgonAttended by: 28 - The_Tritonz; M&D?; sqau; gwd.aussie; Alansee; maccamob; lilmissgeo89; LouiseAnn; Geocaching Melbourne; sharkiefan; Poiter.h; Muzza; Mummy Short Legs; misschief18; taurus1955; Geodude#74; gmj3191; suzibound; the hamfish; Psycho_Scissors; gmj3191; The Coffee's; apple460; Blamo!; CJPERX; Kato Potato; Silkyie; sk8ersquare
24 30 Aug 14 7 Souvenirs of August - Langwarrin event cacheAttended by: 24 - Alansee; Quasar3671; nanton34; KI bug; Whitepaws9; muzza; ahomburg; Team Crackers; Lostmonster & Co; -Lisette-; biggles1024; matt_geo; Sonic 9; Romp62; the Monkey King; mango65; AussieGuy007; Tony66; fam_o_four; twodadsclan; The Coffee's; Julz76; cathylmorgan; Wis_Wis_a
29 10 Aug 14 7 Souvenirs of August - Tatura's First Event CacheAttended by: 29 - skullracing; The lost wanderers; LizzieandE; Coruze; emnjared; Angus88; bulletproof4; docNwitchjy; Hercs&pinky; megs_q; Aussie Fun Seakers; baby&Mrs gopher; WazzaAndWenches; SciFiRulz; GrumpyBump; Team Rubik; Spy Inc.; micaparamedic; gandl768; micheena; The 2 Wanderers; au.fait; GeoJnr; GeoTilly; cdmark; Team Brooza; chook&toon; roseart01; Harrowang
17 26 Aug 14 7:17am 7 Souvenirs Flash MobAttended by: 17 - DAB; jandaw; ThePacman; The_Tritonz; Na'wal; Jacko83; suscoe; Team PacketStorm; JelenaGreenleaf; Buckleysbabe; Frog_Lady; geordiefamily; Edlasc; annabella02; Reggiejohn; TR!; RoadRunna
32 11 Mar 17 8 Months to the event in Alexandra - PortlandAttended by: 32 - Ruverbug Jam; TT016; Team Crackers; Phetlern; brisal5; Papillon4506; clare007; Malco!; The_Tritonz; SteMicMitSar; Freddo; sully; sir_spectre; Team Smokey-Bear; Geoturtle37; mogni; The Empire; maccamob; Liz and Bruce; hevwalker; McLookers; DiMorgan; Yoshi Warriors; muff1; scramping; CPwanderer; KiwiOzzie; bucketeer; kmps; HansandLinda; King Kyal; AnyMules
29 12 Mar 16 8 months to the Surf Coast Event - GeelongAttended by: 29 - monch's mob; ThePacman; Phetlern; OzHockeyChick; SteMicMitSar; maccamob; robinyang; squalid; The Coffee's; 88andy88; Buckleysbabe; Team Crackers; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; The_Tritonz; n0w0rries; buzzsmc; Alansee; DAB; wozzle68; Darth Briji; Tag-a1ong; 6Hinemoa2; McAdies; Neville_devil; vamp1blade; Ninny_Muggins; Plymouth57; RoadRunna
17 03 Feb 18 8 weeks until EasterAttended by: 17 - sharkiefan; Mocrin; lostcheq; Aix sponsa; maccamob; Fjalinas; cathlud; Muzza; Cybergran V; 6Hinemoa2; little blue wren; Long John Silva; plowfive; 80degrees; suburbwanderer; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee
33 11 Dec 13 by: 33 - TheGGGs; -nirgal-; The Coffee's; -Lisette-; Quasar3671; LouiseAnn; Rigger64; Team Crackers; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; TurnerfamilyFtg; Alansee; coley_babee; kmps; day1976; Graling; kmace; maccamob; greysubmarine; GeoJo; gmj3191; SirJ-Oz; muzza; biggles1024; HADO KARP; de ja vu; Poiter.h; J*Squared; Biggles Bear; KTCvic; noworries+wife; samy1991; noworries+wife
26 09 Jun 18 80 Candles For The Red Ant!!Attended by: 26 - au.fait; 6Hinemoa2; sorceysal; Buckleysbabe; Pteranodon; OzHockeyChick; nirgalagrin; leafotwind; Geoturtle37; Bushfire; Sims_family; maccamob; n0w0rries; Phetlern; Team Crackers; AusFox;; suscoe; suss vulture; GrumpyBump; gmj3191; Alansee; surefoot24; _BFMC_; Cybergran V; vicfire; The_Tritonz
27 16 Oct 12 888Attended by: 27 - skirrel; The Coffee's; shogun-; Spladem; Ali J; -nirgal-; Team Crackers; Alansee; stemicmitsar; josiey; jester12; Krazy K Krew; cynbru; GJMMelb; S4pphire; littlemerpip; SirJ-Oz; themd; drjim7; quiet1_au; iamapom; kiwis69; Team KSBTJ; Raevan; crouching cranes; Datruk; BernieH
11 11 Dec 13 8:9:10 11.12.13Attended by: 11 - misschief18; Kinkell1; highrod; Shamus1; 42below; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Fergzter; snaplatitude; dasparagus; Boscpirate
35 18 Feb 17 9 Months to the event in Alexandra - WedderburnAttended by: 35 - The Morris; Phetlern; Aussie M & M; day1976; wozzle68; The Welder; sharkiefan; leafotwind; mogni; chooknchunk; ahomburg; Tyred n Cranky; locus cache; Crazy Creels; FUF009; Alansee; ceebee2013; lukie1987; Papillon4506; Geoturtle37; The_Tritonz; SteMicMitSar; PamJ; BonnyBlack; GoodLook; Team Crackers; The Empire; gmj3191; Cybergran V; n0w0rries; Aussie Fun Seakers; HansandLinda; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee
16 11 Dec 13 9-10-11-12-13Attended by: 16 - Jacko83; Phetlern; ThePacman; SnapHappy1; ogrebeast; suss vulture; ozbob; Buckleysbabe; juc_cacher; Bushfire; suscoe; cloudglider; DBelco; Frog_Lady; Capt.Roverman88; CT_ZA
18 09 Sep 09 999 by 9-9-9 @ Hells KitchenAttended by: 18 - The Coffee's; Phetlern; Team Crackers; WazzaAndWenches; 3up; huhugrub; gkragen; squalid; feathertop; Dunko; jezarocks; tackle_head; wallyhunt; Wonkey Donkey; iamapom; apartmentcat; BackPAQer; monch's mob
49 22 May 11 9999 + 1 =Attended by: 49 - 4889; Alansee; the england's; Team Crackers; Rabbitto; C@H; Quasar3671; Ostara74; EuDes; josiey; 3up; wileyclan; tackle_head; Robmc; Pathfinder24; feathertop; Whitepaws9; The Coffee's; ahomburg; Kinkell1; landau351; -Lisette-; Spladem; iamapom; 80degrees; The Morris; crank1; The Swaggies; maccamob; geozilla oz; Tilla83; ian-and-penny; Paul_the_Hippy; GJMMelb; BackPAQer; monch's mob; sedgwickDave; lemmykc; Gaga66; bogonghazy; Dicksontwo; listmaker; lochb; LouiseAnn; solomonfamily; squalid; Coffee and Cache; smrff78; drjim7
29 11 Dec 13 9:10 11/12/13Attended by: 29 - -nirgal-; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; ladioactive; BernieH; Hevic; Alansee; landau351; Jammalees; TrudyJane; GrahamT; abl973; haldane; gawe46; Facitman; hembee; CJ-Curry; Earthbound Chief; clickcraftsman; Muzza; The-woob; gmj3191; iamapom; sog12; LouiseAnn; micaparamedic; SOAPY chickens; defamily; robinyang
6 11 Dec 13 9:10 pm 11/12/13Attended by: 6 - Gremar Eynesbury; 6Hinemoa2; misschief18; Kinkell1; The 2 Wanderers; vacachin
27 24 Oct 15 ??It's my Party & I'll Cache if I want to...??Attended by: 27 - chan02; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; ReganSeekers; highrod; Team Crackers; sqau; Phetlern; neisha07; aqau; maccamob; Cherad; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; M&D?; Romax; The Morris; GemmaSistema; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; becca85; Fergzter; jtnsilo; Wonder Woman W.W; wildnic26; Rustymac75
0 05 Aug 18 ?Sunday brekky with geo-buddies - BallaratAttended by: No Attendees
27 02 May 15 A birthday for geocachingAttended by: 27 - suehut; Phetlern; The Coffee's; sorceysal; alchey; LouiseAnn; Team Crackers; BernieH; micaparamedic; buzzsmc; Muzza; Jacko83; H_3; LibzHat; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; juc_cacher; geordiefamily; Capt.Roverman; TR!; ogrebeast; Bushfire; suscoe; Darth Briji; Dog-gone; Na'wal; Plymouth57
14 12 May 09 A Bung LunchAttended by: 14 - Jaffnut; Alansee; squalid; Robmc; maccamob; muzza; Tank47; ian-and-penny; listmaker; Geodes; jezarocks; pprass; SamCarter; Rhinogeo
20 09 Jul 13 A Cachers DinnerAttended by: 20 - LibzHat; geordiefamily; The Coffee's; ThePacgirl; honeysucker; Team Crackers; Bushfire; suscoe; Alansee; ThePacman; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; Effodero; cloudglider; Capt.Roverman88; juc_cacher; Helian1; jinkyandjohn; Phetlern; Helian1
22 24 Aug 14 A CITO for Phillip IslandAttended by: 22 - The Coffee's; Poiter.h; ms-enchantress; Bounty Trackers; Whitepaws9; BorisB&Natasha; KTCvic; coley_babee; tassieexpat; Team-Ruphace; MoorooducRobbos; matt_geo; Thing No2; cjfinda; Hearse068; Graling; Pebblycat; sharkiefan; You_Can_Do_It_2; de ja vu; fam_o_four; cjbchachacha
9 09 Sep 15 A Coffee & Chat over PuzzlesAttended by: 9 - Poiter.h; sqau; gwd.aussie; Mummy Short Legs; KI bug; M&D?; Kato Potato; Billy_Shears; Silkyie
10 26 Oct 14 A Day in KerangAttended by: 10 - The Morris; FUF009; WazzaAndWenches; sharkiefan; Romax; Team Roanke; 1 Aussie fun seeker; Aussie Fun Seakers; Team Megradel; mile high RnC
38 03 Jun 12 A Day out in WedderburnAttended by: 38 - Kinny Kritters; Spladem; TaylaM; tigersden; DaveBarb; Alansee; The Coffee's; Team Geotwins; Robmc; micaparamedic; The Swaggies; The Morris; The Comrades; PaddyJak; Team Crackers; Rhinogeo; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Makkas; holzcotz; Kinkell1; Romax; highrod; Crazy Creels; BernieH; The 2 Wanderers; Yullaba; nadsalator; WazzaAndWenches; bevfre; Tamzy; BillGosse; FUF009; Geogetters; kobione; walenators; Pirateute; Typhooo
34 25 May 13 A Day out in Wedderburn 2013Attended by: 34 - sully1; kobione; The Coffee's; lionjrb; misschief18; dylan7a; Kinkell1; bogonghazy; Darryl1951; Alansee; Tyred n Cranky; highrod; holzcotz; gregandjudi; Romax; cbjh1990; Fergzter; FUF009; The Morris; vacachin; PaddyJak; WazzaAndWenches; Tamzy; littlemerpip; Geogetters; maccamob; geobutterfly79; Little Squirell; Aussie Fun Seakers; The 2 Wanderers; the old blokes; nibby8; The Swaggies; mile high RnC
32 25 May 13 A Day Out in Wedderburn 2013: The Evening MealAttended by: 32 - sully1; cbjh1990; kobione; Romax; The Swaggies; The Morris; the old blokes; The Coffee's; lionjrb; misschief18; Tyred n Cranky; highrod; Kinkell1; bogonghazy; Darryl1951; Alansee; kmace; gregandjudi; holzcotz; Fergzter; FUF009; WazzaAndWenches; Geogetters; vacachin; PaddyJak; Tamzy; littlemerpip; maccamob; Little Squirell; geobutterfly79; mile high RnC; The 2 Wanderers
34 31 May 14 A Day Out in Wedderburn 2014Attended by: 34 - kobione; Romax; lionjrb; micaparamedic; Crazy Creels; Team Crackers; Tyred n Cranky; misschief18; Crystalprincess; ttrogg; maccamob; kmace; chooknchunk; PaddyJak; megs_q; sqau; The Coffee's; The Swaggies; BettyBoo3747; Robmc; FUF009; The Morris; Fergzter; cbjh1990; holzcotz; BillGosse; windscreen; Riddell; strange quark1; Tamzy; Geogetters; highrod; wozzle68; TheGspoters
31 31 May 14 A Day Out in Wedderburn 2014: The Evening Meal.Attended by: 31 - wozzle68; Romax; lionjrb; micaparamedic; Tyred n Cranky; Team Crackers; misschief18; ttrogg; maccamob; BettyBoo3747; kmace; chooknchunk; PaddyJak; megs_q; sqau; The Coffee's; The Swaggies; FUF009; Robmc; bogonghazy; sully1; The Morris; Cybergran V; Fergzter; cbjh1990; holzcotz; kobione; strange quark1; Tamzy; TheGspoters; Geogetters
29 18 Apr 15 A Day Out in Wedderburn 2015: The Evening MealAttended by: 29 - the old blokes; Motndarg; sully1; Tyred n Cranky; Phetlern; chooknchunk; boo09; megs_q; LouiseAnn; neisha07; chan02; misschief18; The Coffee's; The Swaggies; sorceysal; Romax; sqau; The 2 Wanderers; T;R; gwd.aussie; strange quark1; Glanville Girls; WazzaAndWenches; PaddyJak; Gemmasiemensma; Team Crackers; McLookers; wozzle68; tigersden
33 28 May 16 A Day Out in Wedderburn 2016Attended by: 33 - Rustymac75; boo09; neisha07; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; chooknchunk; locus cache; Phetlern; TR!; GoodLook; Tamzy; becca85; misschief18; GemmaSistema; strange quark1; sully1; FUF009; Fergzter; The Empire; gis+ger; Team Campion; BillGosse; windscreen; Papillon4506; PaddyJak; WazzaAndWenches; kobione; CPwanderer; sharkiefan; Aussie Fun Seakers; 2peasinapod2012; Highrod; tigersden
28 08 Apr 17 A Day out in Wedderburn 2017Attended by: 28 - The Morris; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; sharkiefan; Tamzy; FUF009; PaddyJak; Crazy Creels; GemmaSistema; Fergzter; little blue wren; Robmc; gis+ger; WazzaAndWenches; Aussie Fun Seakers; SAawsome004; misschief18; Go Grandys; 2peasinapod2012; Highrod; littlebrownowls; oceangirl04; wozzle68; ArnupFamily; gullyspring; virbull; jtnsilo; leafotwind
31 28 May 16 A Day Out in Wedderburn. The Evening Meal.Attended by: 31 - Keemstar; windscreen; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; chooknchunk; locus cache; Highrod; TR!; Phetlern; GoodLook; sully1; misschief18; strange quark1; geniejoan; Cybergran V; FUF009; Fergzter; The Empire; gis+ger; sharkiefan; CPwanderer; PaddyJak; au.fait; WazzaAndWenches; the old blokes; kobione; geobutterfly79; oceangirl04; 2peasinapod2012; ArnupFamily; 08151605
28 18 Apr 15 A Day Out in Wedderburn: 2015Attended by: 28 - the old blokes; Horseup; Motndarg; Phetlern; boo09; chooknchunk; LouiseAnn; neisha07; chan02; misschief18; The Coffee's; The Swaggies; sorceysal; Romax; sqau; The 2 Wanderers; T;R; strange quark1; PaddyJak; WazzaAndWenches; Glanville Girls; sully1; gwd.aussie; megs_q; Gemmasiemensma; Team Crackers; Cybergran V; BillGosse
0 08 Apr 17 A Day out in Wedderburn: The Evening MealAttended by: None
10 03 Jun 12 A Day out in Wedderburn: The Evening MealAttended by: 10 - DaveBarb; Alansee; micaparamedic; The Swaggies; The Quiet Plodder; Rhinogeo; kobione; Kinkell1; The 2 Wanderers; Romax
11 30 Jun 18 A Gathering in BrunswickAttended by: 11 - amaali; Geoturtle37; little blue wren; maccamob; Aussie Fun Seakers; ahomburg; AlphaDeltaIndigo; SteMicMitSar; nirgalagrin; day1976; micaparamedic
27 11 Jul 15 A Meal To RememberAttended by: 27 - boo09; neisha07; landau351; The Coffee's; The Swaggies; iamapom; Team Crackers; The_Tritonz; misschief18; Whitepaws9; chooknchunk; The Morris; BernieH; Glanville Girls; ST37E; Romax; wozzle68; McLookers; strange quark1; becca85; GemmaSistema; FelixII; Zeus; Hera & kids; Fergzter; Lumpyjrb; Riddell; Helian1
22 16 May 15 A Meet and Greet at CohunaAttended by: 22 - JedClampet; Drumclog10; CeeBees; Romax; dalerious; LouiseAnn; Tyred n Cranky; au.fait; WazzaAndWenches; Cybergran V; windscreen; 1 Aussie fun seeker; strange quark1; FUF009; o.kay; gregandjudi; GrumpyBump; Team Roanke; wa2kool; tigersden; mile high RnC; Team Megradel
4 29 Feb 16 A morning coffee leapAttended by: 4 - geo grrl; scouter 101; bucketeer; Cameron Crew
35 31 Oct 09 A Night To RememberAttended by: 35 - Trunksergruppe; The Coffee's; TeamBizkit; Jyetara; Landsergruppe; Smegheads; Alan-san; Team Rubik; chewinprickles; Rabbitto; Earthbound Max; squalid; Geodes; maccamob; The Morris; BackPAQer; Robmc; apartmentcat; caughtatwork; ugbug; Phetlern; Antwanr; PrincessDiala; muzza; wallyhunt; Rigger64; walenators; Mr Jibblets; monch's mob; Datruk; Earthbound Chief; Dunko; Biggles Bear; gmj3191; bearsleys
8 23 Jun 13 A Riverland Rendezvous : Border RunAttended by: 8 - micaparamedic; Dazzatron; TheKellyGang; Ozibags; froghoppin; Jardry; Moneydork; crane2
15 02 Feb 18 A Royal Meet and GreetAttended by: 15 - leafotwind; locus cache; Mocrin; Aix sponsa; lostcheq; sharkiefan; Zedaycee; maccamob; Fjalinas; RiddleyWalker; Muzza; 6Hinemoa2; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; liambaxter88
21 18 Jan 14 A Sizzling Meet and GreetAttended by: 21 - landau351; -nirgal-; maccamob; stagetree; GraWil; GJMMelb; spring99; CJ-Curry; Riddell; donidoode; 80degrees; Earthbound Chief; gis+ger; Long John Silva; 2peasinapod2012; MegUA; -Lisette-; Ron.haha; Team-Ruphace; kirstmac; sons79
13 30 Jan 17 A visit from Basel SwitzerlandAttended by: 13 - sharkiefan; j-bean; skirrel; gwd.aussie; SirJ-Oz; kangadrew72; CamBendy; pitfeder; drjim7; maccamob; LouiseAnn; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee
6 19 Mar 18 A Warb Camp BreakfastAttended by: 6 - Na'wal; DAB; Harrowang; Jamin Appleford; Na'wal; Jamin Appleford
12 29 Apr 18 A Watery GeoConfluenceAttended by: 12 - SteMicMitSar; Highrod; frilk; jupiterpearl; gmj3191; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; mazza-g; DeadlyErnest; jascat; Archie B1 & B2; Team?aky
13 11 Nov 06 A Weekend Beyond WalhallaAttended by: 13 - Mini Cacher One; slipknot 666; The Coffee's; Pyrenees Kid; Little Miss Muggle; maccamob; Dicko; Facitman; Team Crackers; Chookies; Biggles Bear; Rhinogeo; pprass
15 08 Aug 17 A Wozzle kinda day (Dinner)Attended by: 15 - wozzle68; Phetlern; Fergzter; 6Hinemoa2; boo09; becca85; The_Tritonz; sorceysal; chooknchunk; MazzyMay; maccamob; Lumpyjrb; GemmaSistema; 2y'stassies; McLookers
28 12 Apr 15 Active AprilAttended by: 28 - coley_babee; miss2205; ahomburg; Geocaching Melbourne; ms-enchantress; Spladem; Poiter.h; º; Fleabag-; Super Titans 7; BernieH; day1976; team_coxy; SteMicMitSar; Earthbound Chief; Rabbitto; TeamThommo; carkisser; don55; yorsys; #SEALTeam4; spiffy-; biggles1024; Coffee and Cache; sharkiefan; LouiseAnn; n0w0rries; LadyMcZee
6 16 Feb 13 After the FlashmobAttended by: 6 - Phetlern; WazzaAndWenches; Romax; whit's wanderers; skullracing; If
6 14 May 16 Afternoon Meet & Greet in Apollo BayAttended by: 6 - Akirey; annabella02; kazzacosmo; xhead; McLookers; Walmont
0 22 Apr 18 Afternoon Tea @ EurekaAttended by: None
29 26 Apr 15 Afternoon Tea @ EurekaAttended by: 29 - Shamus1; The_Tritonz; Alansee; maccamob; Snap Happy; micaparamedic; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; Team Crackers; Glanville Girls; The Coffee's; Na'wal; LouiseAnn; Cybergran V; o.kay; ST37E; sully1; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Gemmasiemensma; Tomstache; geniejoan; McLookers; McAdies; Dazza1; The 2 Wanderers; Fergzter; sharkiefan
32 23 Aug 15 Afternoon tea @ ZagamesAttended by: 32 - The Morris; AusFox!; Alansee; romork; 08151605; chooknchunk; ST37E; Cherad; Saint.Anthony; maccamob; annabella02; Darth Briji; jelly_bean14; wozzle68; Geo_Eddie; The_Tritonz; The Coffee's; misschief18; Shamus1; McAdies; gmj3191; The Double-A's; DAB; sully1; Glanville Girls; Na'wal; kenbryl; Tomstache; geniejoan; mazzymay; Tigresss; DoorMatt
32 30 Apr 16 Afternoon Tea at Lake EsmondAttended by: 32 - kwaianna; Muzza; The Coffee's; MazzyMay; 08151605; geniejoan; boo09; chan02; FUF009; Alansee; maccamob; The_Tritonz; chooknchunk; DAB; feathertop; Fergzter; claybol; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; H_3; GemmaSistema; Beckster22; misschief18; Cherad; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; roundcircle; Cliff5009; Highrod; lionjrb; Riddell; mi5sie
22 31 Aug 14 Afternoon tea at The GroveAttended by: 22 - The lost wanderers; GrumpyBump; docNwitchjy; kiara001; haveanez; bogonghazy; DazRascal; jacko*; Poa4; bucrog52; 3InOne; khanman47; NacSpaceman; yamutha; Shellumbus; wackyweedos; Lissie13; helmilly; Indianagleeson; OzFlameHunter; vk3gs&cc; TheChops
27 15 Jul 17 Ahoy MateysAttended by: 27 - au.fait; ThePacman; Bushfire; kenbryl; Sims_family; AusFox;; GeoVicAus; Muzza; sorceysal; +Wife; n0w0rries; Benjamin Screamer; RGSBruce; Na'wal; The_Tritonz; AutumnTree; wozzle68; The_Easter_Bunnies; DoorMatt; Jedika98; destinyruler; autumncs; jenno3; kenare; Zedaycee; teamashy; Capt.Roverman
32 26 Jan 18 All Nations Australia Day BBQAttended by: 32 - one-eyed; Cherryslice88; Happy pants; BernieH; Annoying Tarbit; Cachemstr; Craycraymstr; maccamob; Bunjil; Phetlern; day1976; Team Crackers; Highrod; misschief18; kenbryl; Alansee; au.fait; S4pphire; beckNmonts; Ruverbug Jam; omegaman1971; nirgalagrin; OC_3; gis+ger; Riddell; kenare; Mark9375; 4bait; Two+Four; Stormgirl13; daunts; Erica_Imogen_Dad
18 14 Nov 15 An early brewAttended by: 18 - Little Blue Hen; The Coffee's; bkj97; Fleabag-; GT02; 2y'stassies; -Mountain Goat-; spiffy-; maccamob; n0w0rries; The_Tritonz; Konie; Tigresss; biggles1024; Na'wal; buzzsmc; robinyang; lukie1987
0 17 Oct 15 An Evening Meal and Socialising in St.ArnaudAttended by: None
0 18 Oct 14 An Evening Meal and Socialising in St.ArnaudAttended by: None
9 19 Oct 13 An Evening Meal and Socialising in St.ArnaudAttended by: 9 - micaparamedic; The Coffee's; The Swaggies; Romax; Tyred n Cranky; maccamob; Team Crackers; FUF009; Scouters96
31 15 Oct 16 An Evening Meal and Socialising in St.Arnaud #4Attended by: 31 - hembee; the old blokes; Papillon4506; lukie1987; The Morris; sorceysal; OzHockeyChick; LouiseAnn; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; WazzaAndWenches; misschief18; Phetlern; Team Crackers; locus cache; Geoturtle37; FUF009; leafotwind; GoodLook; The 2 Wanderers; Cybergran V; au.fait; chooknchunk; maccamob; sharkiefan; feathertop; gmj3191; Tag-a1ong; Highrod; SAawsome004; virbull
30 21 Oct 17 An Evening Meal and Socialising in St.Arnaud #5Attended by: 30 - becca85; winga70; 6Hinemoa2; rusty0316; Muzza; PamJ; GoodLook; Phetlern; feathertop; Bushfire; The Coffee's; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; misschief18; wozzle68; Cybergran V; Team Crackers; sorceysal; gmj3191; 08151605; The Morris; SAawsome004; Fergzter; GemmaSistema; muff1; au.fait; beckNmonts; The Swaggies; surefoot24; ArnupFamily
19 16 Feb 10 Another Bung Lunch - the Long ReturnAttended by: 19 - squalid; listmaker; Jaffnut; jezarocks; Team Crackers; Team RooBok; Robmc; Coffee and Cache; BekahBug; Dicksontwo; Rhinogeo; maccamob; Dunko; muzza; feathertop; 3up; Wonkey Donkey; Alansee; Biggles Bear
16 14 Sep 10 Another Bung Lunch: Spring Caching SeasonAttended by: 16 - Alansee; 3up; squalid; listmaker; Rhinogeo; Team Crackers; Madwizzard; muzza; Robmc; p-boro; maccamob; solomonfamily; Zalgariath; The Coffee's; Biggles Bear; lochb
12 18 Jan 09 Another Grampians PicnicAttended by: 12 - Geo_Ferret; Phetlern; Dazz'n'Co; maccamob; hi pressure; pprass; ian-and-penny; Rebel Acts; Dragonfreys; roundcircle; Kinkell1; McAdies
13 25 Apr 15 ANZAC DAY 2015 at Brimbank ParkAttended by: 13 - TeamLauren; icefoxy; n0w0rries; +Wife; sedgwickDave; EdHowAUS; DoorMatt; Alsume; templetonteam; Elkins88; Sobell Family; smrff78; emthegem
29 25 Apr 15 Anzac Day Evening Meal in BallaratAttended by: 29 - Snap Happy; Gonefishen07; Phetlern; micaparamedic; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; Frog_Lady; Glanville Girls; LouiseAnn; T;R; Bushfire; Alansee; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; sully1; McAdies; Buckleysbabe; The 2 Wanderers; Cybergran V; ST37E; o.kay; sharkiefan; chooknchunk; Gemmasiemensma; wozzle68; McLookers; tigersden; Tomstache; Fergzter
0 30 Mar 18 Ararat Meet n GreetAttended by: None
14 17 Apr 17 Ararat Meet n GreetAttended by: 14 - supawitchming; neisha07; boo09; GoodLook; chooknchunk; The Morris; becca85; OzArtek; Fergzter; DaSaLe77; jits318; wozzle68; Nards_Nuggles; Midnightpony
8 17 Oct 15 Arthurs SeatAttended by: 8 - Tigresss; Phetlern; wozzle68; Cybergran V; stagetree; Na'wal; Obi-Cal; 10pmMeerkat
20 27 Aug 13 August Challenge Flashmob - BallaratAttended by: 20 - BPJTHillas; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; TriciaB56; Packafattys; Kinkell1; Tomstache; slacas; McLookers; Dazza1; Myrtlebank; Beckster22; The 2 Wanderers; Shamus1; lionjrb; Glanville Girls; cauzsa; highrod; Fergzter; lacowie
29 05 Dec 15 Aussie Xmas Walk or Float By!Attended by: 29 - buzzsmc; SaintCache; The_Tritonz; TR!; ThePacman; DreamyDragon; Snap Happy; Team Crackers; OzHockeyChick; Phetlern; sorceysal; 88andy88; SteMicMitSar; The Morris; maccamob; ahomburg; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; misschief18; Alansee; larafolk; 6Hinemoa2; feathertop; sedgwickDave; suss vulture; Bushfire; Tomstache; mudbrick; Buckleysbabe
2 26 Jan 18 Australia Day at The PromAttended by: 2 - PamJ; gmj3191
21 26 Jan 18 Australia Day Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 21 - MazzyMay; vaja1; GoodLook; maccamob; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Sunset62; Highrod; Cherad; Perpetuallylost; Crack'n'LeeLee; Benjamin Screamer; featherdown; feathertop; wozzle68; Priscilla026; McLookers; Dippa46; ss16lol; sally_mally_616
25 26 Jan 18 Australia Day by the BayAttended by: 25 - SirJ-Oz; Mark&Kelly; Geoturtle37; Papi4506; SteMicMitSar; biggles1024; spiffy-; leafotwind; fam_o_five; Pinkpiggy7; tassieexpat; mazza-g; atsmug; Mark9375; 4bait; Earthbound Chief; spiffy-; n0w0rries; angelique_anja; janavalenti89; Box Cat Run; skylizard99; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; OzHockeyChick
19 27 Jan 18 Australia Day for everyoneAttended by: 19 - benjay21; Poiter.h; maccamob; Kashbound; mcsee&petal; kmps; apple460; surefoot24; Mummy Short Legs; grannygeo64; kryslazz; SKI Pair; ZaliJo; touty78; aussie_rover89; rogerz1956; syllies; tb142; kezza1211
19 26 Jan 18 Australia Day in BendigoAttended by: 19 - wozzle68; boo09; micaparamedic; GoodLook; maccamob; becca85; Zedaycee; The Morris; jtnsilo; kazba16; claybol; angelique_anja; Moneydork; Tally Tiger; SimpsonFamily15; DoorMatt; Geogetters; upuck; virbull
6 26 Jan 18 Australia Day in CorryongAttended by: 6 - Happy Feet 1; SciFiRulz; PapaGrouch; LOP833; monarks; Harrowang
12 26 Jan 18 Australia Day in St.ArnaudAttended by: 12 - TR!; Snap Happy; chooknchunk; GoodLook; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; Aussie Fun Seakers; red1369; robj73; wozzle68; ArnupFamily; SAawsome004
9 26 Jan 18 Australia Day in the BayAttended by: 9 - Crok8; gabbi.F1; annabella02; sassieold55; H_3; Walmont; Lumpyjrb; Tribe37; Fergzter
39 26 Jan 17 Australia Day Meet & Greet -A Worlds Collide EventAttended by: 39 - iamapom; prmarks1391; wellstrand tribe; CrazyLadyLisa; MikeOxhuge; duncdonut73; Czechroo; -nirgal-; Rebel Acts; shaynemarks; The Coffee's; BlueBearyK; Kirdonnemo; Happy pants; The Machman; OzHockeyChick; 10pmMeerkat; Obi-Cal; ahomburg; Na'wal; Snap Happy; GoodLook; lukie1987; Team Crackers; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; omegaman1971; Happy Feet 1; stagetree; leafotwind; Woisträßler; SteMicMitSar; Cybergran V; Annoying Tarbit; gooseandegg; maccamob; Quasar; Rabbitto
38 27 Oct 12 AWGC Meet and GreetAttended by: 38 - helmilly; nanna.c-super.pops; greenskies13; mumkat; AmboAlex; Yullaba; 3InOne; anderka; branda1707; DazRascal; nufrat; Ywurry; haveanez; Yowie3747; Joelisa; BettyBoo3747; Gonefishen07; Robmc; micheena; Blacklegend; Marcus Vitruvius; jacoba.96; bulletproof4; the farmers 5; jacko*; au.fait; Happy Feet 1; ms158f; Poa4; The lost wanderers; Harrowang; crazeecat; vombatus2; veddadog; helmilly; bucrog52; Ywurry; TheChops
43 09 Oct 10 Back to the Beginning - 10 years of Vic caching!Attended by: 43 - purpledreamer; Spruce Mooses; the farmers 5; bones1; RogWat; C@H; Spladem; 3up; monch's mob; Geodes; Mr Jibblets; Xesist; PrincessDiala; Phetlern; crank1; BackPAQer; Harrowang; markndee; Jaffnut; Team Crackers; coley_babee; blacklegend17; team_coxy; jezarocks; The Swaggies; Alchemy2; Nodalot; vicbradybunch; Datruk; laurenda; p-boro; º; iamapom; baby&Mrs gopher; caughtatwork; walenators; solomonfamily; stagetree; Happy Chappies; Earthbound Chief; Cycling_guy; Riddell; garnercx
16 21 Oct 15 Back to the Future....Attended by: 16 - The Coffee's; day1976; Team Crackers; maccamob; OzHockeyChick; Annoying Tarbit; Archie B1 & B2; n0w0rries; BonnyBlack; Muzza; 88andy88; BernieH; Vanessa&Aodh; #SEALTeam4; ansmisty; Riddell
24 21 Aug 13 Ballarat August Challenge Early Evening EventAttended by: 24 - moops61; dpkcacher; TriciaB56; namloh; mitcheke; Geo_Eddie; The Lookabouts; Myrtlebank; cauzsa; The 2 Wanderers; Shamus1; storchburp; Spiny13; McLookers; McAdies; lionjrb; Beckster22; Kazandbren; Glanville Girls; sully1; Tomstache; Dazza1; highrod; BPJTHillas
29 27 Apr 14 Ballarat Canadian Creek Trail CITO Afternoon EventAttended by: 29 - maccamob; misschief18; $doo; The Lookabouts; Team Crackers; The_Tritonz; cauzsa; Frog_Lady; Roads75; Geo_Eddie; wozzle68; Motndarg; Cybergran V; McLookers; vacachin; KrayKatLady; Saint.Anthony; The 2 Wanderers; Rehfisch Clan; Shamus1; Glanville Girls; lionjrb; Tomstache; romork; Dazza1; McAdies; oldwinebottle; Fergzter; 42below
19 31 Aug 14 Ballarat CITO - The 7 Souvenirs of AugustAttended by: 19 - The Lookabouts; The_Tritonz; lionjrb; ozishbob; Lostmonster & Co; suscoe; wozzle68; Motndarg; sorceysal; Tomstache; Geo_Eddie; Rehfisch Clan; McAdies; Glanville Girls; Dazza1; McLookers; Fergzter; Owl_crew; Shamus1
10 29 Aug 13 Ballarat Early Morning Dash for Cache FlashmobAttended by: 10 - Tomstache; McAdies; Beckster22; Glanville Girls; cauzsa; Kazandbren; McLookers; romork; Fergzter; Shamus1
14 23 Oct 09 Ballarat Pub Meal - Open SeasonAttended by: 14 - Dazza1; tommygirls; bristlehound; stashaa; micaparamedic; maccamob; 2Dudez; highrod; sandar10; bogonghazy; McAdies; sully1; roundcircle; Smegheads
15 25 Aug 12 Ballarat v BendigoAttended by: 15 - whit's wanderers; Clogwog; Kinkell1; SnapHappy1; highrod; S 4 Sammy; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; RankinFamily; Geogetters; The Coffee's; The Morris; GTR Phil 55; ST37E; BPJTHillas
11 26 Apr 15 Barwon River T5 CITO EventAttended by: 11 - Phetlern; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; Bushfire; ThePacman; Buckleysbabe; Dog-onit; cloudglider; suscoe; alchey; suss vulture
19 24 Sep 16 Barwon River T5 CITO Event - 2016Attended by: 19 - The_Tritonz; Buckleysbabe; OzHockeyChick; Phetlern; Perpetuallylost; SteMicMitSar; ThePacman; BoatieTim; Whitepaws9; Jacko83; Sims_family; TamikaM1997; McLookers; DreamyDragon; larafolk; Fieldmouse2; BBDAMN; Na'wal; Neville_devil
10 23 Sep 17 Barwon River T5 CITO Event - 2017Attended by: 10 - n0w0rries; leafotwind; Buckleysbabe; ThePacman; Sims_family; AusFox;; Muzza; Team_Justice; Whitepaws9; sedgwickDave
11 01 Jan 18 Bass Welcomes 2018Attended by: 11 - Cybergran V; ceebee2013; Kashbound; surefoot24; kmps; pprass; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; tassieexpat; Wal-len
22 30 Nov 14 BBQ @ BeaufortAttended by: 22 - maccamob; Phetlern; misschief18; chooknchunk; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Alansee; suscoe; BettyBoo3747; Romax; The Morris; Robmc; SaharaH99; Poiter.h; pprass; wozzle68; LouiseAnn; The 2 Wanderers; CarterClan6; Fergzter; Kinkell1
20 29 Apr 18 BBQ FOR CITO HELPERSAttended by: 20 - Teammoss5; d@geo; gwd.aussie; sqau; crank1; n0w0rries; +Wife; maccamob; Alansee; kryslazz; Mummy Short Legs; Kato Potato; grannygeo64; Kashbound; pwala; apple460; kangas11; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja
39 06 Dec 14 BBQ LUNCH-Geelong Christmas SmorgasbordAttended by: 39 - Happy pants; tackle_head; Team Crackers; maccamob; TR!; ogrebeast; ThePacman; Phetlern; The Morris; ozbob; Gemmasiemensma; Yoshi Warriors; The_Tritonz; Glanville Girls; Frog_Lady; feathertop; Tomstache; sorceysal; LouiseAnn; 6Hinemoa2; Buckleysbabe; McLookers; Bushfire; Alansee; suscoe; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; suss vulture; alchey; sully1; juc_cacher; Na'wal; Darth Briji; The Empire; kmace; Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder; BBDAMN; buzzsmc
26 04 Mar 17 Beaufort Meet & GreetAttended by: 26 - Phetlern; becca85; Glanville Girls; FUF009; au.fait; The_Tritonz; wozzle68; The Morris; chooknchunk; Tyred n Cranky; muff1; Papillon4506; Geoturtle37; MazzyMay; BackPAQer; JumbukWells; hembee; Fergzter; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; GemmaSistema; Perpetuallylost; HansandLinda; micaparamedic; micaparamedic
9 07 Jun 15 Beechworth Get TogetherAttended by: 9 - LuckyL10n; fitzy_1965; Sol de lune; bulletproof4; skullracing; Cybergran V; Harrowang; au.fait; BettyBoo3747
0 18 Jun 16 Beer & BurgersAttended by: None
9 19 Oct 15 Beer & BurgersAttended by: 9 - The Coffee's; skakids; Team Crackers; º; LouiseAnn; Annoying Tarbit; n0w0rries; kangadrew72; danozz
6 28 Jul 06 Bell's Easy Tips and TricksAttended by: 6 - Spruce Mooses; Spruce Mooses; pickupfamily; caughtatwork; pickupfamily; caughtatwork
11 04 Mar 17 Bendigo meets BeaufortAttended by: 11 - Phetlern; FUF009; au.fait; chooknchunk; Tyred n Cranky; muff1; BackPAQer; sully; HansandLinda; JumbukWells; micaparamedic
26 26 Sep 10 Bendigo MORNING TEA meet'n'greetAttended by: 26 - roaminrob; BBTD; The Morris; Team Rubik; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; bevfre; ZarZeeky; Alansee; C@H; Coruze; Blacklegend; purpledreamer; landau351; Spladem; Pirateute; highrod; Team Boofa; Keeper of Time; micaparamedic; sully1; Romax; Crisp image; Crazy Creels; kenscollection; ian-and-penny
26 29 Feb 16 Beware of February 29th!Attended by: 26 - Happy Feet 1; bulletproof4; Coruze; howjen567; EuDes; SciFiRulz; Team BGF; Harrowang; lillieb05; NacSpaceman; ms158f; Jamin Appleford; GrumpyBump; skullracing; gekko33; BettyBoo3747; khanman47; poozelbear; weirdobiker; HansandLinda; fezziesbaby; ptw312; DoofusTM; tbaarda; Team Redman; The lost wanderers
8 02 Dec 17 Big Billy Get TogetherAttended by: 8 - The_Tritonz; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; Perpetuallylost; Fergzter; pprass; beckNmonts; Posums
57 18 Jan 13 BIG Little EventAttended by: 57 - Debs22; Labchick; tmj003; HADO KARP; 3InOne; Dennisc52; wmf138; Huurtle; S4pphire; scody; suscoe; Happy pants; SnapHappy1; Lostmonster & Co; froghoppin; firesafe; Baja.15; welshy22; FLIPPER&CO; Team Pedal Pushers; mogni; Cracka1; TwelveFeet!; Princess Kylie72; cabbos; honeysucker; Jeffeddy; AngelFeather; mandikaye; Quasar; J+J.au; ruralslicker; skullracing; Bon and Ben; toy hunters; locus cache; MoorooducRobbos; parallel sticks; squalid; SA_ParrotHead; pprass; Nicko57; If; whites on windsor; WazzaAndWenches; TheChops; GoShaz; jantoshys; Phetlern; jgc3; Muffy and Co; baby&Mrs gopher; taz-bud/inkle; Trea73; crane2; lionjrb; MurchUnearthers
6 08 Mar 03 Biggles Bear Birthday Bash (BBBB)Attended by: 6 - Mr Blobby; Two+Four; GeoJo; maccamob; Biggles Bear; boodi
5 11 Mar 06 Biggles Bear's Labour Day Get AwayAttended by: 5 - GeoJo; maccamob; Biggles Bear; Derringer; pprass
30 23 Aug 15 Black Hill CITOAttended by: 30 - bisho%; Alansee; 08151605; Tagalong Wife; ST37E; chooknchunk; The Swaggies; Cherad; maccamob; annabella02; mi5sie; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; The_Tritonz; Darth Briji; The Coffee's; alchey; Shamus1; gmj3191; misschief18; DAB; Bunjil; sully1; kenbryl; Na'wal; GemmaSistema; geniejoan; Tigresss; CarterClan6; DoorMatt
23 18 Jun 11 Blacklegend's Bush Birthday BashAttended by: 23 - the farmers 5; Earthbound Max; The Coffee's; Hinklenator; Earthbound Contax; PrincessDiala; Spladem; Quasar3671; Blacklegend; Lostmonster & Co; skullracing; DazRascal; haveanez; Team Crackers; Roostaman; baby&Mrs gopher; HINCO; Fred6603; -Lisette-; Earthbound Chief; Yullaba; Team GraMon; rufnredy
27 11 Oct 15 Blackwood International Earthcache Day 2015Attended by: 27 - wozzle68; The Morris; ahomburg; Tomstache; tackle_head; maccamob; misschief18; AusFox!; Alansee; ST37E; Plymouth57; robinyang; GemmaSistema; Cherad; Darth Briji; kenbryl; Glanville Girls; Sean.75; Beckster22; Mippy05; Robmc; BettyBoo3747; mudbrick; RoadRunna; sorceysal; McLookers; kenare
32 28 Apr 18 Braeside Park CITOAttended by: 32 - The_Tritonz; Archie B1 & B2; Annoying Tarbit; lukie1987; SteMicMitSar; nirgalagrin; tanilou; +Wife; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; leafotwind; Bushfire; ahomburg; spiffy-; day1976; Muzza; Alansee; biggles1024; gmj3191; Pinkpiggy7; Lever's; SirJ-Oz; fam_o_five; mazza-g; bunadoorian; tim_amy; jascat; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; n0w0rries; Na'wal
15 12 Nov 14 Britpitts visits AustraliaAttended by: 15 - skirrel; Team Crackers; Gozanators; Alansee; britpitts; stemicmitsar; Broncox; McLookers; The Coffee's; Earthbound Chief; SirJ-Oz; MasonMcG; gmj3191; hp.smith; BackPAQer
13 12 Jul 15 Brookland Greens CITO & CUADAttended by: 13 - casey.cachers; Geocaching Melbourne; Quasar3671; sharkiefan; Wiser than Owls; ahomburg; yorsys; Team Nekochan; robinyang; the Monkey King; sedgwickDave; day1976; mazza-g
7 27 Dec 12 bRRRunchAttended by: 7 - team_coxy; GJMMelb; ahomburg; Cracka1; S4pphire; saulman1010; Datruk
9 31 Dec 11 Buried TreasureAttended by: 9 - The Coffee's; PrincessDiala; Gaensebluemchenwiese; suss vulture; suscoe; josiey; drjim7; The Morris; cruisinblues
38 06 Jan 13 Buried Treasure II - Skulls RevengeAttended by: 38 - TeamPurplePen; coley_babee; pantspeople; Team Crackers; Phetlern; cruisinblues; PrincessDiala; Ali J; landau351; micaparamedic; HADO KARP; Team PacketStorm; sisso; kmace; GeoJo; LouiseAnn; pprass; gis+ger; Flying Platypus; maccamob; littlemerpip; scody; haztrek; Bushfire; Team Indiana08; 2peasinapod2012; jinkyandjohn; aveen; skybison; Leakymermaid; suss vulture; geo_jas; drjim7; josiey; stooy; roverman88; Daryllm123; BPJTHillas
19 30 Dec 13 Buried Treasure III - Scattered Gold.Attended by: 19 - Bunjil Reviewer; Little Kokopelli; Giliad; Viipu; highrod; skirrel; HADO KARP; SirJ-Oz; LouiseAnn; ThePacman; littlemerpip; Phetlern; suscoe; wicked weasel; suss vulture; juc_cacher; Buckleysbabe; Capt.Roverman88; GeoJo
33 17 Jan 15 Buried Treasure IV - The Kraken's BellyAttended by: 33 - Jacko83; cruisinblues; romork; skirrel; The_Tritonz; littlemerpip; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Little Pinky; The_Easter_Bunnies; LouiseAnn; alarobric; SirJ-Oz; Frog_Lady; Muzza; Vanessa&Aodh; sharkiefan; Buckleysbabe; GlitterGirl1; suss vulture; Dog-onit; alchey; buzzsmc; suscoe; Bushfire; Biggles Bear; jemstar1712; Neville_devil; Sims_family; TR!; Eloise at the Plaza; Capt.Roverman
13 20 Feb 16 By the ZeeSideAttended by: 13 - bigkick; 10pmMeerkat; Obi-Cal; maccamob; Quasar; ceebee2013; dgfb33; The Coffee's; Cybergran V; 2peasinapod2012; NinjaTortoise; icw; surefoot24
19 30 Jul 05 Cache Dash Presentation PicnicAttended by: 19 - kiwideb; barcoder; SPY-KIDS; Rebel Acts; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; Chookies; maccamob; Alan-san; the england's; Rabbitto; Geof; dak's Emu Mob; pprass; muzza; GeoJo; Biggles Bear; aussiecoder; xf king
16 25 Jun 04 Cache Rush 2004 Presentation NightAttended by: 16 - The Coffee's; boodi; Biggles Bear; Smithereens; BeccaJ; johan_cruyff; kiwideb; teamkittens; maccamob; Em_Eagle; spaticus; Team Crackers; muzza; evil_hitman; Alan-san; Franklj
6 06 Aug 16 Caches of Ice and Fire - WinterCampAttended by: 6 - ScattsMadhouse; ºS; skullracing; º; BWWC; Archie B1 & B2
37 16 Aug 08 Caching in Geelong Get TogetherAttended by: 37 - Team PacketStorm; WB-Holden; Geo_Ferret; The Coffee's; VKC1SR; Clogwog; pprass; Rabbitto; EuDes; Team Ladava; Phetlern; monch's mob; GeoJo; Alansee; Team Crackers; muzza; shane.thompson; Dicksontwo; caughtatwork; McAdies; BackPAQer; allan_b; Kinkell1; 2Dudez; feathertop; Spruce Mooses; Scooters Mob; Next!; Gfuc; RedPaw64; ian-and-penny; roundcircle; Clocken k's; Snakecatcher; Indiana08; Enigma68; the flyman
0 01 Nov 14 CAMP AND CACHEAttended by: None
0 04 Dec 10 Camp and CacheAttended by: None
22 04 Dec 10 Camp and CacheAttended by: 22 - BBTD; troobloo; Landsergruppe; Aussie Pathtag Club; bogong; Lostmonster & Co; Yullaba; The GeoPrincess; mtrax; fitzy_1965; albida33; crank1; Whitepaws9; iamapom; skullracing; Canberra_bushwalker; haveanez; tigersden; emnjared; Trunksergruppe; Coruze; bulletproof4
27 12 Mar 16 Camp, Cache and 4wdAttended by: 27 - AusFox;; Darth Briji; micaparamedic; Dog-gone; Buckleysbabe; Snap Happy; ThePacman; maccamob; TR!; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; LibzHat; buzzsmc; Highrod; Cameron Crew; suss vulture; vamp1blade; Capt.Roverman; Riddell; boo09; neisha07; becca85; Geo_Eddie; wozzle68; GemmaSistema; Fergzter; McAdies
9 01 Jul 17 Canada DayAttended by: 9 - Archie B1 & B2; º; buhfuhguh; BendSinister; skullracing; Jamin Appleford; the hamfish; sedgwickDave; S_38
19 01 Jul 17 Canada Day 2017 SouvenirAttended by: 19 - Mummy Short Legs; Poiter.h; micaparamedic; GoodLook; maccamob; BonnyBlack; BlazerTriaz; Team Smokey-Bear; CJPERX; tassieexpat; grannygeo64; apple460; Bounty Trackers; nakedneck; Kashbound; kmps; Teammoss5; kryslazz; shai.marelle
21 01 Jul 17 Canada Day Breakfast - SebastopolAttended by: 21 - sully; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; TR!; misschief18; Cherad; wozzle68; Sunset62; GemmaSistema; Motndarg; vaja1; chooknchunk; Perpetuallylost; McLookers; Sean.75; jenno3; Fergzter; kenbryl; MazzyMay; kenare
19 01 Jul 17 Canada Day by the BayAttended by: 19 - Alansee; SirJ-Oz; micaparamedic; GoodLook; +Wife; Annoying Tarbit; The Coffee's; lemmykc; jascat; Muzza; SteMicMitSar; BernieH; The-M-Fam; Earthbound Chief; nuugs; AndyP_01; BamserBear; Riddell; gmj3191
7 02 Jul 17 Canada Day in St.ArnaudAttended by: 7 - micaparamedic; GoodLook; Tyred n Cranky; GoodLook; Aussie Fun Seakers; muff1; FUF009
25 01 Jul 17 Canada's 150th Anniversary.Attended by: 25 - MrBow; day1976; Kiwas; micaparamedic; GoodLook; +Wife; The Coffee's; Highrod; kangaroolegs; Dvynanjl; ceebee2013; The Swaggies; omegaman1971; tidder; mcsee&petal; kangas11; surefoot24; 4 B Ninja's; beckNmonts; crank1; biggles1024; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; fam_o_five; angelique_anja
6 01 Jul 17 Canucks turn 150 - Souvenir EventAttended by: 6 - SWCachers; astronaut99; -Beaker-; FerociousFlea; bucketeer; louluska
38 29 Dec 12 Cape Paterson (pre) 2013 New Year's partyAttended by: 38 - Crisp image; micaparamedic; ross47; PrincessDiala; The Coffee's; coley_babee; Gonefishen07; Tezzon; tigersden; Phetlern; 3up; Robmc; BettyBoo3747; Spladem; de ja vu; pprass; 2peasinapod2012; xambo4u; Alansee; gis+ger; squalid; haveanez; ian-and-penny; simboli2; Graling; KTCvic; -Lisette-; muzza; maccamob; Tank47; GJMMelb; KI bug; DazRascal; Earthbound Chief; Spessa; Wal-len; Paul_the_Hippy; sunnyindiatilli
37 02 Jan 12 Cape Paterson 2012 New Year's partyAttended by: 37 - guslor; Spruce Mooses; hell+back; &others; coley_babee; 3up; chewinprickles; Team Crackers; PrincessDiala; The Coffee's; GJMMelb; ahomburg; xambo4u; Robmc; pprass; Spladem; lochb; Clogwog; edmil; Alansee; ian-and-penny; sedgwickDave; squalid; maccamob; Rabbitto; greynomads; Geo Gemzy; Geo Holzy; Bounty Trackers; Sirillion; malikaal; 80degrees; muzza; Gonefishen07; Phetlern; walenators; Earthbound Chief
49 03 Jan 11 Cape Paterson New Year's partyAttended by: 49 - Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; Spruce Mooses; harry_stamper; gd___; Team Crackers; Geodes; pprass; 3up; The Coffee's; Ywurry; anderka; The Lone Random; xambo4u; The Swaggies; Landsergruppe; Spladem; Robmc; hell+back; skip2992; The Rebel Alliance; Toy Car; Rabbitto; Epsilon Crucis; tackle_head; 80degrees; hazey1; C@H; Alansee; ian-and-penny; Tank47; monch's mob; squalid; Hearse068; Rebel Acts; muzza; GJMMelb; sunnyindiatilli; The Empire; maccamob; Gonefishen07; The Morris; The Johnos; greynomads; pocketrocket&friends; Jimmymaff; malikaal; Phetlern; KI bug
21 30 Sep 16 Casual Catch Up in San Remo featuring Bec & GemmaAttended by: 21 - lukie1987; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; The Coffee's; draggedalong; OzHockeyChick; BorisB&Natasha; leafotwind; GemmaSistema; Harrowang; dgfb33; ceebee2013; Nicole_Louise; tassieexpat; Wal-len; You Can Do It 2; Suzibound; frmen1; n0w0rries; surefoot24; jugs of fun
7 19 Jan 17 Casual Catch Up in Shepparton feat. Gemma & BecAttended by: 7 - steven18475; chan02; GemmaSistema; becca85; WazzaAndWenches; Cybergran V; Spy Inc.
13 12 Mar 16 Casual Catch Up in St Arnaud featuring Gemma & BecAttended by: 13 - boo09; ST37E; Glanville Girls; neisha07; misschief18; becca85; jtnsilo; The 2 Wanderers; Rustymac75; GemmaSistema; Tyred n Cranky; claybol; wildnic26
6 05 Jul 18 Casual catch-up in Echuca feat Bec & GemmaAttended by: 6 - gregandjudi; Cybergran V; micaparamedic; GemmaSistema; maccamob; ian-and-penny
15 06 Apr 18 Casual catch-up in St Arnaud feat Bec & Gemma (#3)Attended by: 15 - Tyred n Cranky; boo09; Dippa46; PapaGrouch; becca85; MazzyMay; SciFiRulz; GemmaSistema; jtnsilo; Aussie Fun Seakers; Rustymac75; Saint.Anthony; FUF009; gracewf; strange quark1
7 06 Oct 17 Casual catch-up in St Arnaud feat Gemma & Bec (#2)Attended by: 7 - neisha07; boo09; becca85; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; GemmaSistema; maccamob
16 08 Jan 17 Casual Get Together 2017 - BallaratAttended by: 16 - jaggedwings; GoodLook; wozzle68; clare007; GemmaSistema; hevwalker; Cherad; chooknchunk; CPwanderer; Fergzter; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; GeoYogster; McLookers; ClanMcStormy
14 20 Sep 15 Catch up at the PondsAttended by: 14 - The Coffee's; RoddyC; maccamob; 08151605; geniejoan; n0w0rries; The_Tritonz; Darth Briji; Bushfire; sorceysal; juc_cacher; TR!; SaintCache; Capt.Roverman
27 20 Aug 16 Caulfield - HQ Duck DashAttended by: 27 - mymonster; SteMicMitSar; SirJ-Oz; ansmisty; Alansee; Muzza; icw; NinjaTortoise; BernieH; robinyang; don55; leafotwind; Earthbound Chief; n0w0rries; gmj3191; +Wife; jascat; AnkaOnTour; OzHockeyChick; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; Mark&Kelly; fam_o_five; Morcs4; surefoot24; buhfuhguh; yorsys
33 10 Jan 14 Celebrate - 10th Anniversary of EarthcacheAttended by: 33 - spring99; Team Crackers; themd; iamapom; Alansee; vacachin; ladioactive; The Coffee's; kmace; Darkandstormy; kleineblauesonne; donidoode; Motndarg; CJ-Curry; Xesist; The Empire; spiffy-; gmj3191; yamidotty; misschief18; hembee; Tomstache; pocketrocket&friends; GraWil; squalid; micaparamedic; MrHyde77; LouiseAnn; The-woob; McLookers; bookchild; quiet1_au; Team-Ruphace
25 01 Jul 17 Celebrate Canada Day with HotcakesAttended by: 25 - Geocaching.Geelong; OzHockeyChick; Geoturtle37; Papillon4506; The_Tritonz; maccamob; Sims_family; themd; Mel_Adz; RGSBruce; AusFox;; vacachin; MaggieDot; Bushfire; Benjamin Screamer; The Empire; ThePacman; Jacko83; larafolk; n0w0rries; suss vulture; Na'wal; Pinkpiggy7; McPhail family; Neville_devil
28 28 Dec 13 CELEBRATE New Year + 300 Hides with H068 & GF07Attended by: 28 - lozza311; bogonghazy; Zobo04; The Coffee's; ahomburg; sully1; Gonefishen07; maccamob; Phetlern; Hearse068; The Morris; Robmc; The Swaggies; de ja vu; Wal-len; Poiter.h; Alansee; dgfb33; KTCvic; Geogran1937; kmace; ceebee2013; muzza; pprass; You_Can_Do_It_2; -Lisette-; anderka; Graling
10 31 Aug 13 Celebrating 31 Days of Geocaching 2013Attended by: 10 - The Morris; Beckster22; Glanville Girls; Shamus1; lionjrb; McLookers; cauzsa; The 2 Wanderers; Tomstache; Fergzter
27 25 Apr 15 Cent Vic Get Together VIII at Moorabool ReservoirAttended by: 27 - Snap Happy; Phetlern; micaparamedic; Gonefishen07; The Coffee's; Glanville Girls; Frog_Lady; LouiseAnn; T;R; Alansee; Bushfire; Team Crackers; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; sully1; McAdies; ST37E; o.kay; The 2 Wanderers; Gemmasiemensma; Muzza; feathertop; mudbrick; wozzle68; sharkiefan; tigersden; Fergzter
27 25 Apr 18 Central Victorian Annual Get TogetherAttended by: 27 - GrumpyBump; chooknchunk; Tally Tiger; locus cache; wozzle68; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; dalerious; leafotwind; Mark&Kelly; maccamob; n0w0rries; surefoot24; plowfive; Dunmowin; Cybergran V; Little Squirell; WazzaAndWenches; neva2old; o.kay; WeAreGleesos; jtnsilo; angelique_anja; Spy Inc.; Riddell; Zedaycee; OzHockeyChick
51 25 Apr 07 Central Victorian Get TogetherAttended by: 51 - Tank47; Trunksergruppe; Geo_Ferret; slipknot 666; Mini Cacher One; The Morris; Chati; The Coffee's; fullonphil; Team Crackers; metamorphic mac; Trunksnsuch; Silver dice; Alansee; The Last Survivor; LIVERPOOLRED; Bushfire; The Swaggies; Robmc; Pteranodon; highrod; fozzy778; chewinprickles; hondo222; Romax; ian-and-penny; maccamob; kinglee; roundcircle; Rabbitto; wally3450; muzza; cdmark; clockwise; Team Rubik; WazzaAndWenches; Rhinogeo; Spruce Mooses; BackPAQer; GeoJo; Maccaholics; Derringer; Next!; Team GraMon; 2Dudez; caughtatwork; bevfre; Biggles Bear; micaparamedic; Kinny Kritters; astro69
26 25 Apr 17 Central Victorian Get Together - Back to BendigoAttended by: 26 - The Swaggies; dalerious; misschief18; Phetlern; GoodLook; wozzle68; The Morris; becca85; FUF009; Cybergran V; Romax; Crazy Creels; Tyred n Cranky; Highrod; xImWishie; Muzza; chooknchunk; Robmc; WazzaAndWenches; Frog_Lady; Aussie Fun Seakers; jtnsilo; claybol; docNwitchjy; msbergz; virbull
14 24 Apr 17 Central Victorian Get Together - Evening Meal B'GoAttended by: 14 - boo09; The Swaggies; GoodLook; wozzle68; becca85; Romax; The Morris; xImWishie; Cybergran V; GemmaSistema; dalerious; Crazy Creels; claybol; virbull
32 24 Apr 16 Central Victorian Get Together - Mighty MurrayAttended by: 32 - honeysucker; The Coffee's; -nirgal-; Tyred n Cranky; wozzle68; Phetlern; misschief18; Cybergran V; 08151605; geniejoan; tigersden; locus cache; Alansee; boo09; maccamob; neisha07; sully1; TurtleNBear; becca85; GemmaSistema; FUF009; The Morris; BillGosse; WazzaAndWenches; au.fait; sorceysal; PaddyJak; micaparamedic; Fred6603; Pinkpiggy7; gregandjudi; Highrod
28 24 Apr 16 Central Victorian Get Together - The Evening MealAttended by: 28 - Mansgirl; honeysucker; -nirgal-; The Coffee's; Tyred n Cranky; wozzle68; Phetlern; Cybergran V; misschief18; gregandjudi; 08151605; geniejoan; Fred6603; locus cache; sully1; Alansee; boo09; maccamob; neisha07; TurtleNBear; Highrod; GemmaSistema; becca85; Little Squirell; FUF009; The Morris; pnutbeagle; Pokemonlxe
53 25 Apr 08 Central Victorian Get Together II: Judgement DayAttended by: 53 - phanton51; Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; astro69; metamorphic mac; GeoTilly; Mini Cacher One; slipknot 666; The Coffee's; Silver dice; mada1234; Highrod; sandar10; The Rebel Alliance; Roostaman; fullonphil; maccamob; Brotex; Partic; Rebel Acts; cdmark; GeoJnr; Alansee; Team Crackers; vombatus; pprass; Fred6603; featherdown; Biggles Bear; baby&Mrs gopher; 2Dudez; Clogwog; howjen567; the england's; feathertop; Facitman; Phetlern; Tickells; DazRascal; pandpp; Team Rubik; WazzaAndWenches; Rhinogeo; Muzza; Marcus Vitruvius; Tank47; squalid; The Morris; Clocken k's; Team Grog Monster ; ian-and-penny; BackPAQer; Team GraMon
46 25 Apr 09 Central Victorian Get Together III: EurekaAttended by: 46 - Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; Dugcholi; sandar10; Phetlern; mada1234; Geo_Ferret; GeoTilly; GeoJnr; cdmark; Team GraMon; Alansee; The Morris; squalid; metamorphic mac; Team Rubik; maccamob; The Coffee's; Marcus Vitruvius; Rigger64; Rabbitto; Jyetara; 2Dudez; muzza; SamCarter; Robmc; pprass; jezarocks; ian-and-penny; BackPAQer; Tank47; o'cholio; Mr Emu; Clogwog; Landsergruppe; caughtatwork; chewinprickles; mymonster; Kinkell1; The Swaggies; WazzaAndWenches; Dazza1; roundcircle; McAdies; CanClan; 64EH
45 25 Apr 10 Central Victorian Get Together IV: Mighty MurrayAttended by: 45 - The Morris; The Coffee's; bevfre; Team Boofa; Spruce Mooses; Alansee; Team Crackers; Clogwog; Robmc; Datruk; lgoody; tackle_head; The Empire; honeysucker; Roostaman; highrod; Lostmonster & Co; Rabbitto; Geogetters; croschum; Romax; bevfre; Team GraMon; Phetlern; ian-and-penny; roundcircle; PrincessDiala; squalid; Team Rubik; Marcus Vitruvius; Crazy Creels; Fred6603; BackPAQer; micheena; blacklegend17; Bob's_your_uncle; GeoTilly; GeoJnr; cdmark; cluelesscouple; Allancodan; Propeller-head; Alicopter; tigersden; BoyRacer
26 05 May 12 Central Victorian Get Together V : Victoria ParkAttended by: 26 - Smegheads; highrod; Spladem; C@H; tigersden; bingami; geo-twin; markndee; -Lisette-; suss vulture; Julie&GGs; debbriamber; The 2 Wanderers; Debs22; MoorooducRobbos; Geo_Eddie; crig; iamapom; La mina; oldwinebottle; Kinkell1; McAdies; 42below; BPJTHillas; Shamus1; stooy
30 25 Apr 14 Central Victorian Get Together VII: At the 'MaineAttended by: 30 - Tyred n Cranky; maccamob; bogonghazy; sully1; misschief18; Phetlern; Team Crackers; The Swaggies; jinkyandjohn; wozzle68; Crazy Creels; WazzaAndWenches; FUF009; tigersden; BillGosse; Shamus1; Julie&GGs; The 2 Wanderers; 1 Aussie fun seeker; feathertop; Aussie Fun Seakers; Motndarg; Glanville Girls; Riddell; Jejon; McLookers; Tomstache; Mainebirds; CevDog; Cybergran V
13 19 Nov 16 Chiltern - Yeah YeahAttended by: 13 - Lostmonster & Co; skullracing; Phetlern; maccamob; khanman47; jigg61; Yullaba; Muzza; The lost wanderers; Spy Inc.; Cybergran V; Little Squirell; lillieb05
29 09 Dec 17 Christmas by the River, Flash MobAttended by: 29 - TR!; Posums; sorceysal; Snap Happy; Happy Feet 1; GoodLook; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; The_Tritonz; misschief18; The Morris; chooknchunk; The Empire; Bushfire; SteMicMitSar; 6Hinemoa2; Alansee; AusFox;; Muzza; McLookers; Buckleysbabe; Darth Briji; Sims_family; Na'wal; 4 B Ninja's; wozzle68; 08151605; Neville_devil; n0w0rries
21 24 Dec 17 Christmas Eve 2017 BreakfastAttended by: 21 - becca85; micaparamedic; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; GemmaSistema; Dippa46; MazzyMay; chooknchunk; GoodLook; maccamob; vaja1; Perpetuallylost; Sean.75; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; jenno3; kenbryl; kenare; Motndarg
24 24 Dec 17 Christmas Eve Caching Celebration (CECC)Attended by: 24 - SneakyGeoKids; GoodLook; Pinkpiggy7; The Coffee's; kmace; maccamob; n0w0rries; Alansee; SciFiRulz; (._o); Muzza; Papi4506; The Swaggies; biggles1024; surefoot24; crank1; OzHockeyChick; 4 B Ninja's; beckNmonts; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; buhfuhguh; Geo_Seek
17 02 Jul 17 Christmas in July Garibaldi Afternoon TeaAttended by: 17 - Cherad; jenno3; micaparamedic; wozzle68; GoodLook; Sunset62; misschief18; 08151605; maccamob; MaggieDot; GemmaSistema; Perpetuallylost; Highrod; McLookers; Robynonthego; kenare; mi5sie
46 22 Nov 08 Christmas in the RangesAttended by: 46 - Riddell; bogonghazy; Dicksontwo; Trunksergruppe; Team GraMon; vk3jap; GeoTilly; GeoJnr; cdmark; micaparamedic; Clogwog; Rhinogeo; Freeunicorn; baby&Mrs gopher; Team Ladava; Trunksnsuch; Uncle Jiffy; Bushfire; maccamob; Romax; Phetlern; squalid; Speedy Stamps; Team Rubik; Alansee; pandpp; pprass; Mr.Coffee and the Coffee Clan; teamppss; monch's mob; The Swaggies; Keeper of Time; Rabbitto; SamCarter; Kinkell1; BackPAQer; muzza; Robmc; feathertop; 2Dudez; caughtatwork; ian-and-penny; The Morris; McAdies; chewinprickles; embi
16 10 Jul 17 Christmas Lunchtime : Christmas in JulyAttended by: 16 - jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Cherad; McLookers; Phetlern; jenno3; kenare; maccamob; Sean.75; MazzyMay; Saint.Anthony; Perpetuallylost; Yoshi Warriors; wozzle68; GemmaSistema
14 19 Dec 15 Christmas Party In BuninyongAttended by: 14 - romork; Glanville Girls; Cherad; Tomstache; maccamob; wozzle68; Geo_Eddie; The_Tritonz; ahomburg; au.fait; McLookers; MazzyMay; McAdies; Shamus1
24 03 Dec 16 Christmas Unwrapped Flash Mob 2016Attended by: 24 - Buckleysbabe; Team Crackers; Phetlern; Happy pants; sharkiefan; The_Tritonz; SteMicMitSar; 6Hinemoa2; omegaman1971; Yoshi Warriors; maccamob; Happy Feet 1; misschief18; Alansee; buzzsmc; McLookers; suss vulture; Sims_family; AusFox;; ThePacman; feathertop; suscoe; Na'wal; Neville_devil
34 06 Dec 14 CITO - Geelong Christmas SmorgasbordAttended by: 34 - Team Crackers; maccamob; TR!; ogrebeast; ThePacman; Phetlern; The Morris; ozbob; Glanville Girls; The_Tritonz; Frog_Lady; Tomstache; LouiseAnn; sorceysal; Buckleysbabe; 6Hinemoa2; Bushfire; McLookers; Alansee; suscoe; Yoshi Warriors; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; suss vulture; juc_cacher; alchey; Na'wal; Darth Briji; feathertop; kmace; Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder; au_Nerd; buzzsmc
8 24 Sep 17 CITO - St.Arnaud - Ballarat RoadAttended by: 8 - wozzle68; FUF009; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; muff1; Fergzter; GoodLook; Speedmistress
4 22 Apr 18 CITO - St.Arnaud - Donald RdAttended by: 4 - micaparamedic; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; muff1
9 30 Apr 17 CITO - St.Arnaud - Bendigo RdAttended by: 9 - micaparamedic; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; GoodLook; annabella02; sassieold55; au.fait; suscoe; muff1
0 29 Apr 18 CITO MOEAttended by: None
8 30 Sep 17 CITO MOEAttended by: 8 - GoodLook; SteMicMitSar; CJPERX; ahomburg; Kashbound; grannygeo64; Teammoss5; apple460
14 23 Sep 17 CITO on HuonAttended by: 14 - DazRascal; OZREG; Coruze; Happy Feet 1; Happy pants; omegaman1971; GrumpyBump; Snap Happy; t88232; skullracing; haveanez; wackyweedos; Harrowang; Spy Inc.
19 22 Apr 16 CITO Week April 2016Attended by: 19 - +Wife; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; ahomburg; Mark&Kelly; maccamob; BernieH; n0w0rries; Ruverbug Jam; BonnyBlack; TeamThommo; GeoGranni; 4 B Ninja's; don55; Morcs4; gmj3191; Team-Ruphace; angelique_anja; surefoot24
21 17 Sep 16 CITO Week September 2016Attended by: 21 - The Coffee's; n0w0rries; GJMMelb; leafotwind; stinky bob; Muzza; biggles1024; the hamfish; buhfuhguh; KmanNZ; Pinkpiggy7; Walmont; Missmash; TeamThommo; quiet1_au; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Earthbound Chief; casey.cachers; ms-enchantress
5 25 Sep 17 CITO Week September 2017 ~ Keep Nyora BeautifulAttended by: 5 - Team Crackers; Jaimi007; TeamThommo; 4 B Ninja's; surefoot24
21 16 Mar 08 City Circle Scavenger SearchAttended by: 21 - Uncle Jiffy; Highrod; Robmc; Partic; Rebel Acts; BackPAQer; pandpp; Facitman; The Morris; Team Crackers; Bitsprayer; Team Rubik; dak's Emu Mob; squalid; Rhinogeo; pprass; Spruce Mooses; Rabbitto; howjen567; solomonfamily; listmaker
41 13 Sep 09 City Circle Scramble.Attended by: 41 - pmckeon; greynomads; Team Crackers; Team Crackers; Skippy.; The Coffee's; METChick; monch's mob; team marengo; Lumeah; postiegirl06; 3up; four-fun; honeysucker; Alansee; Team Rubik; tommygirls; Maccaholics; Pathfinder24; Wonkey Donkey; Wohcha; Facitman; maccamob; huhugrub; BackPAQer; Spruce Mooses; squalid; apartmentcat; Antwanr; zoople; ugbug; LouiseAnn; gkragen; jezarocks; PrincessDiala; templetonteam; mymonster; wallyhunt; Biggles Bear; caughtatwork; monch's mob
22 02 Jul 05 City Circle Tram EventAttended by: 22 - Facitman; chefs on the run; Rhinogeo; Tickford; Team Crackers; maccamob; the england's; The Coffee's; Rebel Acts; GeoJo; SPY-KIDS; Partic; Spruce Mooses; Rabbitto; Biggles Bear; dcr; dak's Emu Mob; caughtatwork; Maccaholics; Muzza; howjen567; djcache
20 04 Jan 16 CJ- Curry And Hevic Are Visiting!Attended by: 20 - -nirgal-; The Coffee's; Hevic; The_Tritonz; Tomstache; Team Crackers; LouiseAnn; mudbrick; Alansee; maccamob; micaparamedic; ladioactive; kangadrew72; abl973; ChrisRG; CJ-Curry; QueenK8; McLookers; Team-Ruphace; SanguineDragonflye
0 28 Apr 18 Clean Creek CrawlingAttended by: None
12 18 Sep 16 Clean Creek CrawlingAttended by: 12 - º; Archie B1 & B2; BernieH; kangadrew72; Cliff5009; drjim7; Leightsy; cathlud; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; jeckleberry and tedd; McLookers; Na'wal
21 26 Sep 10 Clean the Beach 2010Attended by: 21 - Spladem; Ostara74; RogWat; Quasar3671; Pathfinder24; Hud4; themd; C@H; Zippi1; monch's mob; PrincessDiala; squalid; coley_babee; º; -Lisette-; Rigger64; Biggles Bear; 3blackducks; TeamMagnusson; Gozanators; muzza
20 26 Jan 18 Clean Up - Australia Day 2018 - Peverill ParkAttended by: 20 - SirJ-Oz; BernieH; kangadrew72; +Wife; sog12; jimbo_80; geo_jas; SteMicMitSar; Whitepaws9; quiet1_au; n0w0rries; BendSinister; leafotwind; fam_o_five; Cliff5009; Pinkpiggy7; frilk; spiffy-; 4bait; sedgwickDave
22 01 Mar 15 Clean Up Australia Day & CITOAttended by: 22 - Team Smokey-Bear; GeoGranni; Team Crackers; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; ahomburg; Alansee; -Lisette-; The Double-A's; ms-enchantress; day1976; kmace; maccamob; n0w0rries; TeamThommo; rmdhudson; The Swaggies; gmj3191; Elkins88; Vanessa&Aodh; sharkiefan; Earthbound Chief
15 06 Mar 16 Clean Up Australia Day & CITO 2016Attended by: 15 - Phetlern; maccamob; King Kyal; casey.cachers; Alansee; coley_babee; TeamThommo; don55; (._o); Pinkpiggy7; Team-Ruphace; n0w0rries; The Coffee's; ms-enchantress; QuadBash
10 05 Mar 17 Clean Up Australia Day & CITO 2017Attended by: 10 - ahomburg; buhfuhguh; leafotwind; SteMicMitSar; TeamThommo; Tally Tiger; n0w0rries; Pinkpiggy7; SneakyGeoKids; surefoot24
5 06 Mar 05 Clean Up Australia Day 2005Attended by: 5 - cute_kitty; SA_ParrotHead; Rhinogeo; dak's Emu Mob; Cached
0 05 Mar 06 Clean Up Australia Day 2006Attended by: None
4 03 Mar 13 Clean Up Portland 2012Attended by: 4 - scouter 101; lionjrb; bucketeer; GoShaz
0 29 Jul 18 Clean up Traralgon CreekAttended by: No Attendees
6 13 Dec 15 Cleaning up Lake Victoria- sheppartonAttended by: 6 - Team Rubik; WazzaAndWenches; maccamob; Aussie Fun Seakers; Harrowang; au.fait
19 23 Jun 18 Clickity-Click Three-Six-SixAttended by: 19 - GJMMelb; nirgalagrin; OzHockeyChick; ahomburg; Mark&Kelly; sharkiefan; +Wife; Geoturtle37; leafotwind; buhfuhguh; Rabbitto; SteMicMitSar; spiffy-; frilk; jascat; gmj3191; atsmug; Muzza; surefoot24
45 11 Nov 16 Cochranes Corner CatchupAttended by: 45 - Tomboy; buzzsmc; Cantcacheus2014; Tassie Trekkers; Gunnie69; honeysucker; CityKatterna; brisal5; Mistraluna; mogni; locus cache; travellinbees; joojoo57; Snap Happy; Roostaman; Bushfire; Rebel Acts; GoodLook; Team Crackers; maccamob; n0w0rries; The_Tritonz; Shandyk; TR!; buhfuhguh; Kittykatch; Sims_family; FeartGoblin; Alansee; squalid; Laighside Legends; McLookers; 2y'stassies; The_Easter_Bunnies; MaggieDot; Snickersallan; Na'wal; ceebee2013; Makuta Icarax; Yoshi Warriors; Cybergran V; AnyMules; surefoot24; lukie1987; Guz's Travellers
22 22 Jun 13 Coffee & Caching Anyone?Attended by: 22 - Spiny13; Ruben.wc; The Coffee's; romork; lionjrb; lostinballarat; misschief18; Team Crackers; ST37E; The 2 Wanderers; suscoe; alol_rosa7; sully1; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; McLookers; dpkcacher; Rehfisch Clan; Fergzter; highrod; Glanville Girls; Shamus1
15 03 Aug 13 Coffee & Caching Anyone? No:2Attended by: 15 - Shamus1; sully1; bogonghazy; The Coffee's; Phetlern; ST37E; 3potscreamer; Rehfisch Clan; Glanville Girls; Packafattys; McLookers; McAdies; Geo_Eddie; The Lookabouts; Packafattys
7 14 Feb 14 Coffee and Caching No:3 The Long SummerAttended by: 7 - maccamob; Motndarg; Rehfisch Clan; Beckster22; Glanville Girls; highrod; McLookers
32 01 Aug 15 Coffee and Caching:Catch Up LunchAttended by: 32 - highrod; chan02; neisha07; Glanville Girls; The Coffee's; micaparamedic; becca85; sully1; maccamob; Alansee; WeRAmused; bisho%; TR!; BallaratGeocachers; markndee; The_Tritonz; Harrowang; Whitepaws9; DAB; MazzyMay; sorceysal; The 2 Wanderers; 6Hinemoa2; misschief18; Robmc; BettyBoo3747; squalid; GemmaSistema; Shamus1; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Fergzter
28 01 Jan 16 Coffee and Souvenir EventAttended by: 28 - Zobo04; d@geo; ahomburg; gwd.aussie; Alansee; maccamob; Vanessa&Aodh; clickcraftsman; Phetlern; mazza-g; pprass; Gonefishen07; dgfb33; Mark&Kelly; kmace; ceebee2013; kmps; Wal-len; Riley.B; Elly.B; allan_b; SanB; tassieexpat; AmyLouB; lukie1987; helsinski; surefoot24; sunnyindiatilli
27 04 Jul 15 Coffee, Cake and bit of a BreakAttended by: 27 - The Paulsons; ms-enchantress; Alansee; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; The Coffee's; GJMMelb; TeamThommo; BorisB&Natasha; GemmaSistema; kmace; Team Crackers; BackPAQer; squalid; micaparamedic; Graling; coley_babee; kmps; TheGGGs; KI bug; dgfb33; ceebee2013; crig; You Can Do It 2; Wal-len; Earthbound Chief; fam_o_five
19 09 Jul 16 Coffee, Pizza, Coffee, Wine, Coffee, EventAttended by: 19 - honeysucker; locus cache; brisal5; The_Tritonz; BernieH; LouiseAnn; maccamob; clare007; hevwalker; geniejoan; DAB; sir_spectre; 08151605; doheng; McLookers; LizzieandE; Moneydork; Highrod; honeysucker
20 09 Mar 13 Cohuna Matata!Attended by: 20 - Robmc; highrod; whit's wanderers; tigersden; The Morris; the england's; WazzaAndWenches; gregandjudi; The Coffee's; micaparamedic; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; BettyBoo3747; The 2 Wanderers; Nodalot; BPJTHillas; baby&Mrs gopher; Kinkell1; misschief18; mile high RnC
26 18 May 14 Coley's Geo Hen's PartyAttended by: 26 - coley_babee; Zobo04; Team Crackers; BWWC; The Geo-Baristas; lochb; -Lisette-; Gonefishen07; º; squalid; quiet1_au; Earthbound Chief; Geopr1ncess; maccamob; Alansee; ahomburg; The Coffee's; GJMMelb; slink1; Dunko; kmace; LouiseAnn; drjim7; day1976; biggles1024; sharkiefan
7 21 Apr 18 Come & Visit Parkville in November, 2018Attended by: 7 - The_Tritonz; Phetlern; TheRobbos3266; surefoot24; Kia1; RobbitHobbit22; LouiseAnn
29 17 Mar 18 Come & Visit Parkville in November, 2018 - GeelongAttended by: 29 - Darth Briji; Bushfire; AusFox;; Buckleysbabe; locus cache; The_Tritonz; sharkiefan; micaparamedic; Snap Happy; maccamob; FUF009; BernieH; n0w0rries; Sims_family; SteMicMitSar; Alansee; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; feathertop; Zedaycee; ThePacman; dalerious; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; suss vulture; CaptRoverman; Ninny_Muggins; Haydos_K; Neville_devil
21 17 Feb 18 Come & Visit Parkville in November, 2018 - WodongaAttended by: 21 - day1976; OZREG; Happy pants; The_Tritonz; The Morris; omegaman1971; Happy Feet 1; Alansee; leafotwind; BettyBoo3747; maccamob; McLookers; t88232; Harrowang; Spy Inc.; kazziepriya; SciFiRulz; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Cybergran V
0 14 Jul 18 Come & Visit Parkville Nov 2018 - BallaratAttended by: No Attendees
5 09 Jun 18 Come & Visit Parkville Nov 2018 - MilduraAttended by: 5 - carkisser; 4Moule; ww2_nut; jaktembo; JSando
28 19 May 18 Come & Visit Parkville Nov 2018 - Wyndam ValeAttended by: 28 - Robmc; Snap Happy; ahomburg; themd; biggles1024; leafotwind; SteMicMitSar; maccamob; nirgalagrin; ale_plumtree; HerIndoorsOutdoors; RGSBruce; Alansee; Team Crackers; au.fait; The Empire; 08151605; ian-and-penny; gmj3191; Lizard1983; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Pinkpiggy7; surefoot24; +Wife; n0w0rries; BoatieTim
20 11 Aug 12 Come and Celebrate - tigersden reaches 250 HidesAttended by: 20 - Chaplain Mike; The Coffee's; SnapHappy1; The Morris; gregandjudi; Cracka1; LittleM96; S4pphire; Gonefishen07; -Lisette-; firesafe; honeysucker; Romax; maccamob; warrior99; Princess Amy; Crazy Creels; tigersden; Earthbound Chief; Stick Kid
29 13 Jan 18 Come and Visit Parkville in November, 2018Attended by: 29 - Phetlern; micaparamedic; maccamob; Zedaycee; The_Tritonz; Cybergran V; McLookers; Posums; sedgwickDave; GrumpyBump; nirgalagrin; SteMicMitSar; Yeah09; BettyBoo3747; ahomburg; leafotwind; Alansee; 6Hinemoa2; Robmc; kmps; Pinkpiggy7; atsmug; 80degrees; sorceysal; Trouble & Co; Tally Tiger; Yin~Yang; dalerious; surefoot24
32 15 May 10 Come Meet The Flipper's from SAAttended by: 32 - Geewok; Team Rubik; team_coxy; Datruk; crank1; oldwinebottle; 42below; Alsume; Everlasting; maccamob; 3up; tackle_head; monch's mob; coley_babee; Bushfire; ACME_Caching; Rogmantosh; Facitman; FLIPPER&CO; PrincessDiala; EuDes; Rabbitto; MrIwik; Treasurehid; Rhinogeo; Geo_Eddie; squalid; McAdies; Muzza; Jaffnut; BackPAQer; iamapom
2 13 Sep 14 Come Meet the Flipper's from SA V2Attended by: 2 - Mutex; FLIPPER&CO
4 22 Oct 17 Comfort stop anyone?Attended by: 4 - feathertop; GoodLook; Team Crackers; surefoot24
8 02 Mar 13 Cool Camping CachersAttended by: 8 - Sorzach; Kia1; lionjrb; GoShaz; Bon and Ben; jugglingogre; Haynicmay; TwelveFeet!
11 05 Mar 17 Creswick Clean Up Australia Day CITOAttended by: 11 - Phetlern; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; jtnsilo; GemmaSistema; dehands; Boydclan123; Fergzter; 6Hinemoa2; Saint.Anthony
10 09 Jul 16 Creswick/Sulky CITOAttended by: 10 - neisha07; Geo_Eddie; jelly_bean14; McAdies; becca85; GemmaSistema; larafolk; MazzyMay; wozzle68; markndee
0 06 Mar 04 Crooked River CampoutAttended by: None
77 06 Nov 12 Cup Day - 50 Reasons To CacheAttended by: 77 - team_coxy; skirrel; shogun-; PrincessDiala; ross47; Ali J; _husky_; monch's mob; The Coffee's; whyfarer; mcwomble; coley_babee; HADO KARP; nadya; atraversiamo; xambo4u; Jacimarble; sedgwickDave; GJMMelb; Datruk; BernieH; S4pphire; SnapHappy1; Alansee; Radioburwood; Whitepaws9; nufrat; stray cougar; Team Crackers; emeraldflame; Spladem; Gaga66; kmace; Team KSBTJ; Rabbitto; Julie&GGs; nirgal_au; ahomburg; Riddell; The Swaggies; iamapom; Geodes; squalid; gmj3191; maccamob; JudithandCharlene; Team Crackers; Square_Pegs; OntarioGrandma; jertzy; Paul_the_Hippy; scody; BackPAQer; SirJ-Oz; Quasar; Team LyssLyss; LouiseAnn; quiet1_au; The Fiddlers; i love dr who; clickcraftsman; listmaker; Rebel Acts; drjim7; geo_jas; vaxvax; rcoz65; crouching cranes; TheGGGs; Cracka1; Belleakelea; MadBoy42; MisseLaneius; smrff78; strikeswiftly; xambo4u; xambo4u
30 04 Nov 14 Cup Day - 50++ reasons to cache !!Attended by: 30 - clevermonkeyJnr; minons; Geo kido; skirrel; Phetlern; The Coffee's; Cybergran V; Condorito; ahomburg; maccamob; GJMMelb; geobenno; simkat; nadya; Clever Monkey; geo_jas; o.kay; robinyang; muzza; gmj3191; TurnerfamilyFtg; -jellybean-; -Lisette-; TonyGold; SirJ-Oz; n0w0rries; quiet1_au; LouiseAnn; Riddell; QueenK8
41 05 Nov 13 Cup Day - Now MORE than 50 reasons to cache!! ;-)Attended by: 41 - -nirgal-; iamapom; Obi-Cal; Rebel Acts; Squiptar; Rabbitto; Team Crackers; lochb; SnapHappy1; sedgwickDave; GJMMelb; Helian1; LouiseAnn; maccamob; Alansee; Spladem; The Coffee's; kmace; muzza; squalid; clickcraftsman; Riddell; Happy pants; Pebblycat; monch's mob; biggles1024; quiet1_au; Quasar; Team Verza; Biggles Bear; BackPAQer; Manatunga3; gmj3191; geo_jas; ahomburg; NerdyNeil; spiffy-; Earthbound Chief; diablo1234; Big_Beno; Tomo134
31 09 Dec 17 Cupid & Comets CleanupAttended by: 31 - TR!; 6Hinemoa2; Posums; sharkiefan; sorceysal; Snap Happy; nirgalagrin; Happy Feet 1; GoodLook; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; FUF009; The_Tritonz; misschief18; chooknchunk; The Empire; Bushfire; SteMicMitSar; Alansee; AusFox;; Whitepaws9; beckNmonts; McLookers; Buckleysbabe; Frog_Lady; Darth Briji; Sims_family; Na'wal; LouiseAnn; Neville_devil; n0w0rries
12 27 Jul 14 Cuppa and cake, meet & greetAttended by: 12 - d@geo; misschief18; Alansee; The Coffee's; sqau; Stratfordvan; highrod; Fergzter; dragons and bears; greynomads; B/dale bandits; gwd.aussie
0 15 Jul 12 CVG 4x4 Adventure #2 - Mount AvocaAttended by: No Attendees
10 12 Aug 12 CVG 4x4 Adventures #3 - FostervilleAttended by: 10 - Pirateute; micaparamedic; Romax; The Coffee's; honeysucker; firesafe; Riddell; maccamob; patroling4x4; Pirateute
2 30 Jun 12 CVG 4x4 Creswick Park AdventureAttended by: 2 - The 2 Wanderers; g_ordo
4 30 Jun 12 CVG's Feast at MoesAttended by: 4 - suss vulture; cruisinblues; The 2 Wanderers; tigersden
33 25 Apr 13 CVGT VI - Mighty Murray (Again)Attended by: 33 - Romax; The Coffee's; cbjh1990; Lostmonster & Co; skullracing; holzcotz; Kinkell1; roundcircle; iamapom; maccamob; BettyBoo3747; The Morris; au.fait; Archie B1 & B2; Curl69; BillGosse; ian-and-penny; muzza; Spy Inc.; Roostaman; WazzaAndWenches; Robmc; Fred6603; ptw312; whit's wanderers; squalid; Aussie Fun Seakers; PaddyJak; Little Squirell; mile high RnC; gregandjudi; BackPAQer; monch's mob
19 25 Apr 13 CVGT VI - The Evening MealAttended by: 19 - roundcircle; BettyBoo3747; iamapom; The Coffee's; Kinkell1; Team Crackers; maccamob; Romax; ptw312; Archie B1 & B2; ian-and-penny; muzza; Roostaman; Robmc; WazzaAndWenches; Fred6603; squalid; BackPAQer; monch's mob
24 10 Aug 14 Darebin Creek Trail CITOAttended by: 24 - ahomburg; stemicmitsar; Gozanators; LouiseAnn; TayTay.97; pippin69; The Coffee's; one-eyed; themd; squalid; iamapom; xambo4u; The Double-A's; quiet1_au; SirJ-Oz; drjim7; i love dr who; echidna44; sharkiefan; Chaplain Mike; Smart Sassy Siren; sando23468; 80degrees; carkisser
20 24 Sep 16 day1976's 40th Birthday PartyAttended by: 20 - skullracing; -nirgal-; geojosiah; ahomburg; The Coffee's; LouiseAnn; day1976; drjim7; sharkiefan; danozz; Team Smokey-Bear; Alansee; leafotwind; BernieH; BorisB&Natasha; Poiter.h; Suzibound; the hamfish; Mummy Short Legs; surefoot24
3 27 Oct 15 Deakin Students' Tutorial 2015Attended by: 3 - jinkyandjohn; Yoshi Warriors; Scouter Steff
29 17 Aug 14 Devonshire Tea by the CampfireAttended by: 29 - The Big O's; Pau Pau & Co; Pau Pau & Co; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; ahomburg; Thing No1; Hearse068; Poiter.h; Rosejj; ruralslicker; The Coffee's; trickytracey; crank1; The Swaggies; de ja vu; Bounty Trackers; kmps; kyabbott; Graling; Kato Potato; sharkiefan; TheGGGs; syllies; Whitepaws9; nakedneck; tassieexpat; cjbchachacha; ms-enchantress
11 12 May 18 Dining Out At DitchfieldsAttended by: 11 - tippsy17; wozzle68; Perpetuallylost; FUF009; Sean.75; chooknchunk; maccamob; Fergzter; kenbryl; kenare; McLookers
34 06 Dec 14 Dinner At The PondsAttended by: 34 - Plymouth57; Ambarta; Phetlern; Team Crackers; maccamob; TR!; ogrebeast; ThePacman; The Morris; Glanville Girls; McLookers; The_Tritonz; kmace; Frog_Lady; wozzle68; Tomstache; Buckleysbabe; 6Hinemoa2; sorceysal; sorceysal; LouiseAnn; Bushfire; Alansee; suscoe; Na'wal; alchey; suss vulture; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Jacko83; juc_cacher; Darth Briji; Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder
28 05 Dec 15 Dinner In DecemberAttended by: 28 - TR!; Team Crackers; OzHockeyChick; Phetlern; sorceysal; 88andy88; The Coffee's; The Morris; maccamob; The_Tritonz; mudbrick; misschief18; Alansee; feathertop; 6Hinemoa2; suss vulture; Bushfire; Tomstache; bkj97; Buckleysbabe; AusFox!; juc_cacher; gmj3191; McLookers; Darth Briji; suscoe; Ninny_Muggins; geordiefamily
7 05 May 12 Dinner with Mr & Mrs TAttended by: 7 - 42below; The 2 Wanderers; Kinkell1; oldwinebottle; BPJTHillas; tigersden; sully1
16 06 Oct 06 DJ's Prom Night - Wandering Wilsons PromAttended by: 16 - Little Miss Muggle; Dicko; the england's; micaparamedic; slipknot 666; Mini Cacher One; maccamob; djcache; The Coffee's; GeoJo; pickupfamily; pprass; Maccaholics; Spruce Mooses; ian-and-penny; Rhinogeo
28 09 Aug 15 Dog-gone I hate puzzlesAttended by: 28 - buzzsmc; AusFox!; ThePacman; Darth Briji; Glanville Girls; maccamob; wozzle68; Hopestar; Na'wal; geordiefamily; OHM3; Duffmmm; Buckleysbabe; The_Tritonz; ST37E; juc_cacher; suss vulture; kalianda09; McLookers; Jacko83; ozglory; suscoe; themd; Ninny_Muggins; Robber44; SaintCache; TR!; Dog-gone
11 02 Jul 17 DOMINION DAYAttended by: 11 - jacko*; OZREG; Happy Feet 1; GrumpyBump; skullracing; bucrog52; Muppet95; Jamin Appleford; Harrowang; Shellumbus; Indianagleeson
3 17 Sep 16 Donald Road CITO 2016Attended by: 3 - Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; Champagne_darlin
16 13 Apr 17 Donerstag Sebastopol 2017Attended by: 16 - misschief18; MazzyMay; ThePacman; Cherad; Sunset62; kenbryl; Motndarg; wozzle68; kenare; jenno3; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Glanville Girls; McAdies; Fergzter; Highrod
11 13 Apr 17 Donnerstag moe 2017Attended by: 11 - Melandjaxon; benjay21; apple460; benjay21; grannygeo64; Teammoss5; Kashbound; CJPERX; tassieexpat; frmen1; hammer_time1121
58 27 Feb 10 Drive By EventAttended by: 58 - BBTD; Darkandstormy; 3up; Team Rubik; Smegheads; Dicksontwo; mabs; Jaffnut; Team GraMon; BekahBug; Marcus Vitruvius; themonkeygrove; The Lone Random; jezarocks; kittykittykitty; maccamob; squalid; Romax; tackle_head; Hanseeka; ZarZeeky; Crazy Creels; Bob's_your_uncle; AppleBees; brentoz; Blacklegend; muzza; Dunko; Team Boofa; Biggles Bear; The Empire; the easts; McAdies; iamapom; Rhinogeo; WazzaAndWenches; The Morris; Kaztrekka; Team Flitch; GeoTilly; GeoJnr; cdmark; Narnie; feathertop; caughtatwork; Romax; KayKayFinder; savage searchers3; bevfre; ACJGRANT; tigersden; rissl; Riddell; billywillysillydilly; Team Crackers; 379Jonti379; Phetlern; Melbermans
14 20 Jul 16 Duck Dash DebutAttended by: 14 - Archie B1 & B2; SteMicMitSar; Square_Pegs; Big Blank; PantherX; leafotwind; NinjaTortoise; AnkaOnTour; Muzza; BackPAQer; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; mymonster
17 20 Jul 16 Duck In & Drop - Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 17 - jaggedwings; chooknchunk; MazzyMay; maccamob; sully1; Cherad; McAdies; micaparamedic; GemmaSistema; wozzle68; Fergzter; spidermonkey9; Tomstache; McLookers; Glanville Girls; Shamus1; Venie13
20 07 Aug 16 Duck In, Discover and Distribute - BallaratAttended by: 20 - Highrod; wozzle68; The_Tritonz; leafotwind; Saint.Anthony; maccamob; Cherad; Glanville Girls; Dazza1; misschief18; GemmaSistema; BBDAMN; Venie13; Fergzter; McLookers; Perpetuallylost; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; Cybergran V
14 20 Jul 16 Duck Out and DineAttended by: 14 - landau351; sharkiefan; geniejoan; OzHockeyChick; micaparamedic; Alansee; micaparamedic; quiet1_au; Jarwillo; McLookers; 08151605; Winter Foxes; kangadrew72; mymonster
22 20 Aug 16 Duck out for a coffeeAttended by: 22 - Spladem; RemedY3072; Alansee; geo_jas; jeckleberry and tedd; OzArtek; xambo4u; Smepster+Darcy; au.fait; frilk; Long John Silva; gis+ger; 2peasinapod2012; haldane; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Jammalees; quiet1_au; kangadrew72; cathlud; alfetola
27 10 Feb 18 Duck out for a Water AdventureAttended by: 27 - Whitepaws9; The_Tritonz; BernieH; Sims_family; ahomburg; 2beez; SteMicMitSar; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; Phetlern; sedgwickDave; pwala; Archie B1 & B2; Gunks; Jacko83; feathertop; beckNmonts; Crack'n'LeeLee; OzHockeyChick; Tag-a1ong; 6Hinemoa2; Highrod; Darth Briji; McLookers; AusFox;; Muzza; Neville_devil
10 23 Jul 16 Ducks Unlimited - A Duck in a ParkAttended by: 10 - TR!; Phetlern; Na'wal; maccamob; The_Tritonz; washboard; micaparamedic; chooknchunk; H_3; Robynonthego
24 13 Aug 16 Ducks Unlimited - A Duck in the FallsAttended by: 24 - Highrod; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; The_Tritonz; Dazza1; Sims_family; 08151605; micaparamedic; gmj3191; McLookers; geniejoan; sorceysal; Na'wal; suss vulture; Bushfire; GemmaSistema; Whitepaws9; Perpetuallylost; maccamob; Fergzter; Neville_devil; larafolk; Venie13
15 13 Apr 17 DönerstagAttended by: 15 - The_Tritonz; ThePacman; Darth Briji; Sims_family; The_Easter_Bunnies; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; Mel_Adz; AusFox;; Bushfire; AutumnTree; Harrowang; MaggieDot; Dog-gone; Neville_devil
16 13 Apr 17 Dönerstag Gathering at Maddingley ParkAttended by: 16 - Benjamin Screamer; 08151605; Jarwillo; The Empire; ThePacman; Jarwillo; 6Hinemoa2; suss vulture; Tag-a1ong; vacachin; Saint.Anthony; Snap Happy; sorceysal; Crack'n'LeeLee; Nicole_Louise; The 2 Wanderers
6 13 Apr 17 Dönerstag Im NordenAttended by: 6 - -nirgal-; Leightsy; cathlud; atsmug; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; sandii.stepbree
5 13 Apr 17 Dönerstag in MaryboroughAttended by: 5 - boo09; neisha07; becca85; Fergzter; Wonder Woman W.W
5 13 Apr 17 Dönerstag in St.ArnaudAttended by: 5 - The.Arborist; C@H; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; muff1
29 05 Dec 15 E.L.F.Attended by: 29 - buzzsmc; Geocaching.Geelong; Happy Feet 1; TR!; ThePacman; DreamyDragon; Snap Happy; Team Crackers; OzHockeyChick; sorceysal; The Morris; 88andy88; maccamob; The_Tritonz; Phetlern; mudbrick; SteMicMitSar; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Alansee; misschief18; 6Hinemoa2; feathertop; suss vulture; Bushfire; bkj97; Buckleysbabe; Na'wal
11 26 Feb 17 Early Clean Up Australia Day / CITO EventAttended by: 11 - lukie1987; ahomburg; The Welder; Roostaman; leafotwind; Jentrek1; the hamfish; Morcs4; n0w0rries; sedgwickDave; GeoKidsGifts
38 23 Apr 11 Easter at HomeAttended by: 38 - X Sig; 1toots; The Coffee's; kazza1996; Rabbitto; Datruk; Ostara74; EuDes; Toy Car; Pathfinder24; GenerationHate; Scubacrazy666; The Empire; Spladem; 80degrees; lochb; ahomburg; muzza; slipknot 666; adventpirate; The Swaggies; maccamob; Alansee; thesmilemaster; tackle_head; Riddell; Spruce Mooses; GJMMelb; sedgwickDave; LinearZZ; LouiseAnn; jmandea on patrol; squalid; landau351; ian-and-penny; stagetree; iamapom; solomonfamily
20 30 Mar 13 Easter at Home 2 - Farewell to EmmaAttended by: 20 - iamapom; Spladem; -nirgal-; ladioactive; GJMMelb; one-eyed; maccamob; stagetree; Alansee; squalid; The Drovers; bubblzdee; kmace; sons79; Archie B1 & B2; 80degrees; CJ-Curry; LouiseAnn; landau351; monch's mob
13 19 Mar 16 Easter Egg HuntAttended by: 13 - lukie1987; buzzsmc; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; maccamob; Muzza; Zeus; Hera & kids; Alansee; (._o); Morcs4; n0w0rries; omegaman1971; andy707
11 31 Mar 18 Easter EscapeAttended by: 11 - The_Tritonz; 2y'stassies; Perpetuallylost; Muzza; au.fait; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; wozzle68; 6Hinemoa2; Fergzter
8 02 Apr 18 Easter Monday in Apollo BayAttended by: 8 - Fergzter; GrumpyBump; annabella02; Crok8; H_3; GemmaSistema; sassieold55; Lumpyjrb
14 20 Aug 16 Eat More BeefAttended by: 14 - maccamob; xsurfergirlx; Ninny_Muggins; AusFox;; Sims_family; larafolk; au.fait; GrumpyBump; Na'wal; wespro; k-i-m-b-a; McPhail family; killercow72; Neville_devil
77 19 Nov 17 Eildon Pondage CITOAttended by: 77 - maccamob; The Emongs; Everlasting; lgoody; Papi4506; Just a Trifle; FurfacesLL; Sunset62; mogni; clare007; Team Crackers; patrol14; RoddyC; Bushfire; micaparamedic; Phetlern; GoodLook; chooknchunk; Paul_the_Hippy; Rapidlywild; minniek; Cybergran V; joojoo57; Snap Happy; Na'wal; Hercs&pinky; Alansee; Muppet95; +Wife; n0w0rries; GemmaSistema; ThePacman; Little Squirell; wozzle68; Ardom; Barnzy12; Whitepaws9; cravo10; Muzza; kotukuSI; Crustyvarmint; B0tmun; James2284; omegaman1971; frilk; baby&Mrs gopher; Goldenwattle; pwala; ScattsMadhouse; DiamonJs; JACS Team; goingplaces2; Happy Feet 1; BettyBoo3747; au.fait; DARKSIDEDAN.; youngoldfella; Böses_Mädchen; CrikeyGeocacher; _AlfalfA_; SkArY_KLoWn; #Kiko#; Kittykatch; Smittengranny; ZQX; Sims_family; Gullivers Travels54; BonnyBlack; Whheels; Joolay; Brolga; Snoopy1976; Fox in Jox; Neville_devil; bunadoorian; buhfuhguh; The_Tritonz
27 15 Jan 11 Elwood by the BeachAttended by: 27 - AppleBees; The Coffee's; Spladem; Team Crackers; 3up; p-boro; º; BackPAQer; Rabbitto; PrincessDiala; maccamob; feathertop; C@H; stemicmitsar; hazey1; iamapom; 3blackducks; Alansee; Epsilon Crucis; Paul_the_Hippy; muzza; Rigger64; Biggles Bear; tackle_head; squalid; GCMelb; listmaker
26 25 Apr 16 Emu Bob in Vic ParkAttended by: 26 - -nirgal-; Phetlern; Cybergran V; misschief18; Fred6603; locus cache; Alansee; maccamob; boo09; neisha07; GrumpyBump; TurtleNBear; WazzaAndWenches; pnutbeagle; Annoying Tarbit; The Marathon Man; Spy Inc.; becca85; GemmaSistema; au.fait; DoorMatt; Highrod; The Coffee's; wozzle68; Pinkpiggy7; Little Squirell
0 31 Jul 18 EOM Morning Coffee KickstartAttended by: No Attendees
31 06 Apr 08 Eureka Uprising 2008.Attended by: 31 - Chati; LIVERPOOLRED; roundcircle; Geo_Ferret; Team Rubik; Megatron57; maccamob; 2Dudez; Alansee; Team Crackers; Dazza1; The Swaggies; Dragonfreys; squalid; Clogwog; TeamJEKL; fozzy778; Spruce Mooses; pprass; sully1; featherdown; feathertop; whitejaegar; the england's; highrod; burning lizzie; Biggles Bear; McAdies; batmansteve69; JADE004; flyjabiru1
28 05 Dec 15 F.F.F. - FESTIVE FOLDING FLASHMOB!Attended by: 28 - buzzsmc; Happy Feet 1; TR!; ThePacman; Team Crackers; OzHockeyChick; sorceysal; The Morris; 88andy88; maccamob; Snap Happy; ahomburg; The_Tritonz; Phetlern; SteMicMitSar; Alansee; misschief18; 6Hinemoa2; sedgwickDave; feathertop; suss vulture; mudbrick; bkj97; Buckleysbabe; gmj3191; Bushfire; juc_cacher; AusFox!
18 12 Aug 17 Fairwell to Mary HydeAttended by: 18 - CJPERX; crank1; Mummy Short Legs; maccamob; kryslazz; Kashbound; Kato Potato; Teammoss5; apple460; grannygeo64; surefoot24; tassieexpat; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; benjay21; Poiter.h; frmen1
10 31 Dec 15 Farewell 2015Attended by: 10 - TrailRunning; +Wife; ahomburg; maccamob; SirJ-Oz; n0w0rries; Vanessa&Aodh; lukie1987; robinyang; Mark&Kelly
5 31 Dec 16 Farewell 2016Attended by: 5 - +Wife; maccamob; Papillon4506; Geoturtle37; n0w0rries
76 13 Nov 16 Farewell from AngleseaAttended by: 76 - lukie1987; Sims_family; locus cache; GeoVicAus; Cache Guardians; mogni; brisal5; Team Crackers; Tigresss; OzHockeyChick; Team sissifalke; Tardis; day1976; paddle chick; Just a Trifle; n0w0rries; +Wife; sir_spectre; clare007; ahomburg; Darzee Di; bucketeer; Kittykatch; misschief18; LouiseAnn; Geocaching Melbourne; Paul_the_Hippy; GoodLook; Bushfire; nikid1; BernieH; geono.; maccamob; Ruverbug Jam; geniejoan; TT016; hevwalker; Phetlern; Snickersallan; Phoenix Flare; sorceysal; Lyn555; SteMicMitSar; 6Hinemoa2; Alansee; ThePacman; The_Tritonz; ACTchil; buhfuhguh; Highrod; suss vulture; kiwi-nomad; kiwi-nomad; cathlud; 2y'stassies; The Swaggies; Zeus; Hera & kids; grey team; SciFiRulz; Geoturtle37; wespro; au.fait; bullertrout; surefoot24; Snoopy1976; Gullivers Travels54; Team Smokey-Bear; Wal-len; jascat; annabella02; sassieold55; 08151605; The Artful Dodgers; Promontory; Lever's; The Coffee's
9 06 Oct 12 Farewell to those going to the NZ MegaAttended by: 9 - SnapHappy1; The Coffee's; Phetlern; WazzaAndWenches; Alansee; maccamob; Team Crackers; the england's; The Morris
11 29 Feb 16 Feb 29Attended by: 11 - FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; strange quark1; saints04; Rustymac75; funckey; funckey; WART.HOG; Zombie Child; wildnic26; ArnupFamily
21 19 Aug 14 Fed Square Coffee ConnectionAttended by: 21 - ThePacman; CamBendy; GJMMelb; ladioactive; landau351; 2peasinapod2012; feathertop; mudbrick; The Coffee's; Buckleysbabe; haldane; OzArtek; Square_Pegs; Khalexus; BackPAQer; wyrdsister; au_Nerd; Arthur and Dent; The_Tritonz; Raevan; skakids
14 21 Nov 17 Federation Square Meet & GreetAttended by: 14 - wandering willy suds; Cybergran V; micaparamedic; ladioactive; abl973; Square_Pegs; gmj3191; Loon Lady; feathertop; Nel&Andy; spiffy-; BackPAQer; Alamogul; Just a Trifle
16 23 Dec 17 Festive Prep 2 Days toGo.Attended by: 16 - Snorkafest; micaparamedic; The_Tritonz; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Dippa46; MazzyMay; chooknchunk; GoodLook; maccamob; 6Hinemoa2; beckNmonts; Perpetuallylost; liambaxter88
3 11 Mar 16 Finding Fern (A chit chat beforehand).Attended by: 3 - Paul_the_Hippy; º; clickcraftsman
26 01 Mar 15 FIRST of MARCH - Not a Leap Day - 366 CountdownAttended by: 26 - ahomburg; Phetlern; -Lisette-; The Double-A's; ms-enchantress; n0w0rries; +Wife; day1976; TrailRunning; kmace; maccamob; SteMicMitSar; squalid; Rabbitto; sog12; rmdhudson; BonnyBlack; Vanessa&Aodh; gmj3191; spiffy-; paultheball; sharkiefan; 80degrees; Earthbound Chief; yorsys; Team-Ruphace
34 06 Dec 14 Flash Mob - Geelong Christmas Smorgasbord!Attended by: 34 - geordiefamily; tackle_head; Snap Happy; Team Crackers; maccamob; TR!; ogrebeast; ThePacman; Phetlern; The Morris; ozbob; Glanville Girls; The_Easter_Bunnies; Frog_Lady; Tomstache; sorceysal; Buckleysbabe; Alansee; suscoe; 6Hinemoa2; Yoshi Warriors; Bushfire; McLookers; suss vulture; juc_cacher; Na'wal; The Empire; sully1; feathertop; RoadRunna; Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder; The_Tritonz; wozzle68; Capt.Roverman88
83 09 Apr 12 Flashing Up The Icons (FlashMob)Attended by: 83 - Smegheads; purpledreamer; micaparamedic; Snap Happy; laker63; Team Scoobster; Gaz'n'Kab; MtnLioness; Southern Cross Caching; Gunnie69; schatzsuche1; troobloo; Moneydork; kaisho53; Coruze; Hello Mrs; rediguana; Shifter Brains; Just a Trifle; Happy Feet 1; sedgwickDave; crank1; Gordon Patrick Samuel; ahomburg; Liz and Bruce; ADV; a1elec; DazRascal; pprass; Marcus Vitruvius; Alansee; taz-bud; WanderingAus; The Coffee's; AusTrackers; Ozibags; Team Unibolt; Lostmonster & Co; Kinkell1; taz-bud/inkle; skullracing; Phetlern; Rebel Acts; bulletproof4; Facitman; Highrod; EsromL; suss vulture; MightyMouse09; e.gregory1; midaho; The Tardis Trio; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; greynomads; corunnaroad; Crisp image; Tk2; lochb; froghoppin; Whitepaws9; ManicWombat; Moosetash; mtbikeroz; ALL7; Pprime (P`); Everlasting; BettyBoo3747; Rhinogeo; Kwokka; Gum-Ako; locus cache; MightyMidget1; MoorooducRobbos; breannaluke; rosmar; Doodle Bug Oz; kiara001; Team Casho; haveanez; honeysucker; iamapom; Debs22
8 16 Feb 18 Flawless Federation (CITO event)Attended by: 8 - ThePacman; sedgwickDave; The_Tritonz; Jarwillo; ahomburg; Jacko83; McLookers; buhfuhguh
2 03 Dec 16 Flipper's Flying VisitAttended by: 2 - n0w0rries; FLIPPER&CO
13 26 Aug 16 Flying visit from across the Ditch (Melbourne CBD)Attended by: 13 - The Coffee's; Spladem; buhfuhguh; maccamob; kmace; Alansee; BendSinister; Team Welsh; abl973; leafotwind; McLookers; BonnyBlack; Pagenz
19 16 Oct 15 Friday Night Picnic Tea in the ParkAttended by: 19 - micaparamedic; Romax; The Coffee's; neisha07; rusty0316; Tyred n Cranky; The Swaggies; maccamob; FUF009; Team Crackers; chooknchunk; Fergzter; GemmaSistema; hembee; WazzaAndWenches; Rustymac75; becca85; wildnic26; Zombie Child
30 14 Oct 16 Friday Night Picnic Tea in the Park #2Attended by: 30 - hembee; lukie1987; GoodLook; The Morris; micaparamedic; TurtleNBear; OzHockeyChick; LouiseAnn; Tyred n Cranky; Phetlern; Team Crackers; Papillon4506; misschief18; locus cache; Geoturtle37; The_Tritonz; The 2 Wanderers; FUF009; leafotwind; WazzaAndWenches; chooknchunk; maccamob; sharkiefan; gmj3191; gis+ger; Highrod; au.fait; Cybergran V; jtnsilo; Muzza
20 20 Oct 17 Friday Night Picnic Tea in the Park #3Attended by: 20 - rusty0316; GoodLook; Muzza; PamJ; Phetlern; feathertop; The Coffee's; FUF009; Bushfire; Tyred n Cranky; Team Crackers; The Morris; dalerious; The Swaggies; Cybergran V; surefoot24; gmj3191; muff1; au.fait; beckNmonts
10 29 Apr 11 Friendly and very Royal Floatees at NightAttended by: 10 - mrx2; Team?aky; Spladem; themd; C@H; The Big O's; º; Bounty Trackers; stemicmitsar; muzza
26 12 Feb 11 Friendly FloateesAttended by: 26 - Laruker; Zippi1; Clogwog; PrincessDiala; Spladem; C@H; feathertop; UnluckyCharm; Pau Pau & Co; Team?aky; themd; Jimmymaff; Rigger64; stemicmitsar; The Coffee's; ssmc4; The Big O's; º; Dicksontwo; -Lisette-; muzza; 3blackducks; YugiTea559; iamapom; Bounty Trackers; Biggles Bear
15 04 Nov 11 Friendly Floatees at Night Mk IIAttended by: 15 - The Fiddlers; Spladem; C@H; waffle eggs; TrailRunning; º; jsmyong55; themd; Team?aky; stemicmitsar; ahomburg; VKC1SR; scody; drjim7; josiey
11 25 Apr 15 Friendly Floatees Mk IIIAttended by: 11 - ahomburg; icefoxy; lochb; BWWC; º; sedgwickDave; GJMMelb; Team?aky; BernieH; ThePacman; quiet1_au
10 18 Dec 05 From Juzmac to MacmacAttended by: 10 - maccamob; the england's; Team Crackers; Biggles Bear; dak's Emu Mob; muzza; pprass; The Coffee's; GeoJo; Slider & Smurf
6 30 Oct 10 Frühlingscampen - Spring Camping VictoriaAttended by: 6 - º; bogonghazy; sully1; 3blackducks; Bmak; callawadda_cowboy
17 15 Oct 05 Fun & Exciting Caching ActivityAttended by: 17 - the farmers 5; JigJam Clan; Biggles Bear; maccamob; fullonphil; Spruce Mooses; Sui_001; Partic; Little Miss Muggle; Rebel Acts; muzza; Team Crackers; dak's Emu Mob; Rabbitto; The Coffee's; Dicko; chefs on the run
23 28 Oct 06 Fun & Exciting Caching Activity 2006Attended by: 23 - slipknot 666; The Rebel Alliance; Little Miss Muggle; Mini Cacher One; Geof; Dicko; solomonfamily; Team Crackers; Rebel Acts; The Coffee's; the farmers 5; Biggles Bear; maccamob; pprass; BackPAQer; muzza; chefs on the run; Rabbitto; Team Rubik; dak's Emu Mob; pandpp; pickupfamily; solomonfamily
9 10 Mar 14 G'Day Y'all - A Little Bit of Florida in KyabramAttended by: 9 - Riddell; ptw312; au.fait; Aussie Fun Seakers; WazzaAndWenches; docNwitchjy; Tallahassee-Lassie; TallyGirls; o.kay
23 03 Jul 13 GeburtstagsbierundschnitzelAttended by: 23 - Spladem; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; danozz; -nirgal-; º; themd; kmace; LouiseAnn; josiey; iamapom; Two_Drews; Alansee; muzza; clickcraftsman; quiet1_au; day1976; drjim7; squalid; ahomburg; BernieH; Riddell; gmj3191
33 09 Aug 14 Geelong BBQ EventAttended by: 33 - Sam Gamgee; donidoode; Aussie M & M; ahomburg; brisal5; Crazy Creels; Doctor Owl; Frog_Lady; mogni; Team PacketStorm; QuantumLucas; hoon1; The Morris; chooknchunk; juc_cacher; kmace; The Coffee's; quiet1_au; Jarwillo; suss vulture; muzza; McLookers; alchey; Gozanators; Rehfisch Clan; Glanville Girls; Tomstache; strange quark1; Bushfire; VKC1SR; Dog-onit; BBDAMN; Na'wal
19 02 May 04 Geelong Cache-opolyAttended by: 19 - boodi; pprass; carto; Rabbitto; vombatus; BeccaJ; spiceoflight; Team Aardvark; Em_Eagle; evil_hitman; maccamob; Team Crackers; Quasar; dak's Emu Mob; Maccaholics; Two+Four; Biggles Bear; The Coffee's; Mr Blobby
35 23 Jun 07 Geelong Cacher's Get TogetherAttended by: 35 - bevfre; Trunksergruppe; Clocken k's; Maccaholics; slipknot 666; Mini Cacher One; The Coffee's; Romax; Team Crackers; richary; Team Rubik; buzznsmurf; vp4; Trunksnsuch; Rabbitto; 2Dudez; GeoJo; Spruce Mooses; Pteranodon; maccamob; kinglee; muzza; BackPAQer; Clogwog; EuDes; Bushfire; OKMate58; RedPaw64; ian-and-penny; VKC1SR; Mr Emu; Alsume; feathertop; pprass; Suitman
43 08 Dec 13 Geelong Christmas Smorgasbord - Fyansford CITOAttended by: 43 - Frog_Lady; Alansee; The Coffee's; jandaw; sully1; Happy Feet 1; ThePacgirl; bogonghazy; hoon1; Phetlern; Phetlern; Team Crackers; Kinkell1; SnapHappy1; UnaSys; misschief18; Happy pants; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; maccamob; sorceysal; biggles1024; Bushfire; 6Hinemoa2; farmverb; Teamranger!; DBelco; juc_cacher; ogrebeast; suss vulture; The_Easter_Bunnies; tackle_head; Jacko83; vacachin; au.fait; Buckleysbabe; ThePacman; suscoe; Whitepaws9; ozbob; stemicmitsar; LibzHat; Capt.Roverman88
33 08 Dec 13 Geelong Christmas Smorgasbord of EventsAttended by: 33 - Bunjil Reviewer; Phetlern; Alansee; ThePacgirl; The Coffee's; highrod; Happy Feet 1; sully1; hoon1; au.fait; Team Crackers; Kinkell1; SnapHappy1; misschief18; sorceysal; Bushfire; maccamob; suscoe; 6Hinemoa2; farmverb; TR!; ThePacman; DBelco; ogrebeast; juc_cacher; suss vulture; Buckleysbabe; ozbob; Capt.Roverman88; The_Easter_Bunnies; Jacko83; Whitepaws9; GeoJo
39 08 Dec 13 Geelong Smorgasbord of Events-BBQ Lunch at Ceres.Attended by: 39 - Alansee; ThePacgirl; The Coffee's; highrod; jandaw; sully1; Happy Feet 1; bogonghazy; hoon1; Phetlern; Team Crackers; Kinkell1; SnapHappy1; The Empire; Happy pants; misschief18; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; sorceysal; maccamob; Bushfire; 6Hinemoa2; Teamranger!; farmverb; DBelco; juc_cacher; ogrebeast; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; Jacko83; The_Easter_Bunnies; tackle_head; vacachin; ozbob; ThePacman; suscoe; Whitepaws9; LibzHat; Capt.Roverman88
43 08 Dec 13 Geelong Xmas Smorgasbord - Promenade Flash Mob!Attended by: 43 - Frog_Lady; Alansee; honeysucker; ThePacgirl; The Coffee's; Happy Feet 1; bogonghazy; hoon1; Phetlern; Team Crackers; Kinkell1; SnapHappy1; The Empire; misschief18; Happy pants; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; maccamob; sorceysal; biggles1024; Bushfire; 6Hinemoa2; farmverb; Teamranger!; DBelco; sully1; ogrebeast; The_Easter_Bunnies; suss vulture; tackle_head; Jacko83; vacachin; au.fait; Buckleysbabe; suscoe; Whitepaws9; ozbob; hoggwash; ThePacman; stemicmitsar; LibzHat; GeoJo; Capt.Roverman88
41 08 Dec 13 Geelong Xmas Smorgasbord Bridge to Bridge Walk ByAttended by: 41 - Alansee; The Coffee's; highrod; Happy Feet 1; bogonghazy; hoon1; Phetlern; Team Crackers; Kinkell1; SnapHappy1; The Empire; Happy pants; UnaSys; misschief18; sorceysal; maccamob; Bushfire; biggles1024; 6Hinemoa2; farmverb; Teamranger!; DBelco; sully1; juc_cacher; ogrebeast; Buckleysbabe; ozbob; suss vulture; The_Easter_Bunnies; tackle_head; Jacko83; vacachin; hoggwash; ThePacman; suscoe; Whitepaws9; stemicmitsar; GeoJo; Capt.Roverman88; Frog_Lady; LibzHat
11 26 Nov 16 Geelong's 2nd Annual Christmas PartyAttended by: 11 - buzzsmc; suss vulture; The_Easter_Bunnies; Na'wal; Sims_family; AusFox;; Lumpyjrb; Fergzter; Neville_devil; BackPAQer; McPhail family
0 09 Dec 17 Geelong's Annual Christmas Dinner EventAttended by: None
21 03 Dec 16 Geelong's Annual Christmas Dinner EventAttended by: 21 - Happy Feet 1; Quasar3671; Yoshi Warriors; SteMicMitSar; Phetlern; leafotwind; sharkiefan; The_Tritonz; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; Na'wal; maccamob; Muzza; misschief18; Alansee; suss vulture; Sims_family; AusFox;; suscoe; Neville_devil; Lyn555
32 09 Dec 17 Geelong's Fifth Annual Christmas BBQ Lunch.Attended by: 32 - TR!; Phetlern; Posums; sorceysal; Snap Happy; nirgalagrin; Happy Feet 1; GoodLook; Papi4506; Geoturtle37; sharkiefan; FUF009; The_Tritonz; misschief18; chooknchunk; The Morris; maccamob; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; biggles1024; Alansee; Cybergran V; gmj3191; deshut; WheelieHunter; 4 B Ninja's; honeysucker; surefoot24; au.fait; 08151605; wozzle68; OzHockeyChick
29 03 Dec 16 Geelong's Fourth Annual Christmas BBQ Lunch.Attended by: 29 - OzHockeyChick; Buckleysbabe; Team Crackers; Phetlern; Happy pants; SteMicMitSar; Yoshi Warriors; sharkiefan; The_Tritonz; 6Hinemoa2; omegaman1971; Na'wal; maccamob; Muzza; Happy Feet 1; misschief18; Alansee; suss vulture; McLookers; Sims_family; AusFox;; feathertop; ThePacman; GemmaSistema; suscoe; dazzpete; Neville_devil; bessiethedog; The Coffee's
33 07 Mar 15 Geelong-Opoly 2015Attended by: 33 - hayleyscomet27; locus cache; mogni; The Empire; brisal5; ThePacman; wozzle68; chooknchunk; Darth Briji; Phetlern; AutumnTree; buzzsmc; Sims_family; suss vulture; The_Tritonz; Buckleysbabe; 6Hinemoa2; sorceysal; alchey; Na'wal; DAB; Neville_devil; LibzHat; Pinkpiggy7; M&G Clan; Taz1D; StreetTeam1; 88andy88; OzHockeyChick; ccscrazycelt; MaggieDot; TR!; autumncs
29 05 Dec 15 Geelong’s Third Annual Christmas BBQ Lunch.Attended by: 29 - buzzsmc; Happy Feet 1; TR!; ThePacman; DreamyDragon; Snap Happy; Team Crackers; OzHockeyChick; Phetlern; sorceysal; 88andy88; The Morris; maccamob; SteMicMitSar; The_Tritonz; mudbrick; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Alansee; misschief18; 6Hinemoa2; feathertop; suss vulture; Tomstache; Bushfire; bkj97; Buckleysbabe; gmj3191
47 26 Jul 08 GEGP #0 - The Great Eastlink Geocache ProjectAttended by: 47 - Riddell; The Coffee's; SA_ParrotHead; TeamAstro; DazRascal; howjen567; Partic; The Mini Mob; Clogwog; vombatus; EuDes; ssmc4; Nutcache; Geodes; Geof; pprass; monch's mob; Rebel Acts; Team Rubik; Team Crackers; kiwideb; chefs on the run; hi pressure; Rabbitto; solomonfamily; Facitman; Coffee and Cache; the england's; SamCarter; squalid; feathertop; Kinkell1; Rhinogeo; Robmc; The Swaggies; caughtatwork; Jyetara; Team RooBok; Tank47; Spruce Mooses; edmil; BackPAQer; Next!; Scooters Mob; Skippy.; Freddo; astro69
29 21 Jul 13 Geo CompAttended by: 29 - Rosejj; HADO KARP; lemmykc; Spladem; Happy Feet 1; ahomburg; -nirgal-; sedgwickDave; Happy pants; crank1; Whitepaws9; team_coxy; The Coffee's; stemicmitsar; Riddell; PantherX; day1976; Daryllm123; Moosetash; LouiseAnn; MrHyde77; squalid; fekx; SKSJD; joshrat10; Burge; Big Blank; Julz76; cathylmorgan
34 22 Jun 14 Geo-vehicle, Show & Shine 2014Attended by: 34 - kiara001; crank1; Rabbitto; Quasar3671; Coruze; day1976; Kittykatch; The lost wanderers; sedgwickDave; Team Crackers; skullracing; BernieH; maccamob; Earthbound Chief; mr_roo; Roads75; ahomburg; Alansee; dbelco; Hearse068; Whitepaws9; Bexta; Pathfinder24; Riddell; kmace; BWWC; themd; Jacko83; The Swaggies; LouiseAnn; wyrdsister; Daryllm123; mymonster; J*Squared
30 05 Jul 15 Geo-vehicle, Show & Shine 2015Attended by: 30 - RandomPaigey; Coruze; coley_babee; The Coffee's; skullracing; Wiser than Owls; HADO KARP; Quasar3671; The lost wanderers; jacko*; ahomburg; Billy_Shears; WeRAmused; sharkiefan; PapaGrouch; iamapom; SciFiRulz; GizaGal; º; spiffy-; kmace; Riddell; Clever Monkey; Team Crackers; BernieH; Papillon4506; Geocaching Melbourne; Happy Chappies; birdie.eats; gandl768
33 02 Jul 16 Geo-vehicle, Show & Shine 2016Attended by: 33 - day1976; Quasar3671; 88andy88; sedgwickDave; +Wife; ahomburg; lukie1987; Nel&Andy; OzHockeyChick; The Coffee's; Pfote; Mutex; sharkiefan; Poiter.h; The-M-Fam; Team Smokey-Bear; BorisB&Natasha; GizaGal; Billy_Shears; mymonster; MrEarp; Mummy Short Legs; BernieH; Mark&Kelly; Stormgirl13; Mark9375; n0w0rries; #SEALTeam4; spiffy-; SKSJD; E10707; drjim7; Morcs4
97 19 Nov 17 Geo-vehicle, Show & Shine 2017Attended by: 97 - RoddyC; Clever Monkey; Jentrek1; Mummy Short Legs; day1976; my_name_jeff; lochb; paultheball; Geojill_11; Fnsaws; Everlasting; lgoody; Team Crackers; GoodLook; Paul_the_Hippy; firesafe; maccamob; Snap Happy; Roostaman; cathlud; wozzle68; Ardom; the_garbageman; patrol14; Barnzy12; Muzza; cravo10; kotukuSI; Jarwillo; Gill & Tony; Laighside Legends; B0tmun; Tassie Trekkers; nanton34; Whitepaws9; omegaman1971; crank1; jtnsilo; pwala; Goldenwattle; frilk; -Lisette-; sezmos; SKSJD; ScattsMadhouse; DiamonJs; Crack'n'LeeLee; atsmug; JACS Team; gmj3191; angelique_anja; Tally Tiger; goingplaces2; Arachnauts; Casadella; beckNmonts; apple460; TeamUs!; au.fait; JSando; maximus1978; delightfuldolphins; eighthknox; youngoldfella; Snoopy1976; grannygeo64; snugglebunnies; scody; minons; trisam; GeoLibrarian54; Joolay; theveegees; LouLou0212; lmohalloran; DarkonasDelights; Kittykatch; fam_o_five; ZQX; Gullivers Travels54; DARKSIDEDAN.; Sims_family; Fox in Jox; buhfuhguh; Neville_devil; skysong; Promontory; RestrictedID; Wazza&Kara; brahms6; TARDIS 0061; Böses_Mädchen; CrikeyGeocacher; _AlfalfA_; SkArY_KLoWn; #Kiko#; AddisonPascal
5 29 Jul 17 Geocaching 101 - An IntroductionAttended by: 5 - maccamob; mogni; SWCachers; bucketeer; Team LittlePoppies
0 03 Jul 13 Geocaching ActivityAttended by: No Attendees
27 21 Nov 15 Geocaching Geelong District Annual Christmas PartyAttended by: 27 - jandaw; 08151605; geniejoan; The_Tritonz; NathNBoys; Whitepaws9; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; wozzle68; feathertop; AusFox!; n0w0rries; Bushfire; Darth Briji; The_Easter_Bunnies; buzzsmc; bkj97; Phetlern; larafolk; AutumnTree; Fergzter; suss vulture; ThePacman; Buckleysbabe; MaggieDot; suscoe
23 22 Nov 14 GEOCACHING GEELONG DISTRICT BBQ CATCH UP EVENTAttended by: 23 - RoadRunna; ThePacman; Frog_Lady; Kinkell1; TR!; Team Crackers; Bushfire; The 2 Wanderers; wozzle68; alchey; suss vulture; Julie&GGs; misschief18; mudbrick; Buckleysbabe; jinkyandjohn; au_Nerd; BBDAMN; Jacko83; The_Tritonz; Ambarta; dbelco; Capt.Roverman88
32 22 Mar 14 Geocaching history is made!Attended by: 32 - maccamob; coley_babee; -nirgal-; Archie B1 & B2; º; Spladem; ahomburg; BernieH; Beenasse; landau351; GJMMelb; iamapom; 80degrees; Square_Pegs; Tomstache; lochb; abl973; EuDes; kmace; Alansee; Glanville Girls; gis+ger; The Geo-Baristas; LouiseAnn; -Lisette-; GraWil; donidoode; Rabbitto; McLookers; wallyhunt; nanton34; geo_jas
21 06 Nov 13 Geocaching in Space in Ballarat - Evening EventAttended by: 21 - mitcheke; biff99; Bushfire; highrod; Phetlern; suscoe; misschief18; McLookers; Beckster22; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; Tomstache; Rehfisch Clan; Fergzter; Kinkell1; Beenasse; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Loumartay296; dasparagus; Boscpirate
15 02 May 15 Geocaching is 15 today lets celebrateAttended by: 15 - honeysucker; sully1; dalerious; Cybergran V; mile high RnC; baby&Mrs gopher; tigersden; au.fait; WazzaAndWenches; 1 Aussie fun seeker; Aussie Fun Seakers; gleesonstribe; micheena; kerydn21; sjones
24 04 Dec 14 Geocaching Melbourne - Overnight Hiking Info NightAttended by: 24 - Wings Of Freedom; Zeus; Hera & kids; maccamob; minons; Frog_Lady; ThePacman; landau351; º; kmace; sando23468; sedgwickDave; Alansee; Ikkibrady; Long John Silva; LouiseAnn; Jacko83; n0w0rries; abl973; Riddell; iamapom; mudbrick; carkisser; BernieH; sharkiefan
0 09 May 17 Geocaching Melbourne - The Pirates' Tea KitchenAttended by: None
26 09 May 14 Geocaching Melbourne - The Pirates' Tea KitchenAttended by: 26 - º; Archie B1 & B2; GazaC; OhDang!; mudbrick; maccamob; 80degrees; WalkingDead2; ahomburg; diddysmum; BernieH; LouiseAnn; Belleakelea; oldwinebottle; drjim7; Na'wal; josiey; squalid; Riddell; muzza; the sock man; noworries+wife; vacachin; day1976; sharkiefan; Team?aky
4 22 Apr 17 Geocaching Puzzle Workshop 4Attended by: 4 - Lynjoh; Dvynanjl; cjfinda; surefoot24
6 27 May 17 Geocaching Puzzle Workshop 5Attended by: 6 - surefoot24; micaparamedic; Wal-len; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja
4 22 Jul 17 Geocaching Puzzle Workshop 6Attended by: 4 - surefoot24; Wal-len; tassieexpat; Loesch00
2 26 Aug 17 Geocaching Puzzle Workshop 7Attended by: 2 - surefoot24; Dvynanjl
6 30 Sep 17 Geocaching Puzzle workshop 8Attended by: 6 - GoodLook; surefoot24; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; cjfinda; beckNmonts
0 28 Oct 17 Geocaching Puzzle workshop 9Attended by: No Attendees
23 30 Aug 15 Geocaching Road Trip '15 - Coffee StopAttended by: 23 - The Coffee's; Tyred n Cranky; WazzaAndWenches; FUF009; Team Crackers; rolleysfriends; pippin69; maccamob; claybol; little blue wren; Aussie Fun Seakers; CarterClan6; GemmaSistema; Fergzter; Romax; Earthbound Chief; cat-and-dog; jtnsilo; Jejon; Mainebirds; -Mountain Goat-; ×?; SuperSirmans
13 14 Oct 17 GeoKids- A Tree For LifeAttended by: 13 - clancy79; Zeus; Hera & kids; The Welder; BernieH; Na'wal; Jentrek1; eighthknox; TeamUs!; (._o); GeoKidsGifts; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Stammily
5 15 Jul 12 GeosportZ 2012 4x4 (and more)Attended by: 5 - LouiseAnn; GJMMelb; pwags; landau351; quiet1_au
6 13 Apr 17 Germans Early Dönerstag @ Melbourne City CenterAttended by: 6 - alpenmilch80; hensmehens; -nirgal-; binliner; Biggles Bear; Gastank2
29 11 Jun 16 Get Outdoors for BreakfastAttended by: 29 - Team Crackers; The Coffee's; Judith9799; GJMMelb; BackPAQer; +Wife; n0w0rries; gmj3191; don55; sezzy2683; SteMicMitSar; Ruverbug Jam; madre6095; BonnyBlack; sharkiefan; vividrogers; mymonster; yorsys; Earthbound Chief; leafotwind; Tally Tiger; tassieexpat; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; robinyang; frmen1; lukie1987; andy707; G--2
13 11 Jun 16 Get Up, Get OutAttended by: 13 - Benjamin Screamer; TR!; Phetlern; Cucumber Kid; vacachin; Tigresss; DAB; au.fait; buzzsmc; larafolk; Bushfire; Na'wal; DreamyDragon
32 02 Jan 16 GF07 & H068 2016 New Year Dinner EventAttended by: 32 - Zobo04; Gonefishen07; coley_babee; d@geo; Hearse068; Phetlern; ahomburg; sqau; gwd.aussie; KTCvic; LouiseAnn; sharkiefan; GJMMelb; Alansee; maccamob; quiet1_au; micaparamedic; 80degrees; snugglebunnies; BorisB&Natasha; Paul_the_Hippy; MalanDi; NinjaTortoise; The Coffee's; Muzza; Square_Pegs; Team Crackers; de ja vu; SanB; Elly.B; mazza-g; lukie1987
35 29 Dec 17 GF07 & H068 Pre New Year Dinner Event 2018Attended by: 35 - Hearse068; M&D?; The Coffee's; Gonefishen07; d@geo; sqau; pwala; gwd.aussie; micaparamedic; The_Tritonz; McLookers; PamJ; Whitepaws9; GoodLook; Geogran1937; dgfb33; ahomburg; maccamob; Alansee; sedgwickDave; crank1; BorisB&Natasha; pprass; 4 B Ninja's; beckNmonts; Earthbound Chief; gmj3191; ceebee2013; The Rustys; The Paulsons; Songbird2697; 2peasinapod2012; surefoot24; helsinski; sunnyindiatilli
29 07 Jan 17 GF07 and H068 2017 New Years Dinner EventAttended by: 29 - draggedalong; Hearse068; Gonefishen07; misschief18; GoodLook; Phetlern; d@geo; gwd.aussie; Mummy Short Legs; Team Crackers; geniejoan; NurseHayley; Alansee; 08151605; lukie1987; Geogran1937; dgfb33; frmen1; PamJ; au.fait; Kato Potato; maccamob; Whitepaws9; Highrod; snugglebunnies; de ja vu; crank1; BorisB&Natasha; kmps
28 05 Nov 16 GIFF - Coffee and Choccy BikkiesAttended by: 28 - GeoVicAus; LouiseAnn; ahomburg; geniejoan; OzHockeyChick; n0w0rries; Earthbound Chief; quiet1_au; paddle chick; -nirgal-; The Welder; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; Cliff5009; maccamob; (._o); gmj3191; bullertrout; omegaman1971; landau351; leafotwind; Na'wal; sedgwickDave; frilk; Alansee; sharkiefan; lukie1987; JSando; carkisser
11 04 Nov 17 GIFF 2017 - Lake CobblerAttended by: 11 - jacko*; BWWC; Clever Monkey; dalerious; skullracing; ahomburg; xsurfergirlx; Archie B1 & B2; Team Smokey-Bear; Team?aky; dazzpete
18 05 Nov 16 GIFF AlexandraAttended by: 18 - º; Gonefishen07; Zobo04; xsurfergirlx; Bounty Trackers; Hearse068; Archie B1 & B2; KTCvic; skullracing; BorisB&Natasha; dalerious; Clever Monkey; de ja vu; Cybergran V; nanna.c-super.pops; maximus1978; Team Smokey-Bear; jojobeenie
24 08 Nov 15 GIFF in BelgraveAttended by: 24 - Phil Serenity; ahomburg; Spladem; -nirgal-; pippin69; Happy pants; GJMMelb; quiet1_au; The Coffee's; kmace; Promontory; robinyang; omegaman1971; spiffy-; Morcs4; Vanessa&Aodh; squalid; Earthbound Chief; mcsee&petal; sylken; atsmug; The Rusty's; mazza-g; Dora the Explorer!
0 06 Nov 17 GIFF MelbourneAttended by: None
26 06 Nov 15 GIFF MelbourneAttended by: 26 - mymonster; bluewren88; Clever Monkey; danozz; Geocaching Melbourne; º; -Lisette-; OzHockeyChick; The Coffee's; -Mountain Goat-; themd; sedgwickDave; n0w0rries; Mark&Kelly; BonnyBlack; gmj3191; sharkiefan; BernieH; leafotwind; 88andy88; Dora the Explorer!; LouiseAnn; robinyang; YiPpA; Staceemichaelolsen; ahomburg
13 15 Jan 12 Gippsland Annual GatheringAttended by: 13 - Joe Possum; Nautilus7497; AFJR-Walkers; Trunksnsuch; Team Crackers; Landsergruppe; malikaal; budgie09; The Coffee's; maccamob; slimbo1; greynomads; ruralslicker
25 23 Jan 11 Gippsland Annual Meet & GreetAttended by: 25 - Nautilus7497; Nautilus7497; Trunksergruppe; C@H; Spladem; Darkandstormy; greynomads; Robmc; squalid; Landsergruppe; Alansee; Carpo's Crusaders; Jimmymaff; monch's mob; Tank47; Joe Possum; KI bug; Gonefishen07; maccamob; Earthbound Chief; Daryllm123; Hearse068; jinkyandjohn; malikaal; coley_babee
25 24 Jan 10 Gippsland Get-togetherAttended by: 25 - Trunksergruppe; budgie09; Team Rubik; Darkandstormy; bearsleys; featherdown; feathertop; The Swaggies; Geodes; Dicksontwo; ruralslicker; The Coffee's; narns1mav; Team Crackers; lkgtjm; maccamob; squalid; pandpp; -Lisette-; Landsergruppe; BackPAQer; Mr Jibblets; KI bug; greynomads; monch's mob
17 08 Sep 13 Gippsland's Flash Mob EventAttended by: 17 - MADSTARS; Trunksnsuch; Gonefishen07; greynomads; Hearse068; Pakenman; dragons and bears; The Geo-Baristas; 2max; KI bug; Bounty Trackers; ardenttrekers; geo-twin; Poiter.h; Champs2Monkeys; kimmatmoo; jebcar
19 14 Apr 18 Glow Worms on the BarbieAttended by: 19 - TheRobbos3266; micaparamedic; Phetlern; Sims_family; Cherad; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; FUF009; Neville_devil; suss vulture; Sean.75; kenbryl; plowfive; Bushfire; kenare; RobbitHobbit22; au.fait; McLookers
20 15 Jun 13 Gonefishen07 & Hearse068 2nd Mid year Dinner eventAttended by: 20 - trickytracey; Thing No1; Thing No2; Gonefishen07; The Coffee's; Sirillion; mr_roo; Team Crackers; Hearse068; kmace; Wal-len; de ja vu; Alansee; Graling; wyrdsister; WeRAmused; Bounty Trackers; La mina; crig; squalid
28 05 Jul 14 Gonefishen07 & Hearse068 3rd Mid Year Dinner EventAttended by: 28 - ruralslicker; sully1; de ja vu; Zobo04; -Lisette-; dgfb33; Sirillion; bogonghazy; Gonefishen07; Coruze; misschief18; The Coffee's; skullracing; greynomads; Thing No2; Hearse068; Wal-len; TheGGGs; The Swaggies; Geogran1937; ceebee2013; KTCvic; Alansee; Bounty Trackers; Poiter.h; Graling; kmps; tassieexpat
38 29 Dec 12 Gonefishen07 & Hearse068 pre New Year Dinner EventAttended by: 38 - Robmc; Joe Borg; micaparamedic; ross47; PrincessDiala; The Coffee's; coley_babee; Gonefishen07; Thing No2; Thing No1; Hearse068; Phetlern; BettyBoo3747; Just a cacher; Black Bunny; Spladem; de ja vu; pprass; maccamob; 2peasinapod2012; Crisp image; Alansee; gis+ger; squalid; Wal-len; muzza; haveanez; ian-and-penny; DazRascal; Geo Gemzy; Geo Holzy; Bounty Trackers; kmace; KTCvic; walenators; Earthbound Chief; Paul_the_Hippy; tigersden
21 16 Jun 12 Gonefishen07 & Hearse068's mid year dinner eventAttended by: 21 - Spladem; ross47; Thing No2; Thing No1; emeraldflame; Wal-len; Paul_the_Hippy; Paco Aliandro; The Swaggies; de ja vu; Gonefishen07; Hearse068; Viminalis; Cr8purple; The Coffee's; Chaplain Mike; Smart Sassy Siren; BillandDee; sunnyindiatilli; -Lisette-; Earthbound Chief
15 31 Dec 17 Good Bye 2017 - Melbourne CBDAttended by: 15 - landau351; McLookers; Alansee; nirgalagrin; JulesC21; diana8; jtnsilo; leafotwind; Belgica; gmj3191; Pinkpiggy7; Muzza; grey team; Team Ribeiro; WazzaAndWenches
13 04 Feb 18 Goodbye...Attended by: 13 - Team Crackers; M&D?; Phetlern; maccamob; LOP833; Alansee; biggles1024; 4 B Ninja's; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Pinkpiggy7; sqau
3 10 Feb 08 Grampians PicnicAttended by: 3 - sandar10; 2Dudez; highrod
13 10 Oct 15 Grampians, not GlampiansAttended by: 13 - josiey; ahomburg; Tomstache; Malco!; *Cache_or_Check*; maccamob; Freddo; Glanville Girls; wozzle68; ST37E; McLookers; drjim7; Brad&Janet
28 04 Nov 17 Grand Opening of the Victorian Geocaching MuseumAttended by: 28 - iamapom; LouiseAnn; Team Crackers; Rabbitto; Smepster+Darcy; Geoturtle37; Papi4506; The_Tritonz; Happy pants; leafotwind; micaparamedic; +Wife; dahumbug; nirgalagrin; duntulum; Riddell; Earthbound Chief; Whitepaws9; surefoot24; maccamob; au.fait; Alansee; Cliff5009; cathlud; omegaman1971; Cybergran V; janavalenti89; day1976
19 11 Jun 16 Granite Track Summit event.Attended by: 19 - Mark&Kelly; n0w0rries; don55; Zeus; Hera & kids; SteMicMitSar; mazza-g; Muzza; biggles1024; leafotwind; lukie1987; omegaman1971; madre6095; Morcs4; BonnyBlack; sedgwickDave; atsmug; Hawkboy14; andy707; Le Harv
25 27 Jan 18 Greetings to Krefeld (Twin Event)Attended by: 25 - Haydos_K; sorceysal; TR!; The_Easter_Bunnies; Snap Happy; Buckleysbabe; Sims_family; maccamob; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Phetlern; suss vulture; Fergzter; ladioactive; Bushfire; AusFox;; angelique_anja; au.fait; suscoe; Neville_devil; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; sisso; krankysteve
25 01 Jul 12 GSAK Workshop & Pizza LunchAttended by: 25 - The Coffee's; xambo4u; gregandjudi; highrod; Kinkell1; Dazza1; Alansee; micaparamedic; roundcircle; tigersden; suss vulture; Team Crackers; oldwinebottle; GJMMelb; 80degrees; BernieH; Phetlern; Little Squirell; McAdies; sully1; 42below; team_coxy; Riddell; Datruk; stooy
9 09 Feb 16 Guess Who's Coming To DinnerAttended by: 9 - Team Robins; The Coffee's; maccamob; Alansee; gmj3191; crank1; Pinkpiggy7; Fleabag-; GT02
9 04 Dec 14 GVBR Meet and Greet - MansfieldAttended by: 9 - PIPPAESP; Team Three B's; rawhide; mbl&k; EuDes; malikaal; au.fait; Harrowang; mazza-g
46 03 Jan 15 H068 & GF07's 2015 New Years Dinner EventAttended by: 46 - ms-enchantress; Phetlern; sqau; The Swaggies; The Coffee's; Gonefishen07; Thing No1; Hearse068; Geogran1937; KTCvic; Rebel Acts; º; Team Crackers; megs_q; dgfb33; ahomburg; The Morris; gwd.aussie; Sea Chels; Sea Chels; Zobo04; Alansee; pprass; maccamob; bdthamilton; Rabbitto; Clever Monkey; Wings Of Freedom; Poiter.h; -Lisette-; The Drovers; GJMMelb; LouiseAnn; Graling; tassieexpat; Bounty Trackers; ceebee2013; sharkiefan; carkisser; You_Can_Do_It_2; jacqui2411; Muzza; FelixII; frmen1; anderka; JSando
27 04 Jul 15 H068 & GF07's 4th Mid Year Dinner EventAttended by: 27 - The Paulsons; Alansee; sixy2sue; coley_babee; Zobo04; Gonefishen07; Elly.B; Hearse068; The Coffee's; d@geo; GJMMelb; Poiter.h; gwd.aussie; BorisB&Natasha; GemmaSistema; kmace; Team Crackers; squalid; BackPAQer; micaparamedic; de ja vu; Graling; ceebee2013; SanB; Riley.B; allan_b; sharkiefan
11 04 Aug 13 Haddon Morning Tea EventAttended by: 11 - The Coffee's; TheMenziesMob; sorceysal; Dazza1; The 2 Wanderers; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; romork; McLookers; Tomstache; Shamus1
27 15 Jan 16 Half Way to 10,000Attended by: 27 - Mark9375; maffn; OzHockeyChick; LouiseAnn; SirJ-Oz; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; 88andy88; maccamob; n0w0rries; Alansee; micaparamedic; spiffy-; SteMicMitSar; Muzza; ansmisty; omegaman1971; leafotwind; biggles1024; BernieH; Pinkpiggy7; kilpa4; sharkiefan; mazza-g; gmj3191; Sross006@gmail.com; Team-Ruphace
20 31 Oct 14 Halloween BBQ DinnerAttended by: 20 - lionjrb; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; chooknchunk; FUF009; McAdies; wozzle68; sharkiefan; Shamus1; Motndarg; KiwiGeoswami; Motndarg; Gemmasiemensma; cauzsa; Fergzter; CarterClan6; McLookers; Tomstache; Kazandbren; Saint.Anthony
42 30 Oct 11 Halloween Eve - 'Who do you think you are?'Attended by: 42 - kmace; skirrel; Irontoad; TrailRunning; Spladem; laker63; Obi-Cal; Rabbitto; maccamob; ahomburg; Zherff; Alansee; The Coffee's; sedgwickDave; lochb; mymonster; squalid; CamBendy; Whitepaws9; landau351; Biggles Bear; º; drjim7; littlemerpip; josiey; Cycling_guy; crank1; lemmykc; Happy Chappies; Gaga66; i love dr who; TeamTOSH.net; SirJ-Oz; quiet1_au; walenators; PrincessDiala; jsmyong55; bubblzdee; xambo4u; Earthbound Chief; musta9; moss boy
26 23 May 15 Happy 2nd BirthdayAttended by: 26 - The_Tritonz; murf; Poiter.h; Frog_Lady; Team Crackers; Bushfire; Cybergran V; mudbrick; maccamob; Darth Briji; Jacko83; suscoe; sharkiefan; sabbs008; Dog-onit; clickcraftsman; Buckleysbabe; sorceysal; suss vulture; Na'wal; LibzHat; au_Nerd; micaparamedic; buzzsmc; Capt.Roverman; geordiefamily
27 14 Jan 17 Happy Birthday Kinkell1 - It's a TraditionAttended by: 27 - TR!; Highrod; wozzle68; Snap Happy; LouiseAnn; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; PamJ; maccamob; Sunset62; misschief18; The Morris; Glanville Girls; sharkiefan; suss vulture; Deragonflyz; The 2 Wanderers; chooknchunk; 08151605; mudbrick; GemmaSistema; Nicole_Louise; Fergzter; sully; gmj3191; Lumpyjrb
36 10 Jan 16 Happy Birthday Kinkell1 - LXVAttended by: 36 - The Coffee's; chooknchunk; mudbrick; Mr&Mrs Oyseka; 08151605; Phetlern; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; sharkiefan; TR!; maccamob; Team Crackers; LouiseAnn; McAdies; Bushfire; sorceysal; buzzsmc; spiffy-; cauzsa; Na'wal; n0w0rries; gmj3191; Snap Happy; suss vulture; Kinkell1; Lumpyjrb; The 2 Wanderers; Alansee; iamapom; omegaman1971; mcsee&petal; Jarwillo; suscoe; geniejoan; Papillon4506; The Morris
12 20 Apr 14 Happy Easter Geo EventAttended by: 12 - wozzle68; Motndarg; Tomstache; McLookers; chooknchunk; Glanville Girls; Shamus1; cauzsa; The 2 Wanderers; oldwinebottle; 42below; ST37E
19 01 Jan 18 Happy New Year 2018 - Melbourne CBDAttended by: 19 - skysong; landau351; Archie B1 & B2; Phetlern; Alansee; suscoe; McLookers; BoabTree; nirgalagrin; squalid; Belgica; Muzza; Pinkpiggy7; Posums; SteMicMitSar; Annoying Tarbit; gmj3191; grey team; micks_01
30 14 Mar 15 Have a slice of Pie on Pi DayAttended by: 30 - featherdown; The Morris; feathertop; SirJ-Oz; LouiseAnn; misschief18; Bushfire; ST37E; Cybergran V; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; o.kay; maccamob; Saint.Anthony; Beckster22; highrod; boo09; neisha07; becca85; Glanville Girls; The_Tritonz; 6Hinemoa2; strange quark1; Motndarg; Panda Inc; McLookers; Tomstache; Makkas; fozzy778
0 21 Jul 18 Have you found all the Hidden Creatures?Attended by: No Attendees
16 03 Mar 18 Hello /Goodbye Maryborough - Until next SummerAttended by: 16 - neisha07; boo09; becca85; suss vulture; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; FUF009; kangas11; Tyred n Cranky; Motndarg; claybol; Aussie Fun Seakers; Fergzter; GemmaSistema; HansandLinda
6 01 Jan 16 Hello 2016Attended by: 6 - ST37E; wozzle68; Fergzter; chooknchunk; The_Tritonz; Glanville Girls
8 26 Dec 17 Hello Australia - Hello MelbourneAttended by: 8 - Biff and the Rockets; GoodLook; Alansee; Cybergran V; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Tally Tiger; gmj3191
16 01 Jan 18 Helloooooo 2018 !!!Attended by: 16 - McAdies; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; wozzle68; chooknchunk; +Wife; n0w0rries; FUF009; MazzyMay; SciFiRulz; Tyred n Cranky; 6Hinemoa2; HansandLinda; jits318; DaSaLe77; PapaGrouch
17 18 Sep 16 Helping HovellAttended by: 17 - DreamyDragon; Geocaching.Geelong; larafolk; vacachin; suss vulture; Tigresss; wespro; The Coffee's; feathertop; mudbrick; TR!; Na'wal; ThePacman; Neville_devil; RoadRunna; Hippie_voni; The_Tritonz
0 16 Nov 13 Heroes or VillainsAttended by: None
0 13 Apr 12 Heroes or VillainsAttended by: No Attendees
14 04 Sep 16 HFD in Heathcote - Morning TeaAttended by: 14 - Glanville Girls; Leetalicious; bogonghazy; sorceysal; little blue wren; The Morris; GemmaSistema; WazzaAndWenches; Aussie Fun Seakers; maccamob; McLookers; Motndarg; jtnsilo; virbull
17 06 Sep 15 HFD in St Arnaud - Morning TeaAttended by: 17 - micaparamedic; Tomstache; Tyred n Cranky; maccamob; LouiseAnn; McLookers; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; FUF009; strange quark1; charm quark 1; Zombie Child; ArnupFamily; The Lookabouts; Rustymac75; wildnic26; supawitchming
22 27 Jun 18 Hidden Creatures Debut Dinner - BallaratAttended by: 22 - honeysucker; Sunset62; Bushfire; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; micaparamedic; leafotwind; suscoe; Alansee; MazzyMay; Muzza; Team Crackers; GemmaSistema; sorceysal; Dippa46; McLookers; Fergzter; Saint.Anthony; wozzle68; Priscilla026; sally_mally_616; McAdies
0 25 Jul 18 Hidden Creatures Finale Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: No Attendees
0 11 Jul 18 Hidden Creatures LunchAttended by: No Attendees
6 02 Jul 18 Hidden Creatures Lunch - BallaratAttended by: 6 - 08151605; maccamob; McAdies; GemmaSistema; gridge98; Fergzter
0 17 Feb 18 High Country Clean UpAttended by: None
7 22 Apr 17 High Country Clean UpAttended by: 7 - BWWC; ScattsMadhouse; Jarwillo; º; Ausyowie; josiey; drjim7
4 23 Sep 17 High Country Clean Up - Winter EditionAttended by: 4 - pullw; BWWC; º; ScattsMadhouse
16 20 Apr 06 High Country Plains, Peaks & Poetry - HCPPPAttended by: 16 - Dicko; Pyrenees Kid; djcache; fullonphil; Team Crackers; maccamob; Team Horizons; Little Miss Muggle; Spruce Mooses; micaparamedic; Maccaholics; The Coffee's; ian-and-penny; Roostaman; thequilts; Rhinogeo
14 11 Feb 05 History, Mystery, High CountryAttended by: 14 - Little Miss Muggle; djcache; Team Crackers; energizer61; The Coffee's; Pyrenees Kid; sbalogh53; Dicko; maccamob; pprass; Biggles Bear; Maccaholics; Derringer; ian-and-penny
19 18 Dec 16 Ho Ho Ho... Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 19 - Dippa46; Cherad; chooknchunk; Phetlern; MazzyMay; maccamob; Motndarg; Fergzter; suscoe; jelly_bean14; gmj3191; GemmaSistema; McLookers; Saint.Anthony; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; geniejoan; Perpetuallylost; 08151605
13 24 Apr 13 Hosting HoneysuckersAttended by: 13 - honeysucker; Kinkell1; maccamob; bogonghazy; storchburp; Alansee; highrod; sully1; Shamus1; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Fergzter; roundcircle
30 26 Jan 18 Hottest 100 Cache(R)sAttended by: 30 - M&D?; Clever Monkey; 1TOOLMAN; sqau; S4pphire; dalerious; Archie B1 & B2; sharkiefan; micaparamedic; emïl; skullracing; Geoturtle37; Papi4506; maccamob; ahomburg; taz-bud/inkle; SteMicMitSar; Cybergran V; biggles1024; Posums; S_38; kmps; Teammoss5; angelique_anja; jascat; Jentrek1; surefoot24; OzHockeyChick; Geo_Seek; Cracka1
4 20 Jul 16 HQ Duck Dash - \"Let the race begin\" DinnerAttended by: 4 - The Morris; tigersden; Geogetters; Crazy Creels
21 12 May 13 Hunt and Munch - MelbourneAttended by: 21 - HADO KARP; Geopr1ncess; lemmykc; shogun-; Pathfinder24; Spladem; Archie B1 & B2; lochb; ahomburg; LouiseAnn; Bexta; iamapom; clickcraftsman; Reesylou; breannaluke; Jacimarble; 80degrees; SKSJD; SirJ-Oz; quiet1_au; Daryllm123
26 16 Aug 15 Improving Edgars CreekAttended by: 26 - TeamCharizard; Sisman61; -nirgal-; Darth Briji; DAB; alchey; Na'wal; iamapom; Alansee; The Double-A's; landau351; The_Tritonz; maccamob; rmdhudson; Phil the serenity; glishes; gmj3191; 80degrees; i love dr who; Promontory; alfetola; sabelais123; Prin666cess; Legomango's Dad; SuperSirmans; jayjobentom
7 15 Jul 17 In search of Hyde's treasure - Souvenir EventAttended by: 7 - Yoshi Warriors; Nicko57; -Beaker-; FerociousFlea; bucketeer; louluska; delightfuldolphins
28 16 Jul 17 In search of lost treasure - BallaratAttended by: 28 - sorceysal; jenno3; boo09; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; featherdown; McAdies; jtnsilo; Dippa46; Phetlern; feathertop; Cherad; vaja1; MazzyMay; McLookers; claybol; SciFiRulz; kenbryl; 08151605; Tag-a1ong; 6Hinemoa2; Sean.75; kenare; Riddell; Fergzter; becknmonts; virbull; Whitepaws9
20 29 Feb 16 Intercalary or Leap?Attended by: 20 - The Coffee's; maccamob; Spladem; Square_Pegs; nadya; BernieH; rmdhudson; abl973; HideAndSketch; skakids; GJMMelb; LouiseAnn; joeylovestreasure; alfetola; ChrisWhite62; diana8; Jammalees; trisam; Biggles Bear; Riddell
9 25 Apr 15 International CITO 2015 - St.Arnaud's FirstAttended by: 9 - PaddyJak; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; Tamzy; strange quark1; muff1; Rustymac75; supawitchming; wildnic26
27 26 Apr 15 International CITO Morning Event - BallaratAttended by: 27 - TeamLauren; Alansee; buzzsmc; Frog_Lady; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; Na'wal; LouiseAnn; The Lookabouts; DoorMatt; ST37E; sharkiefan; sully1; o.kay; jelly_bean14; Cybergran V; Geo_Eddie; Cherad; T;R; CarterClan6; Tomstache; Motndarg; Zobo04; wozzle68; Gemmasiemensma; Gonefishen07; McLookers
23 12 Oct 14 International Earthcache Day 2014 (Melbourne City)Attended by: 23 - Mutex; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; PantherX; sorceysal; º; TikvaNZ; bogonghazy; landau351; n0w0rries; Burge; stemicmitsar; TurnerfamilyFtg; spiffy-; The Coffee's; Sando33716; Alansee; sharkiefan; The Double-A's; -Lisette-; Biggles Bear; Team-Ruphace; ChrisWhite62
17 11 Oct 15 International Earthcache Day 2015Attended by: 17 - 08151605; Geocaching Melbourne; ahomburg; LouiseAnn; tackle_head; maccamob; Annoying Tarbit; Alansee; robinyang; The Coffee's; #SEALTeam4; sharkiefan; spiffy-; geniejoan; Pinkpiggy7; vacachin; aussiejan
27 09 Oct 16 International Earthcache Day 2016 Sailors FallsAttended by: 27 - geniejoan; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Tigresss; ThePacman; mudbrick; Phetlern; Na'wal; Beckster22; mi5sie; maccamob; dingo_homes; virbull; McAdies; Cherad; Fergzter; Glanville Girls; claybol; GemmaSistema; Whitepaws9; The_Tritonz; au.fait; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; The Empire; McLookers; leafotwind
27 08 Oct 17 International Earthcache Day 2017 Lal LalAttended by: 27 - wozzle68; Team Crackers; lukie1987; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; misschief18; PamJ; Na'wal; Alansee; Cherad; 08151605; Bushfire; leafotwind; MazzyMay; FUF009; +Wife; Motndarg; abl973; suss vulture; vaja1; GemmaSistema; Crack'n'LeeLee; 6Hinemoa2; Fergzter; n0w0rries; McLookers
17 12 Oct 14 International EarthCache Day Tipperary Springs BBQAttended by: 17 - Kinkell1; Robmc; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; sully1; Gemmasiemensma; Motndarg; chooknchunk; geniejoan; BettyBoo3747; Beckster22; McAdies; Glanville Girls; McLookers; Fergzter; feathertop; Shamus1
9 20 Aug 16 International Geocaching Day EventAttended by: 9 - Snap Happy; maccamob; 08151605; Cherad; wozzle68; Benjamin Screamer; Shamus1; sharkiefan; micaparamedic
24 19 Aug 17 International Geocaching Day 2017Attended by: 24 - Flitzepiepe; The_Easter_Bunnies; Phetlern; SteMicMitSar; ThePacman; Jacko83; biggles1024; 08151605; Kitdevil; Bushfire; Mrsblackduck; feathertop; maccamob; Tag-a1ong; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; sorceysal; Sims_family; jrandombob; AusFox;; The_Tritonz; Riddell; Zevensoft; Neville_devil
10 19 Aug 17 International Geocaching Day Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 10 - Saint.Anthony; vaja1; Cherad; Sunset62; maccamob; McLookers; GemmaSistema; The_Tritonz; Indimist; Fergzter
16 18 Aug 12 International Geocaching Day DinnerAttended by: 16 - 64EH; maccamob; bogonghazy; ST37E; sully1; highrod; Kinkell1; S 4 Sammy; Riddell; TheQuantumQuark; oldwinebottle; 42below; BPJTHillas; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Shamus1
12 17 Aug 13 International Geocaching Day Event - BuninyongAttended by: 12 - Packafattys; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; romork; The_Easter_Bunnies; lionjrb; Dazza1; The 2 Wanderers; cauzsa; BPJTHillas; Fergzter; Shamus1
44 17 Aug 13 International Geocaching Day Flash Mob EventAttended by: 44 - Thing No1; Thing No2; Zobo04; Phetlern; K_Wolf; coley_babee; La mina; one-eyed; -nirgal-; The Coffee's; crig; GJMMelb; LouiseAnn; Alansee; littlemerpip; Rabbitto; Team Crackers; Dunko; Gonefishen07; Hearse068; Landsergruppe; KRAZYK:-p; landau351; Bounty Trackers; lemmykc; muzza; iamapom; Earthbound Chief; Rigger64; Rigger64; quiet1_au; The Swaggies; SirJ-Oz; clickcraftsman; squalid; Paz&Co; biggles1024; gmj3191; slink1; stemicmitsar; HADO KARP; BackPAQer; walenators; gruffpuppy
32 18 Aug 12 International Geocaching Day in BENDIGOAttended by: 32 - Pathfinder24; ronnienash; haveanez; purpledreamer; DazRascal; Blacklegend; Lostmonster & Co; maccamob; WazzaAndWenches; whit's wanderers; LouiseAnn; feathertop; Riddell; muzza; KRAZYK:-p; DoorMatt; The Coffee's; Biggles Bear; XD1; tigersden; 1 Aussie fun seeker; Aussie Fun Seakers; Landsergruppe; Crazy Creels; The Morris; ACJGRANT; Thirty Eights; tigersden; Chaplain Mike; Geogetters; mvyrmnd; Romax
17 20 Aug 16 International Geocaching Day/HQ Duck DashAttended by: 17 - Silkyie; Poiter.h; Geodude#74; taurus1955; misschief18; the hamfish; raemoz; kmps; lilmissgeo89; Suzibound; apple460; snugglebunnies; Team Smokey-Bear; grannygeo64; Psycho_Scissors; Mummy Short Legs; CJPERX
0 19 Sep 15 International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015Attended by: None
21 19 Sep 15 International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015Attended by: 21 - The Coffee's; RoddyC; Earthbound Chief; Facitman; 08151605; maccamob; LouiseAnn; Jimmymaff; ahomburg; The Double-A's; MadCat9; Muzza; Alansee; squalid; Biggles Bear; Rhinogeo; kotukuSI; robinyang; sharkiefan; leafotwind; geniejoan
10 16 Aug 15 International Travellers Get togetherAttended by: 10 - Alex-thesquirrel; sushilord; traut+wombat; bek-theraccoon; Doctor Owl; locus cache; FUF009; muff1; Michells&hound; iml72
39 28 Dec 08 Intervening DaysAttended by: 39 - Trunksergruppe; Tealby; bregor; Rhinogeo; maccamob; Clogwog; flathead matt; Geodes; Facitman; Bushfire; Rabbitto; Riddell; Adrian Mc; RedPaw64; ian-and-penny; Robmc; Snakecatcher; Rigger64; squalid; shane.thompson; vp4; The Spindoctors; The Swaggies; Phetlern; McAdies; Kinkell1; Landsergruppe; Alansee; VKC1SR; Spruce Mooses; Biggles Bear; feathertop; roundcircle; Roaming Man; 2Dudez; Keeper of Time; listmaker; caughtatwork; The Coffee's
33 27 Dec 09 Intervening Days IIAttended by: 33 - Riddell; Trunksergruppe; Clogwog; Team Rubik; Kinkell1; Geodes; Robmc; Rebel Acts; Team Indiana08; Romax; -Lisette-; Mr Jibblets; The Spindoctors; sully1; stagetree; ian-and-penny; BekahBug; micaparamedic; iamapom; Snakecatcher; Landsergruppe; suss vulture; caughtatwork; The Swaggies; hi pressure; The Morris; Keeper of Time; Phetlern; feathertop; Alansee; listmaker; maccamob; vicbradybunch
76 28 Dec 10 Intervening Days IIIAttended by: 76 - scoyne; Trunksergruppe; S 4 Sammy; cRimehUNter; simplymii; Quasar3671; Tealby; C@H; Aussie Pathtag Club; Trunksnsuch; Landsergruppe; kazza1996; shane.thompson; cute66; Blacklegend; Phetlern; RHPS; The Swaggies; happyjester; The Coffee's; jab002; janwyn1; Romax; Team PacketStorm; feathertop; stagetree; Xesist; Kinkell1; landau351; Scubacrazy666; muzza; Tank47; 80degrees; Snakecatcher; PrincessDiala; ST37E; Bushfire; Riddell; iamapom; walenators; DocBrowny; spartan2224; templetonteam; Spladem; Crazy Creels; Reesylou; JDJenda; The Morris; Earthbound Max; The Empire; maccamob; suss vulture; squalid; Earthbound Chief; oldwinebottle; Robmc; Alansee; 42below; Keeper of Time; tackle_head; ahomburg; Eureka Gold; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Blatherskite; hi pressure; vicbradybunch; lochb; tigersden; solomonfamily; listmaker; Corza1993; monch's mob; Propeller-head; CassieJS; ian-and-penny
31 27 Dec 11 Intervening Days IVAttended by: 31 - Xesist; vicbradybunch; Spruce Mooses; muzza; kazza1996; landau351; The Coffee's; Phetlern; PrincessDiala; Alansee; Crazy Creels; Rabbitto; Team PacketStorm; squalid; Clogwog; The 2 Wanderers; Kinkell1; maccamob; oldwinebottle; 80degrees; Team Indiana08; suss vulture; ian-and-penny; edmil; Scubacrazy666; iamapom; Robmc; walenators; 42below; coley_babee; ausdynamix
30 26 Dec 16 INTERVENING DAYS IXAttended by: 30 - Fergzter; Annoying Tarbit; GoodLook; landau351; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; chooknchunk; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Scubacrazy666; suss vulture; Benjamin Screamer; goingplaces2; Alansee; Muzza; geniejoan; gis+ger; feathertop; 6Hinemoa2; maccamob; vacachin; BBDAMN; sorceysal; Riddell; 08151605; 80degrees; RGSBruce; Lumpyjrb
34 26 Dec 12 Intervening Days V and Scubacrazy666's 1000thAttended by: 34 - The Spindoctors; PrincessDiala; S 4 Sammy; Kinkell1; Xesist; The Morris; The 2 Wanderers; iamapom; sedgwickDave; Alansee; ahomburg; maccamob; themd; Earthbound Chief; coley_babee; kmace; Bushfire; muzza; oldwinebottle; 42below; -Lisette-; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Riddell; highrod; vicbradybunch; Mulga Bill; ian-and-penny; mudbrick; 6Hinemoa2; Scubacrazy666; Teneche; ST37E; 80degrees
34 27 Dec 14 INTERVENING DAYS V11Attended by: 34 - ST37E; coley_babee; Gremar Eynesbury; maccamob; wozzle68; Gemmasiemensma; chooknchunk; Frog_Lady; Lumpyjrb; Motndarg; xambo4u; landau351; Rabbitto; suscoe; LouiseAnn; windscreen; misschief18; The 2 Wanderers; suss vulture; feathertop; sorceysal; Muzza; Vanessa&Aodh; ian-and-penny; McLookers; gis+ger; Riddell; Fergzter; sharkiefan; Team-Ruphace; 6Hinemoa2; CarterClan6; 80degrees; cauzsa
29 27 Dec 15 INTERVENING DAYS V111Attended by: 29 - The Seven Secrets; Snap Happy; Happy Feet 1; iamapom; Tyred n Cranky; landau351; 08151605; mudbrick; Phetlern; geniejoan; FUF009; redRONSO; TR!; maccamob; Alansee; Papillon4506; xambo4u; The 2 Wanderers; kenbryl; jenno3; windscreen; Nicole_Louise; suss vulture; Whitepaws9; Jarwillo; Fergzter; gis+ger; sorceysal; 6Hinemoa2
23 27 Dec 13 Intervening Days VIAttended by: 23 - Scubacrazy666; -nirgal-; sedgwickDave; The Coffee's; ahomburg; Phetlern; Alansee; maccamob; kmace; muzza; suss vulture; Matilda's Tardis; mudbrick; Xesist; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; 80degrees; Riddell; 6Hinemoa2; sorceysal; The 2 Wanderers; landau351; Rehfisch Clan
0 07 Apr 17 Introduction to Geocaching WorkshopAttended by: No Attendees
27 14 Mar 15 Irrational Number DayAttended by: 27 - EuDes; SirJ-Oz; LouiseAnn; Bushfire; Sam Gamgee; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; sharkiefan; The_Easter_Bunnies; jinkyandjohn; suss vulture; buzzsmc; Buckleysbabe; suscoe; SaintCache; ccscrazycelt; The_Tritonz; kalianda09; RoadRunna; alchey; sabbs008; AutumnTree; autumncs; MaggieDot; Darth Briji; Na'wal
25 21 Jan 13 It's a dirty job.. But Someone has to do it..!!Attended by: 25 - SnapHappy1; skullracing; HADO KARP; the encouragers; Quasar; parallel sticks; lionjrb; Phetlern; cabbos; pprass; baby&Mrs gopher; Nicko57; jantoshys; firesafe; SA_ParrotHead; Guz's Travellers; welshy22; ruralslicker; wmf138; 3InOne; MurchUnearthers; Jeffeddy; Huurtle; Team Pedal Pushers; whites on windsor
0 16 Jan 11 It's My Birthday!Attended by: None
19 17 Jan 10 It's My Birthday!Attended by: 19 - micaparamedic; Smegheads; monch's mob; Rebel Acts; highrod; Alansee; Phetlern; sully1; Riddell; BackPAQer; squalid; suss vulture; maccamob; sandar10; Kinkell1; bogonghazy; Team Indiana08; McAdies; Woofycub
29 01 Aug 14 It's Not about the Numbers... Or Is It?Attended by: 29 - MrWho67; Obi-Cal; danozz; The Coffee's; ahomburg; nanton34; MrWho67; sedgwickDave; josiey; BernieH; stemicmitsar; GJMMelb; LegoMan9x; Mark&Kelly; Nut bear; coley_babee; BorisB&Natasha; Archie B1 & B2; day1976; biggles1024; kmace; sharkiefan; sando23468; geo_jas; BWWC; SirJ-Oz; Morcs4; drjim7; miniman000
14 15 Jan 12 It's our Birthdays!Attended by: 14 - Alansee; oldwinebottle; highrod; The 2 Wanderers; PrincessDiala; suss vulture; Kinkell1; 64EH; 42below; Smegheads; BPJTHillas; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Riddell
0 11 Jan 15 It's Our Birthdays..again!Attended by: None
0 12 Jan 14 It's Our Birthdays..again!Attended by: None
24 13 Jan 13 It's Our Birthdays..again!Attended by: 24 - Matilda's Tardis; S 4 Sammy; Team Crackers; bogonghazy; The 2 Wanderers; maccamob; Alansee; sashi2; Bushfire; SnapHappy1; Julie&GGs; suss vulture; misschief18; sully1; Kinkell1; The Morris; ST37E; highrod; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; warrior99; 6Hinemoa2; Riddell; g_ordo
10 07 Jan 07 Jamboree Scout Geocacher Get TogetherAttended by: 10 - Dicko; Rathard; bevfre; roundcircle; Team IJK; Team_Diesel; Romax; solomonfamily; CaspianJVC; Bundyrumandcoke
11 07 Feb 17 Just an excuse to get together...Attended by: 11 - Alansee; lochb; GJMMelb; sharkiefan; Gunnie69; quiet1_au; Robmc; buhfuhguh; SirJ-Oz; maccamob; Ausyowie
25 29 Feb 16 Kangaroo Flat - 2016 Leap Day EventAttended by: 25 - boo09; neisha07; Tamzy; jtnsilo; Tassydevil; The Morris; Frog_Lady; BillGosse; DoorMatt; little blue wren; PaddyJak; hembee; Wonder Woman W.W; Geogetters; becca85; kazba16; Aussie Fun Seakers; Crazy Creels; claybol; Jejon; jkelma; tigersden; Bernipnip; rabs79; aveen
27 23 Jul 16 Karkarook Duck DashAttended by: 27 - Flynnickle; PurpleLurple; Spladem; Ruverbug Jam; SirJ-Oz; OzHockeyChick; SteMicMitSar; The Double-A's; The Swaggies; Team-Ruphace; gmj3191; Alansee; frilk; the hamfish; biggles1024; n0w0rries; Morcs4; robinyang; Muzza; BackPAQer; +Wife; Mark&Kelly; fam_o_five; atsmug; leafotwind; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja
0 21 Jul 18 Karkarook Park CITOAttended by: No Attendees
11 08 Aug 16 Keep Calm it's My BirthdayAttended by: 11 - misschief18; MazzyMay; Cybergran V; wozzle68; The_Tritonz; suss vulture; GemmaSistema; Glanville Girls; McLookers; chooknchunk; LouiseAnn
18 26 Apr 14 Kellam's Rock CITOAttended by: 18 - maccamob; Phetlern; docNwitchjy; The Swaggies; Team Crackers; muzza; Crazy Creels; The Morris; micaparamedic; Harrowang; WazzaAndWenches; tigersden; Eminor93; AzzB; DoorMatt; Wander Which Way?; Romax; o.kay
17 11 Jun 16 Kick Start Get Outdoors Day Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 17 - geniejoan; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Shamus1; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; wozzle68; McLookers; MazzyMay; Fergzter; Harrowang; markndee; debbriamber; Cherad; 08151605; jaggedwings
11 19 Jul 17 Krampus in July - Christmas in JulyAttended by: 11 - Cherad; Dippa46; MazzyMay; GemmaSistema; maccamob; McLookers; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Fergzter
7 24 Oct 16 Kuhlimuh meets Kangaroo (meet&greet)Attended by: 7 - looki; Alansee; SpookyEyes; hembee; kangadrew72; maccamob; kady_bug
6 21 Feb 15 kyabbott's 30th Birthday geocaching party!Attended by: 6 - colin58; Phetlern; kyabbott; Kato Potato; Poiter.h; Crisp image
31 28 Feb 15 L.E.G. - First 90 Days BBQAttended by: 31 - Coruze; +Wife; xsurfergirlx; OzHockeyChick; Clever Monkey; Ostara74; sedgwickDave; taz-bud/inkle; ahomburg; Alansee; º; maccamob; The Double-A's; Cybergran V; LouiseAnn; BernieH; n0w0rries; Team BGF; sharkiefan; Harrowang; Tassie Trekkers; 88andy88; au.fait; BettyBoo3747; Robmc; gmj3191; nanna.c-super.pops; Team-Ruphace; Beanslayr; bluewren88; Jamin Appleford
33 17 Apr 11 Laanecoorie CITOAttended by: 33 - Princess Amy; Stick Kid; Chaplain Mike; Yullaba; Romax; maggot-man; sully1; shane.thompson; highrod; suss vulture; whit's wanderers; Kinkell1; tigersden; stemicmitsar; Black Bunny; Spladem; joffa1970; Phetlern; coley_babee; Pathfinder24; Caching Candy; Burton's; mr_roo; Candy Cane 101; maccamob; bogonghazy; firesafe; Bushfire; Riddell; Earthbound Chief; Indiana08; Bmak; Ikkibrady
20 24 Sep 17 Langwarrin Spring Clean Up - CITOAttended by: 20 - ohjoy!; micaparamedic; Phetlern; The Welder; BernieH; crank1; kmace; Walmont; fam_o_five; Trigzz; Missmash; kangas11; biggles1024; Yin~Yang; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; beckNmonts; Earthbound Chief; Geo_Seek
26 02 Aug 15 Langwarrin \"meet your road trip crew\" eventAttended by: 26 - mcsee&petal; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; maccamob; SteMicMitSar; Phil Serenity; PantherX; TheRobbos3266; crank1; BonnyBlack; The Swaggies; Romp62; nanton34; KRAZYK:-p; spiffy-; eighthknox; biggles1024; Cheeky Wink; Team Nekochan; the Monkey King; robinyang; Dora the Explorer!; mazza-g; jacsta6; Scarecrow_01; midaho
17 31 Aug 15 Last Chance - \"Meet Your Road Trip Crew\" EventAttended by: 17 - 4 B Ninja's; Team Crackers; Pinkpiggy7; The Coffee's; maccamob; Alansee; TeamThommo; #SEALTeam4; SteMicMitSar; trickytracey; ansmisty; biggles1024; jitterj; sezzaprice; Mansgirl; davidman; brosho
2 13 Apr 17 Late Night Kebab for Dönerstag in MöeAttended by: 2 - kmps; NationalSteel
28 15 Nov 14 Launch of Australia's First GeoTour: Lake EildonAttended by: 28 - goulburnriver; squalid; Coruze; sedgwickDave; chooknchunk; The Morris; taz-bud/inkle; maccamob; ahomburg; º; Robmc; BettyBoo3747; Ms Sassi; Team Rubik; Phetlern; xsurfergirlx; pprass; Cybergran V; SuperSirmans; Team BGF; BackPAQer; BernieH; o.kay; nanna.c-super.pops; n0w0rries; Beanslayr; bluewren88; LukeParker
26 29 Feb 16 Leap Day 2016 - Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 26 - brooma; bisho%; Glanville Girls; vacachin; Cherad; Dazza1; chooknchunk; Green Team 2; Yoshi Warriors; MazzyMay; jaggedwings; Tomstache; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; Motndarg; Snorkafest; The Lookabouts; GeoYogster; misschief18; McAdies; Curly_Ben + Kate; roundcircle; GemmaSistema; ThePacman; Fergzter; ClanMcStormy
22 29 Feb 16 Leap Day Lunch DateAttended by: 22 - The Coffee's; Long John Silva; maccamob; yorsys; Alansee; ms-enchantress; The Swaggies; BernieH; day1976; LouiseAnn; haldane; pippin69; atsmug; Papillon4506; don55; robinyang; rokmum; Lego Heads; prawm; TeamThommo; Pug16; Ruverbug Jam
21 29 Feb 16 Leap in for a Mini Mid Morning Munchy MingleAttended by: 21 - casey.cachers; The Coffee's; maccamob; yorsys; Alansee; ms-enchantress; BernieH; The Swaggies; KI bug; Mummy Short Legs; Long John Silva; Team Junjine; TeamThommo; Supergeocachewoods; Ali600; Yongate; 4 B Ninja's; Bounty Trackers; day1976; Pug16; ansmisty
29 29 Feb 16 Leap into 2016 - be the first in Australia !Attended by: 29 - landau351; ladioactive; Mutex; The Coffee's; -nirgal-; maccamob; LouiseAnn; Alansee; º; SirJ-Oz; crank1; iamapom; kmace; Annoying Tarbit; leafotwind; Archie B1 & B2; MorganEd; drjim7; gmj3191; don55; Team-Ruphace; Long John Silva; Lost_and_found_79; carkisser; Muzza; georocks101; frilk; lukie1987; Robdoggz
21 29 Feb 16 Leap Into a Morning CoffeeAttended by: 21 - xsurfergirlx; The Coffee's; The Empire; GT02; maccamob; spiffy-; Fleabag-; Snap Happy; Nicole_Louise; GrumpyBump; BBDAMN; Jarwillo; abl973; Mel_Adz; Posho6; bazinga01; RGSBruce; dazzpete; Mrsblueduck; Lizard1983; Mrsblackduck
32 29 Feb 16 Leap into BaysideAttended by: 32 - 4bait; maffn; The Coffee's; nanton34; Missmash; Alansee; eighthknox; Muzza; ahomburg; gmj3191; SteMicMitSar; sog12; squalid; Cruisers1937; n0w0rries; clickcraftsman; The-M-Fam; kilpa4; mcsee&petal; Earthbound Chief; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Moosetash; quiet1_au; maffn; Mark9375; BackPAQer; monch's mob; team_coxy; 5-in-the-family; 5-in-the-family
15 29 Feb 12 Leap Year - 2012Attended by: 15 - Dazza1; Packafattys; 64EH; luttrellfive; Shamus1; markndee; highrod; The 2 Wanderers; 42below; oldwinebottle; Kinkell1; BPJTHillas; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; micaparamedic
18 29 Feb 16 Leap Year Day Dinner 2016Attended by: 18 - The Coffee's; Elly.B; Riley.B; The Paulsons; AmyLouB; Geogran1937; ceebee2013; Zobo04; dgfb33; draggedalong; allan_b; Gonefishen07; SanB; surefoot24; You Can Do It 2; tassieexpat; Wal-len; helsinski
19 29 Feb 16 Leaping into MorningtonAttended by: 19 - Agent_79; MoorooducRobbos; The Coffee's; TrudyJane; -Lisette-; Nut bear; RogDel; snugglebunnies; Dicksontwo; mcsee&petal; BorisB&Natasha; Sphir3; nightcachern; mazza-g; Deepsky24; GrahamT; The Boyd Family; sparks_sparks; CGBG
19 18 May 13 Leaving On A Jet PlaneAttended by: 19 - ahomburg; sedgwickDave; breannaluke; GJMMelb; veddadog; Bexta; LouiseAnn; quiet1_au; haveanez; DazRascal; Coruze; maccamob; Riddell; BernieH; coley_babee; mvyrmnd; nanna.c-super.pops; -Lisette-; Datruk
16 30 Jul 17 Leigh Creek Scotchmans Lead Tree Planting MorningAttended by: 16 - jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; LouiseAnn; Phetlern; maccamob; AusFox;; Cherad; Whitepaws9; McLookers; GemmaSistema; smilesheri; Na'wal; Sims_family; brooma; Neville_devil
12 20 Jul 16 Let Go of That DuckAttended by: 12 - TR!; DreamyDragon; Snap Happy; ThePacman; Ninny_Muggins; wespro; maccamob; larafolk; Sims_family; The_Tritonz; Neville_devil; Na'wal
10 01 Jul 17 Let's Eat Hotcakes with a SouvenirAttended by: 10 - WazzaAndWenches; DoorMatt; dalerious; Cybergran V; locus cache; Spy Inc.; LizzieandE; IceSquad; o.kay; gregandjudi
0 26 Mar 16 Let's Have a PartyAttended by: No Attendees
18 04 Apr 15 Let's PartyAttended by: 18 - Tyred n Cranky; MummyMonster1012; wozzle68; neisha07; chan02; boo09; becca85; FUF009; Na'wal; The_Tritonz; chooknchunk; Gemmasiemensma; ZombieCats; Fergzter; Lumpyjrb; The 2 Wanderers; The Herenach; mi5sie
28 28 Aug 09 Let's Raid the Food BowlAttended by: 28 - The Wackys; Clogwog; 3up; The Swaggies; maccamob; Phetlern; four-fun; roundcircle; fredd0; Spruce Mooses; Jardry; Skippy.; Burton's; Marcus Vitruvius; Team Rubik; winterdragon; honeysucker; Adrian Mc; squalid; Freddo; firesafe; Romax; postiegirl06; pprass; SA_ParrotHead; ian-and-penny; postiegirl06; doheng
27 26 Apr 14 Limeburner Cliffs CITO EventAttended by: 27 - SnapHappy1; ahomburg; suss vulture; ogrebeast; noworries+wife; kmace; Roads75; littlemerpip; Geo_Eddie; dbelco; TR!; alchey; McAdies; ThePacman; Buckleysbabe; LibzHat; Frog_Lady; Capt.Roverman88; juc_cacher; Na'wal; Jacko83; Darth Briji; Moosetash; ozbob; suscoe; Dog-gone; warrior99
2 10 Jun 17 Long weekend Meet & Greet @ MilduraAttended by: 2 - becca85; Lord rossatron
18 24 Jan 16 Look who has come a wandering throughAttended by: 18 - Off-Roaders; Team Robins; Team Crackers; Moneydork; maccamob; LouiseAnn; The Coffee's; Alansee; Roostaman; baby&Mrs gopher; Harrowang; The Morris; WazzaAndWenches; Cybergran V; au.fait; locus cache; Spy Inc.; Tounga
28 31 Aug 14 Looking for the...BANANA! (L4TB) - flashmobAttended by: 28 - The Coffee's; Mutex; sharkiefan; sqau; d@geo; ahomburg; gis+ger; gwd.aussie; Alansee; UnaSys; Annoying Tarbit; greynomads; SirJ-Oz; megs_q; Fredd01; Rabbitto; day1976; WeRAmused; Happy Chappies; tmji_gh; squalid; i love dr who; gmj3191; PharmaCacher; LouiseAnn; pantspeople; gildalimor; outwachler
0 09 Apr 16 Lowanna Lakes Clean Up.Attended by: No Attendees
0 18 Oct 14 Lunch in St Arnaud - Meet and GreetAttended by: None
11 19 Oct 13 Lunch in St Arnaud - Meet and GreetAttended by: 11 - micaparamedic; The Coffee's; Romax; Tyred n Cranky; maccamob; Team Crackers; FUF009; The Morris; The Swaggies; kobione; nibby8
27 17 Oct 15 Lunch in St Arnaud - Meet and Greet #3Attended by: 27 - Tag-a1ong; supawitchming; micaparamedic; The Coffee's; neisha07; The Swaggies; Tyred n Cranky; chooknchunk; maccamob; FUF009; becca85; Team Crackers; Fergzter; WazzaAndWenches; windscreen; hembee; GemmaSistema; 6Hinemoa2; Harrowang; sharkiefan; crzcooper; geobutterfly79; mcsee&petal; Rustymac75; ArnupFamily; Bernipnip; wildnic26
31 15 Oct 16 Lunch in St Arnaud - Meet and Greet #4Attended by: 31 - hembee; the old blokes; lukie1987; TurtleNBear; OzHockeyChick; LouiseAnn; The_Tritonz; Tyred n Cranky; WazzaAndWenches; misschief18; Phetlern; Papillon4506; Team Crackers; locus cache; Geoturtle37; leafotwind; GoodLook; The 2 Wanderers; FUF009; Cybergran V; au.fait; chooknchunk; maccamob; sharkiefan; The Morris; sorceysal; gmj3191; 2peasinapod2012; 05britt; TurtleNBear; Highrod
30 21 Oct 17 Lunch in St Arnaud - Meet and Greet #5Attended by: 30 - SAawsome004; kobione; Muzza; PamJ; becca85; GoodLook; Phetlern; The Coffee's; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; misschief18; wozzle68; Team Crackers; sorceysal; 6Hinemoa2; Cybergran V; 08151605; The Morris; gmj3191; GemmaSistema; Fergzter; muff1; The Swaggies; surefoot24; beckNmonts; ArnupFamily; janavalenti89
30 22 Jul 17 Lunch@Eureka: Christmas in JulyAttended by: 30 - docNwitchjy; micaparamedic; GeoVicAus; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Muzza; GoodLook; boo09; maccamob; chooknchunk; +Wife; neisha07; becca85; wozzle68; MazzyMay; Cybergran V; dalerious; n0w0rries; Sean.75; kenbryl; vaja1; 08151605; feathertop; Cherad; GemmaSistema; Tag-a1ong; jenno3; kenare; au.fait
33 15 Nov 15 Lysterfield South CITO & CUADAttended by: 33 - The Coffee's; Team Crackers; specimenX; The Swaggies; Rabbitto; Phetlern; Tealby; The Rats; 2y'stassies; day1976; ThePacman; McLookers; Tigresss; Fergzter; themd; Na'wal; maccamob; GrumpyBump; BeechworthSC1; Laighside Legends; Whitepaws9; sedgwickDave; Tomstache; Pinkpiggy7; .K.B.; TeamThommo; NationalSteel; Jamin Appleford; The Rusty's; kangadrew72; lukie1987; Squiptar; Spladem
38 06 Nov 13 Major Tom to Ground ControlAttended by: 38 - Dunko; HADO KARP; SKI Pair; coley_babee; Rabbitto; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; landau351; Spladem; bella at waggy; SnapHappy1; Alansee; ahomburg; monch's mob; d0cmar; LouiseAnn; muzza; KI bug; stemicmitsar; wyrdsister; kmace; maccamob; Rigger64; squalid; spiffy-; samy1991; micaparamedic; biggles1024; Earthbound Chief; walenators; geo_jas; KTCvic; The Swaggies; Biggles Bear; noworries+wife; slink1; BeeJay22; jeremy1991
14 05 Apr 14 Maker Madness - back to basics!Attended by: 14 - Saint.Anthony; cauzsa; romork; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Tomstache; misschief18; GeoPhans; The 2 Wanderers; sully1; Motndarg; highrod; McLookers; Shamus1
26 28 Mar 14 Maker Madness - Creative ContainersAttended by: 26 - ThePacgirl; Paul_the_Hippy; Beenasse; The_Easter_Bunnies; Tomstache; Buckleysbabe; hoon1; Team PacketStorm; TR!; ThePacman; GeoJo; Bushfire; Roads75; suss vulture; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; McLookers; juc_cacher; sorceysal; ogrebeast; Jacko83; dbelco; Capt.Roverman88; Tiff&TezBurns; cashviper; Na'wal
16 30 Mar 14 Maker Madness @ BuninyongAttended by: 16 - romork; maccamob; lionjrb; misschief18; Phetlern; feathertop; sully1; Geo_Eddie; highrod; McAdies; McLookers; Tomstache; Fergzter; Saint.Anthony; wozzle68; geniejoan
28 30 Mar 14 Maker Madness @ The Beech!Attended by: 28 - SnapHappy1; skullracing; iamapom; Happy Feet 1; Yowie3747; WazzaAndWenches; Yullaba; au.fait; micheena; Coruze; the farmers 5; Nodalot; BeechworthSC1; bulletproof4; The Coffee's; SciFiRulz; Jamin Appleford; vk3gs&cc; baby&Mrs gopher; docNwitchjy; haveanez; ptw312; au.fait; khanman47; Harrowang; DiMorgan; Poa4; kerydn21
28 02 Apr 14 MakerMadness - software education & cache planningAttended by: 28 - iamapom; TonyGold; baluke; Rehfisch Clan; lochb; Spladem; GJMMelb; Phetlern; themd; Belleakelea; 80degrees; littlemerpip; Liz and Bruce; LouiseAnn; BernieH; landau351; nanton34; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; CJ-Curry; SirJ-Oz; EuDes; stagetree; McLookers; Long John Silva; ahomburg; sharkiefan; paultheball
16 05 Apr 14 mAKeRS mADnESS pENiNsULa StyLeAttended by: 16 - Warranqite; Team Crackers; Liz and Bruce; Rabbitto; biggles1024; mymonster; KTCvic; Earthbound Chief; -Lisette-; Gonefishen07; bdthamilton; stemicmitsar; coley_babee; BorisB&Natasha; The Boyd Family; -jellybean-
57 26 Feb 11 Marong Family Hotel Event for TeaAttended by: 57 - kobione; Emma's JAM; Quasar3671; Lostmonster & Co; monch's mob; The GeoPrincess; PrincessDiala; coley_babee; Team Crackers; highrod; The Swaggies; Team Kamikaze; DazRascal; Spladem; skullracing; C@H; The Coffee's; maccamob; Romax; oldwinebottle; markndee; Alansee; slink1; sully1; tigersden; Dunko; haveanez; Team Boofa; TheChops; iamapom; Bob's_your_uncle; Crazy Creels; Team Geotwins; Blacklegend; the old blokes; Rabbitto; tackle_head; squalid; 42below; landau351; walenators; wally3450; Chaplain Mike; The Morris; bevfre; Harrowang; Geogetters; McAdies; Geo_Eddie; micaparamedic; Kaztrekka; ZarZeeky; Hanseeka; 379Jonti379; MrIwik; monch's mob; Riddell
25 03 Jul 16 Marshian Invasion Coffee KickstarterAttended by: 25 - mudbrick; 08151605; misschief18; maccamob; geniejoan; sorceysal; The_Tritonz; themd; TR!; Papillon4506; McLookers; mcsee&petal; gmj3191; SnowyAU; feathertop; ThePacman; BBDAMN; Frog_Lady; Nicole_Louise; angelique_anja; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; 6Hinemoa2; GTECsolutions; The Coffee's
18 03 Jul 16 Marshian Invasion Wind UpAttended by: 18 - Alansee; Phetlern; misschief18; maccamob; geniejoan; 6Hinemoa2; bogonghazy; The_Tritonz; 08151605; Zedaycee; The Coffee's; McLookers; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; SnowyAU; Riddell; Nicole_Louise; GTECsolutions
19 04 May 15 May the 4th Be With You Flash mobAttended by: 19 - maccamob; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; ThePacman; annabella02; highrod; McAdies; bisho%; kazzacosmo; dlturner; Gemmasiemensma; Fergzter; Shamus1; Cherad; McLookers; Glanville Girls; Tomstache; ST37E; destinyruler
24 12 Dec 12 MAYAN 12-12-12 & 12-21-12 \"The End of the World\"Attended by: 24 - tigersden; Whitepaws9; LouiseAnn; Long John Silva; maccamob; Team Flitch; The Morris; MrandMrsF; Aussie Fun Seakers; nufrat; whit's wanderers; Team Robins; Geogetters; brentoz; tigersden; chezjam; clayton994; DoorMatt; GoozZ; Crazy Creels; stooy; nadsalator; gregandjudi; aveen
21 25 Nov 16 Mazza-g & Jascat's 1000th findAttended by: 21 - n0w0rries; ahomburg; Annoying Tarbit; Team Crackers; Mark9375; SteMicMitSar; Earthbound Chief; jascat; maccamob; leafotwind; Alansee; mazza-g; The Welder; the hamfish; gmj3191; biggles1024; Zedaycee; Geojill_11; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; OzHockeyChick
17 18 Jan 09 Meat & Greet in GippslandAttended by: 17 - Joe Possum; Trunksergruppe; nodrogtod; knot_gillty; Alansee; Crisp image; Jyetara; Geodes; monch's mob; The Looney's; squalid; Dicksontwo; cycliste; Misty Merlin; greynomads; Landsergruppe; Rigger64
15 06 Nov 13 Meat and Greet for the International Space StationAttended by: 15 - AzzB; The Morris; holzcotz; Geogetters; DoorMatt; mile high RnC; PaddyJak; Tamzy; Aussie Fun Seakers; Eminor93; Crazy Creels; whit's wanderers; Romax; au.fait; tigersden
15 17 Apr 16 Meet & GreetAttended by: 15 - The_Tritonz; chooknchunk; Cherad; Alansee; maccamob; Geo_Eddie; jaggedwings; Boydclan123; MazzyMay; GemmaSistema; GeoYogster; McAdies; McLookers; Fergzter; Shamus1
9 05 Apr 17 Meet & Greet & ColdiesAttended by: 9 - Loci612; SteMicMitSar; buhfuhguh; McLookers; kawikaturn; jascat; Spladem; micks_01; sharkiefan
11 01 Jul 17 Meet & Greet Afternoon in Apollo BayAttended by: 11 - jackjames1993; annabella02; jackjames1993; jackjames1993; sassieold55; team vizsla; Lumeah; TeamTibbi; Crok8; H_3; team marengo
15 16 Jul 17 Meet & Greet at \"Burke and Wills Statue\"Attended by: 15 - DieFraudiemitmuss; bikebearau; murri24; Lundi263; LouiseAnn; The3BearsNZ; Alansee; leafotwind; der Eifelaner; RGSBruce; quiet1_au; SJT_NZ; lottietree; Tregearp; gmj3191
13 25 Jan 17 Meet & Greet in Inverleigh - DinnerAttended by: 13 - Na'wal; Snap Happy; GoodLook; Phetlern; maccamob; The_Tritonz; wozzle68; Tigresss; Bushfire; Buckleysbabe; Fergzter; McLookers; VKC1SR
28 14 Nov 15 Meet & Greet in Melbourne - BreakfastAttended by: 28 - Glanville Girls; mezza74; alpenmilch80; d@geo; Phetlern; gwd.aussie; Alansee; McLookers; TR!; SteMicMitSar; ST37E; AusFox!; chickenhawk07; .K.B.; Kyzabra; ThePacman; Wazza&Kara; Zardecoh; Darth Briji; Michells&hound; mudbrick; NationalSteel; robtas; Cached; Cached; Mrsblackduck; weirdobiker; Mrsblueduck
18 18 Mar 17 Meet & Greet in Werribee - Morning TeaAttended by: 18 - The_Tritonz; Bushfire; mudbrick; suscoe; maccamob; BoatieTim; Sims_family; feathertop; Perpetuallylost; Na'wal; McLookers; Tally Tiger; n0w0rries; Zedaycee; Riddell; Lizard1983; bessiethedog; vamp1blade
16 06 Apr 14 Meet & Greet the French in MelbourneAttended by: 16 - Frog_Lady; ckronos; Rhinogeo; PharmaCacher; themd; Alansee; -Lisette-; feathertop; Beenasse; Rabbitto; Facitman; CJ-Curry; iamapom; sharkiefan; Riddell; Team-Ruphace
17 24 Sep 06 Meet 'n' GreetAttended by: 17 - ian-and-penny; Blatherskite; Uncle Jiffy; bevfre; pprass; Romax; The Coffee's; Keeper of Time; Spruce Mooses; Clogwog; Biggles Bear; BackPAQer; dak's Emu Mob; caughtatwork; WombatWarriors3; wombat warriors; chewinprickles
5 27 Nov 13 Meet and Greet - Port CampbellAttended by: 5 - mbl&k; EuDes; ggkof; sisso; malikaal
4 19 Oct 11 Meet and Greet - team \"Liz and Bruce\"Attended by: 4 - roundcircle; Riddell; maccamob; Kinkell1
11 07 Nov 14 Meet and Greet a visitor from Paris (M)Attended by: 11 - Mutex; n0w0rries; Team-Ruphace; GazaC; SlackMac; mudbrick; Robmc; BettyBoo3747; maccamob; kmace; sharkiefan
15 13 Oct 12 Meet and Greet East GippslandAttended by: 15 - 2peasinapod2012; WyldMan92; The Geo-Baristas; swizzy2009; Poiter.h; Thing No1; Thing No2; Gonefishen07; Hearse068; greynomads; dundee2002; Paul_the_Hippy; geo-twin; pood; Scozza
7 30 Nov 11 Meet and greet in EchucaAttended by: 7 - 3blackducks; sushilord; WazzaAndWenches; gregandjudi; 1 Aussie fun seeker; Aussie Fun Seakers; Franklj
25 17 Aug 14 Meet and Greet in Queensbridge SquareAttended by: 25 - gis+ger; The Empire; themd; xambo4u; FnKPatrolling; echidna44; mudbrick; georocks101; STORMCATCHERS; Paz&Co; mango65; Ryan00; stagetree; megs_q; 80degrees; the.four.dales; PrincessDiala; littlemerpip; The Coffee's; Pinkpiggy7; Burge; kleiner_Igel; Jammalees; gwd.aussie; The Double-A's
6 23 Oct 15 Meet and Greet in TimboonAttended by: 6 - SteMicMitSar; maccamob; The_Tritonz; H_3; McLookers; Yoshi Warriors
5 15 Oct 16 Meet and greet the FLIPPERS with steamAttended by: 5 - FUF009; sharkiefan; duntulum; FLIPPER&CO; -TKJL-
13 28 Nov 12 Meet and greet TraralgonAttended by: 13 - mbl&k; sushilord; Trunksnsuch; EuDes; maccamob; Hearse068; which way back; Gonefishen07; ruralslicker; Bounty Trackers; Crisp image; Poiter.h; wyrdsister
8 30 Nov 13 Meet Czech Cachers in MelbourneAttended by: 8 - iamapom; Oak.Family; CJ-Curry; Hevic; The Coffee's; Alansee; quiet1_au; micaparamedic
11 23 Jun 12 Meet the CachersAttended by: 11 - Ibon8; Mebclever; Stewbies_6; Liz and Bruce; SEMIK; doheng; Regentparrot98; Bexta; cruisinblues; FLIPPER&CO; four-eds
9 08 Mar 15 Meet the CroweatersAttended by: 9 - cruisinblues; Aussie M & M; Doctor Owl; Laighside Legends; Harleyjohn2569; CPwanderer; doheng; travellinbees; monch's mob
14 17 Jan 16 Meet the Dutch, Melbourne!Attended by: 14 - OzHockeyChick; ahomburg; Team Crackers; 88andy88; maccamob; Vanessa&Aodh; leafotwind; Alansee; Mark&Kelly; The Coffee's; Team Omam; sisso; lukie1987; n0w0rries
9 29 Feb 16 Meet the Newbies - 2016Attended by: 9 - Katiec75; Mattycat; RamaTim; Kelligula; Princess Peach 25; Lord rossatron; cruisinblues; doheng; bearguardian
12 10 Jan 18 Meet the Swiss in MelbourneAttended by: 12 - nirgalagrin; Alansee; angelique_anja; leafotwind; Magelmami; Zedaycee; eighthknox; micaparamedic; Cliff5009; Tally Tiger; liambaxter88; gmj3191
15 30 Jun 18 Meet-n-Greet with Ian-and-PennyAttended by: 15 - jtnsilo; kazba16; Annoying Tarbit; Phetlern; becca85; FUF009; Renzee; WazzaAndWenches; claybol; ian-and-penny; Geogetters; rddesignsplus; Riddell; Cybergran V; gracewf
69 26 Feb 11 Meeting At The Mall - Flash Mob Event IIAttended by: 69 - Bob's_your_uncle; 379Jonti379; Emma's JAM; Quasar3671; Lostmonster & Co; monch's mob; The GeoPrincess; PrincessDiala; Blue_Green_Dreamer; Team Crackers; The Swaggies; Spladem; C@H; The Coffee's; coley_babee; maccamob; Romax; skullracing; oldwinebottle; Rigger64; markndee; slink1; sully1; Dunko; haveanez; DazRascal; Alansee; TheChops; Team Geotwins; Blacklegend; tigersden; kamikaze cacher; The Empire; pocketrocket&friends; Rabbitto; tackle_head; squalid; 42below; landau351; jots; Chaplain Mike; wally3450; The Morris; walenators; stemicmitsar; Whatanother; Team Boofa; Team Flitch; Harrowang; Crazy Creels; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; AppleBees; brentoz; task_master; genrow1966; ZarZeeky; Kaztrekka; micaparamedic; Hanseeka; highrod; elitedude; purpledreamer; MrIwik; bevfre; Geogetters; billywillysillydilly; Riddell; iamapom
58 25 Feb 12 Meeting At The Mall - Flash Mob Event IIIAttended by: 58 - Romax; The GeoPrincess; Princess Amy; Stick Kid; Kemo97; ZarZeeky; Team Crackers; 379Jonti379; AppleBees; SnapHappy1; Team Flitch; The 2 Wanderers; maccamob; tigersden; Kinkell1; Bushfire; bogonghazy; sully1; skullracing; Lostmonster & Co; mile high RnC; one-eyed; vicfire; tackle_head; The Empire; BettyBoo3747; Bob's_your_uncle; Square_Pegs; The Morris; MrandMrsF; purpledreamer; Riddell; The Coffee's; iamapom; Crazy Creels; Emma's JAM; brentoz; justfams; nadsalator; Aussie Fun Seakers; Chaplain Mike; billywillysillydilly; dick-tracy; elitedude; Kaztrekka; Hanseeka; Geogetters; task_master; landau351; gregandjudi; GoozZ; abl973; mellie dellie; patroling4x4; whit's wanderers; SatyricTim; sarahg; The Toonies
41 16 Feb 13 Meeting At The Mall - Flash Mob Event IVAttended by: 41 - megs_q; nick8586; The GeoPrincess; skullracing; 379Jonti379; Phetlern; pocketrocket&friends; The Morris; Romax; micaparamedic; Bushfire; suscoe; SnapHappy1; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; PaddyJak; warrior99; maccamob; Tamzy; Crazy Creels; BackPAQer; If; whit's wanderers; Geogetters; Bob's_your_uncle; The Empire; skip2992; Aussie Fun Seakers; elitedude; Casper9 & Miss Mary; Team Flitch; Hanseeka; muller38; stooy; MrandMrsF; aveen; Curl69; Rainbow Rabbits; Shamus1; pooley16; petenric
60 27 Feb 10 Meeting At The Mall - Flashmob EventAttended by: 60 - 379Jonti379; Smegheads; BBTD; Darkandstormy; Team Rubik; Dicksontwo; 3up; mabs; Jaffnut; Team GraMon; Marcus Vitruvius; themonkeygrove; BekahBug; The Lone Random; jezarocks; maccamob; squalid; tackle_head; ZarZeeky; Crazy Creels; Bob's_your_uncle; AppleBees; brentoz; Blacklegend; muzza; Dunko; Team Boofa; Biggles Bear; The Empire; the easts; Team Crackers; iamapom; Geogetters; McAdies; WazzaAndWenches; Rhinogeo; The Morris; Kaztrekka; Team Flitch; GeoTilly; GeoJnr; cdmark; Narnie; Hanseeka; feathertop; caughtatwork; Romax; KayKayFinder; savage searchers3; bevfre; ACJGRANT; Phetlern; tigersden; rissl; Riddell; billywillysillydilly; SatyricTim; sarahg; 4stubbies; Melbermans
13 28 May 14 Mega MemoriesAttended by: 13 - OzzieBear; Buckleysbabe; maccamob; Bushfire; Team PacketStorm; alchey; Jacko83; Frog_Lady; suss vulture; suscoe; Darth Briji; juc_cacher; GeoJo
10 08 Apr 14 MEGA NUMBERS!Attended by: 10 - Bushfire; Team Crackers; Phetlern; Liz and Bruce; Alansee; alchey; ThePacman; Team PacketStorm; suscoe; suss vulture
14 15 Apr 17 Merienda, Merienda, MeriendaAttended by: 14 - honeysucker; wozzle68; GoodLook; Jacknor; chrispy89; getnict; TR!; chooknchunk; sir_spectre; Snap Happy; Laighside Legends; TeamAstro; clare007; CPwanderer
16 13 Oct 13 Mid October Dinner Event.Attended by: 16 - romork; Dutch Frangipani; sorceysal; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Riddell; Beenasse; maccamob; Motndarg; Glanville Girls; sully1; Tomstache; McLookers; Fergzter; moops61; Rehfisch Clan
4 20 Apr 13 Mildura CITO - I can fix it!Attended by: 4 - cruisinblues; doheng; earthlight; The X-Trailers
9 14 Sep 03 Mission PossibleAttended by: 9 - Pyrenees Kid; ogwo; Mikita; team knowboats; Biggles Bear; dcr; Quasar; maccamob; GeoQuacks
18 22 May 11 Moderately Old Farts Birthday CITOAttended by: 18 - .Anja; honeysucker; Everlasting; TeamAstro; Datruk; firesafe; tigersden; setsujoku; SA_ParrotHead; Are we there yet!; Burton's; Freddo; o'cholio; froghoppin; How Do They Know?; four-fun; Adrian Mc; Team Waldron
19 21 May 11 Moderately Old Farts Birthday ShindigAttended by: 19 - fredd0; honeysucker; SA Sewer Rats; Everlasting; .Anja; four-fun; TeamAstro; Datruk; firesafe; tigersden; Adrian Mc; setsujoku; SA_ParrotHead; Are we there yet!; Team Waldron; Burton's; o'cholio; froghoppin; How Do They Know?
22 21 Jul 17 Moon Landing - an excuse for anythingAttended by: 22 - lukie1987; GeoKidsGifts; clancy79; GoodLook; OzHockeyChick; ahomburg; nanton34; The Welder; Jentrek1; The Coffee's; BonnyBlack; maccamob; eighthknox; Rabbitto; 4 B Ninja's; angelique_anja; beckNmonts; omegaman1971; Tally Tiger; sedgwickDave; Zedaycee; ilukaperi
6 25 Feb 17 Mount Dissa CITO #1Attended by: 6 - FUF009; sharkiefan; cathlud; plowfive; Cliff5009; carkisser
10 25 Mar 17 Mount Dissa CITO #2Attended by: 10 - carkisser; JSando; little blue wren; Aussie Fun Seakers; cathlud; sylken; locus cache; plowfive; robabe2707; Cliff5009
16 30 Apr 17 Mount Dissa CITO #3Attended by: 16 - carkisser; Phetlern; Cliff5009; -nirgal-; cathlud; sedgwickDave; PrincessFiona1; Posums; plowfive; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; JSando; little blue wren; exportswede; parkermon; n0w0rries; Riddell
12 22 Nov 08 MRGC Post CITR shabangAttended by: 12 - Dicksontwo; cdmark; micaparamedic; Team GraMon; maccamob; squalid; Phetlern; Rabbitto; monch's mob; teamppss; Kinkell1; BackPAQer
31 23 Oct 11 Mrs Walenators BirthdayAttended by: 31 - dagobert1; C@H; monch's mob; The Coffee's; PrincessDiala; lochb; Spladem; PrincessDiala; Gonefishen07; sedgwickDave; maccamob; Alansee; Phetlern; Team Crackers; ahomburg; Dicksontwo; coley_babee; Epsilon Crucis; Grim Jeeper; hazey1; TrudyJane; GrahamT; tigersden; Earthbound Chief; Rigger64; -Lisette-; BeeJay22; midaho; gmj3191; Ikkibrady; MightyMidget1
13 08 Jun 07 Mulled on the MountainAttended by: 13 - hondo222; Mini Cacher One; slipknot 666; fullonphil; The Coffee's; Spruce Mooses; Team Crackers; The Morris; the england's; Biggles Bear; highrod; sandar10; Maccaholics
15 06 Jun 08 Mulled on the Mountain v2.0Attended by: 15 - The Grovers; The Coffee's; edmil; the england's; sandar10; highrod; Spruce Mooses; pprass; micaparamedic; Phetlern; Kinkell1; Bunyips & Bilbys; 2Dudez; McAdies; Clogwog
11 15 Oct 16 Munch in MaudeAttended by: 11 - Alansee; Sims_family; TR!; McLookers; MaggieDot; Bushfire; Na'wal; VKC1SR; AutumnTree; Neville_devil; vamp1blade
0 01 Nov 14 Mystery caches 101Attended by: No Attendees
19 14 Mar 15 Mystery Pi Day at Albert ParkAttended by: 19 - barflynay; PeteTheClown; JordsAU; º; Annoying Tarbit; trisam; Archie B1 & B2; ahomburg; Robmc; OzHockeyChick; GlitterGirl1; GemGemma1; Mel_Adz; 88andy88; kmace; Muzza; goodhorsehymn; gmj3191; sharkiefan
74 14 Nov 15 Narre Warren CITO and CUADAttended by: 74 - ReganSeekers; Glanville Girls; lochb; The Coffee's; Triciac2; The.Arborist; stairman1; Dutchie1950; albida33; Just a Trifle; Team Crackers; misschief18; Mel_Adz; specimenX; LuckyL10n; locus cache; RideTheGeoWalrus; Cybergran V; Whitepaws9; alpenmilch80; FurfacesLL; Sol de lune; wozzle68; Annoying Tarbit; goldielover; Freddo; Roostaman; The 2 Wanderers; Rapidlywild; The Morris; minons; GT02; Fleabag-; hevwalker12; lgoody; The Drovers; gwd.aussie; joegleeson_25; SteMicMitSar; DreamyDragon; -Mountain Goat-; Everlasting; dahumbug; Alansee; DOC-WHO; Tigresss; sedgwickDave; Tomstache; alchey; mr_roo; highrod; maddso; Kyzabra; Orange Crew; bella at waggy; TeamThommo; Zardecoh; biggles1024; -Lisette-; 4evatinks; geordiefamily; Darth Briji; NationalSteel; C@H; Glitch42; TheRobbos3266; Na'wal; Cheeky Wink; yorsys; epicman526; Clever Monkey; buzzsmc; Paul_the_Hippy; Spladem
33 11 Jun 16 National Get Outdoors Day - 'Meet n Greet'Attended by: 33 - chan02; boo09; neisha07; geniejoan; The Coffee's; The_Tritonz; becca85; LouiseAnn; cbjh1990; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; McAdies; little blue wren; Shamus1; PaddyJak; gmj3191; wozzle68; claybol; Wonder Woman W.W; Tamzy; aveen; tigersden; DoorMatt; Bernipnip; docNwitchjy; BillGosse; kazba16; jtnsilo; 08151605; lilberryclan; Tassydevil
31 02 Jan 12 New Year Dinner PartyAttended by: 31 - FlyingPigSquadron; sunnyindiatilli; coley_babee; 3up; Team Crackers; hell+back; chewinprickles; Gonefishen07; PrincessDiala; The Coffee's; ahomburg; GJMMelb; Robmc; pprass; Clogwog; lochb; Alansee; ian-and-penny; squalid; maccamob; Rabbitto; Phetlern; Thing No2; Thing No1; Hearse068; greynomads; 80degrees; Bounty Trackers; BillandDee; walenators; Earthbound Chief
15 31 Dec 17 New Year's Eve at NyoraAttended by: 15 - Cybergran V; +Wife; n0w0rries; Geogran1937; dgfb33; ceebee2013; biggles1024; Kashbound; kmps; TeamThommo; surefoot24; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; Wal-len
16 04 Jan 14 New Years Resolution BBQ LunchAttended by: 16 - romork; Phetlern; ST37E; Fergzter; bogonghazy; maccamob; lionjrb; highrod; sully1; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Motndarg; The 2 Wanderers; McLookers; Tomstache; Lumpyjrb
14 30 Aug 14 Newbie Geocacher OrientationAttended by: 14 - Symeshep; GrumpyBump; SciFiRulz; Team BGF; ptw312; docNwitchjy; Harrowang; Yowie3747; khanman47; bucrog52; Shellumbus; The lost wanderers; Jamin Appleford; Indianagleeson
22 28 May 11 Nifty Nocturnals - Point NepeanAttended by: 22 - Spladem; C@H; Epsilon Crucis; Starruby; Quasar3671; -Lisette-; TeamOaky; The Coffee's; º; crank1; themd; stemicmitsar; Whitepaws9; Rigger64; lemmykc; wileyclan; Ikkibrady; skip2992; BackPAQer; hazey1; iamapom; laker63
12 17 Feb 18 Night in the ValleyAttended by: 12 - locus cache; ThePacman; chooknchunk; sedgwickDave; Smepster+Darcy; Cybergran V; ahomburg; Jacko83; Perpetuallylost; Dunmowin; buhfuhguh; beckNmonts
27 09 Aug 15 Nillumbik Geocachers Meet, Greet & SwapAttended by: 27 - *polabear*; maccamob; Team Crackers; Alansee; gis+ger; Lost_and_found_79; stagetree; Fleabag-; spiffy-; OzArtek; Smepster+Darcy; geo_jas; 2peasinapod2012; kangadrew72; tinkertraveller; cathlud; Teneche; gc8; 80degrees; Long John Silva; jeckleberry and tedd; atsmug; landau351; Treasureseeker75; Clint & Abby; Kel_Melbourne; MegUA
12 31 Mar 18 Not Everyone Goes Away for Easter*Attended by: 12 - S4pphire; icw; cathlud; LinearZZ; NinjaTortoise; leafotwind; gis+ger; Riddell; MayorFarnum; Cracka1; kangadrew72; Long John Silva
7 09 Jan 16 Not for the Faint Hearted.Attended by: 7 - Geocaching Melbourne; BWWC; ahomburg; day1976; skullracing; sedgwickDave; -Mountain Goat-
17 07 Nov 15 Novice Geocachers UniteAttended by: 17 - The Coffee's; ahomburg; day1976; Team Crackers; omegaman1971; Promontory; Vanessa&Aodh; #SEALTeam4; TeamThommo; Phil Serenity; casey.cachers; M and T Soutter; Pinkpiggy7; jabiru 13; StillwellFamily; M and T Soutter; Dora the Explorer!
15 28 Mar 16 Numurkah meet and greetAttended by: 15 - Off-Roaders; muttley!; GT02; Fleabag-; maccamob; Off-Roaders; micaparamedic; GrumpyBump; dalerious; o.kay; WazzaAndWenches; Spy Inc.; kerydn21; micheena; Cybergran V
12 31 Dec 15 NYE Beaufort (Ferntree Falls) Morning TeaAttended by: 12 - maccamob; wozzle68; Glanville Girls; Motndarg; Dog-gone; chooknchunk; Buckleysbabe; McLookers; Fergzter; GemmaSistema; Tomstache; Lumpyjrb
20 31 Dec 15 NYE Q&D EventAttended by: 20 - xambo4u; maccamob; SirJ-Oz; Franklj; -nirgal-; LouiseAnn; iamapom; one-eyed; nadya; 80degrees; Muzza; kmace; sharkiefan; Alansee; EuDes; clickcraftsman; Riddell; kangadrew72; carkisser; JSando
12 23 Sep 12 NZ Mega, 1 month to go- Farewell LunchAttended by: 12 - The Coffee's; S 4 Sammy; Phetlern; Kinkell1; maccamob; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; ST37E; The 2 Wanderers; squalid; markndee; Riddell
18 25 Nov 12 NZMega Debrief and Christmas PartyAttended by: 18 - Matilda's Tardis; The 2 Wanderers; squalid; highrod; stray cougar; Kinkell1; Phetlern; 6Hinemoa2; SnapHappy1; maccamob; sully1; Julie&GGs; bogonghazy; mudbrick; g_ordo; gezzastar; Riddell; The 2 Wanderers
25 19 Mar 17 Officer Geocaching Information DayAttended by: 25 - SneakyGeoKids; maccamob; buhfuhguh; omegaman1971; TeamThommo; Stammily; cathlud; biggles1024; Pinkpiggy7; baking_up_a_storm; mcsee&petal; benjay21; frmen1; tassieexpat; 4 B Ninja's; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; Earthbound Chief; BonnyBlack; S_38; 999Hunter; The Rustys; lottlot; #SEALTeam4; CJPERX
25 06 Jun 18 Oh Aitch See - Six Zero Zero ZeroAttended by: 25 - Team Crackers; Mark&Kelly; GoodLook; Geoturtle37; Papi4506; Jentrek1; nirgalagrin; geo_jas; Alansee; angelique_anja; leafotwind; BernieH; micaparamedic; Tally Tiger; Long John Silva; n0w0rries; surefoot24; OzHockeyChick; Zedaycee; 4 B Ninja's; gmj3191; cathlud; Fleabag-; Riddell; DavidNessie
0 22 Oct 16 Old Geelong Gaol..Meet and GreetAttended by: No Attendees
29 29 Feb 16 Once every 1461 DaysAttended by: 29 - Sam Gamgee; geniejoan; Phetlern; maccamob; Snap Happy; The_Tritonz; buzzsmc; wozzle68; SaintCache; AutumnTree; MaggieDot; Team PacketStorm; Capt.Roverman; The_Easter_Bunnies; Sims_family; suscoe; AusFox!; juc_cacher; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; Na'wal; tarbear22; DreamyDragon; ozbob; TR!; Beelibones; Neville_devil; destinyruler; Darth Briji
22 29 Feb 16 Once every 4 yearsAttended by: 22 - The Coffee's; maccamob; Alansee; BernieH; Legomango's Dad; Legomango9; Long John Silva; gis+ger; tinkertraveller; elthamkiwi; Smepster+Darcy; stagetree; Teneche; cathlud; 80degrees; atsmug; gc8; lucky1955; 2peasinapod2012; kangadrew72; jeckleberry and tedd; wazza.artist
16 29 Feb 16 Once In Every Four YearsAttended by: 16 - Poiter.h; The Coffee's; Billy_Shears; CJPERX; Geodude#74; KI bug; Mummy Short Legs; suzibound; TheGGGs; grannygeo64; kmps; apple460; Silkyie; lilmissgeo; schotje27; geozrus
7 25 Feb 12 One Tree Hill Hotel DinnerAttended by: 7 - The Morris; sully1; Crazy Creels; skullracing; Kinkell1; The 2 Wanderers; whit's wanderers
44 27 Feb 10 One Tree Hill Hotel Event CacheAttended by: 44 - BBTD; Kaztrekka; Phetlern; KayKayFinder; 3up; Darkandstormy; Team Rubik; Smegheads; Dicksontwo; Marcus Vitruvius; Jaffnut; jezarocks; BekahBug; Crazy Creels; The Lone Random; maccamob; squalid; Romax; tackle_head; Hanseeka; ZarZeeky; Bob's_your_uncle; bevfre; muzza; Dunko; Biggles Bear; Team Boofa; The Empire; WazzaAndWenches; McAdies; Team Crackers; iamapom; The Morris; Rhinogeo; 379Jonti379; GeoJnr; GeoTilly; cdmark; Hanseeka; feathertop; Riddell; billywillysillydilly; rissl; ACJGRANT
3 25 Dec 17 Orphaned Cachers Christmas eventAttended by: 3 - honeysucker; Moneydork; firesafe
23 05 Jul 14 Oscar's Waste CollectionAttended by: 23 - buzzsmc; ThePacman; Phetlern; Frog_Lady; Bushfire; shy kite girl; wozzle68; BernieH; alchey; cruisinblues; Shamus1; TR!; Roads75; Na'wal; suss vulture; Paz&Co; cloudglider; BBDAMN; Capt.Roverman88; Jacko83; ST37E; The_Tritonz; geordiefamily
9 05 Oct 14 Our lost hourAttended by: 9 - dbelco; Frog_Lady; Phetlern; GazaC; abl973; Archie B1 & B2; mudbrick; Elkins88; Burge
5 16 Jan 15 Overnight Hiking for BeginnersAttended by: 5 - clevermonkeyJnr; minons; Clever Monkey; ahomburg; º
8 07 Oct 17 palindromes are greatAttended by: 8 - Annoying Tarbit; ahomburg; LouiseAnn; nirgalagrin; Phetlern; Alansee; maccamob; cathlud
16 02 Jul 17 Pancakes for Brekkie? + SouvenirAttended by: 16 - -nirgal-; micaparamedic; SteMicMitSar; GoodLook; sharkiefan; frilk; maccamob; greytiger; plowfive; landau351; cathlud; JSando; UTurned; 80degrees; ZQX; gmj3191
25 13 Feb 15 Paradoxical event (Geelong)Attended by: 25 - 6Hinemoa2; Dog-onit; Quasar3671; wozzle68; The_Tritonz; Frog_Lady; sorceysal; Snap Happy; Phetlern; McLookers; maccamob; Glanville Girls; Helian1; suscoe; Na'wal; Jacko83; juc_cacher; suss vulture; Buckleysbabe; Bushfire; Little Blue Hen; bkj97; DAB; destinyruler; TR!
20 04 Jul 15 Party At The WetlandsAttended by: 20 - Legomango's Dad; GrumpyBump; Phetlern; Old Peg; bulletproof4; Spy Inc.; o.kay; rawhide; au.fait; Poa4; Kiveck101; NacSpaceman; Harrowang; khanman47; BettyBoo3747; bucrog52; gregandjudi; geoplunderers; docNwitchjy; Legomango9
6 11 Apr 16 Party in the ForrestAttended by: 6 - Tigresss; The_Tritonz; Na'wal; sassieold55; annabella02; Robynonthego
31 11 Jul 15 Party With BazAttended by: 31 - Geocaching Melbourne; boo09; neisha07; landau351; The Coffee's; highrod; iamapom; Team Crackers; The Swaggies; misschief18; The_Tritonz; Whitepaws9; chooknchunk; The Morris; BernieH; Glanville Girls; FUF009; ST37E; Romax; wozzle68; McLookers; becca85; GemmaSistema; FelixII; strange quark1; Zeus; Hera & kids; Fergzter; day1976; Riddell; sharkiefan; Lumpyjrb
12 15 May 16 Passing By And Thought We'd Drop InAttended by: 12 - Team Crackers; locus cache; The Coffee's; micaparamedic; GoodLook; Team Waldron; geniejoan; maccamob; Freddo; 08151605; four-fun; jtnsilo
9 12 Jul 15 Pathtags, Geocoins, Moveable Caches, Travelbugs Swap MeetAttended by: 9 - Whitepaws9; Gozanators; Riddell; Sol de lune; caughtatwork; quiet1_au; stagetree; geo_jas; Keeper of Time
29 09 May 10 Pedal Thru EventAttended by: 29 - Canaped; xambo4u; The Coffee's; Alansee; Spruce Mooses; FuzzyGem; Team Crackers; team_coxy; LinearZZ; BackPAQer; Datruk; Franklj; Coffee and Cache; ssmc4; EuDes; GJMMelb; Rabbitto; Rebel Acts; tackle_head; 80degrees; listmaker; iamapom; chandys; ACME_Caching; daunts; Happy Chappies; bearsleys; Canaped; Treasurehid
15 21 Aug 16 Photo Walk One - St ArnaudAttended by: 15 - mogni; brisal5; Phetlern; Tyred n Cranky; 2y'stassies; FUF009; maccamob; micaparamedic; LizzieandE; baby&Mrs gopher; sharkiefan; Cybergran V; squalid; AnyMules; The Coffee's
10 14 Mar 15 Pi Day - Once in a life timeAttended by: 10 - wildnic26; Tyred n Cranky; Aussie Fun Seakers; strange quark1; FUF009; nibby8; Rustymac75; muff1; wildnic26; the old blokes
32 14 Mar 15 Pi Day 2015 - BuninyongAttended by: 32 - hQ88; SirJ-Oz; LouiseAnn; misschief18; ST37E; Cybergran V; o.kay; feathertop; maccamob; Bushfire; boo09; neisha07; becca85; CarterClan6; 6Hinemoa2; BBDAMN; chooknchunk; wozzle68; highrod; The 2 Wanderers; Saint.Anthony; Geo_Eddie; jelly_bean14; Gemmasiemensma; ZombieCats; Fergzter; 3up; McAdies; Glanville Girls; lionjrb; Cherad; mi5sie
50 14 Mar 15 Pi of the CenturyAttended by: 50 - lukie1987; Belleakelea; PeteTheClown; xsurfergirlx; micaparamedic; Team Crackers; danr1289; SteMicMitSar; The Empire; ladioactive; Indianagleeson; Shellumbus; The Coffee's; Franklj; Rabbitto; ahomburg; Robmc; BernieH; quiet1_au; Alansee; 88andy88; stagetree; The Double-A's; i love dr who; kmace; Muzza; Earthbound Chief; Clever Monkey; nanton34; gmj3191; GraWil; GJMMelb; atsmug; spiffy-; geo_jas; n0w0rries; SciFiRulz; robinyang; Happy Chappies; sedgwickDave; sharkiefan; 80degrees; QuantumLucas; Team-Ruphace; georocks101; The Fiddlers; danr1289; Shellumbus; Indianagleeson; DimaGepard
9 09 Dec 12 Picinc by the river. (Christmas Event)Attended by: 9 - scouter 101; -Beaker-; jantoshys; mandikaye; lionjrb; bucketeer; cabbos; GoShaz; UdderChaos
12 09 Oct 16 Picnic @ PykesAttended by: 12 - geniejoan; Tigresss; ThePacman; Phetlern; Na'wal; maccamob; mudbrick; McLookers; GemmaSistema; au.fait; The_Tritonz; Stibarkes Family
23 21 Apr 13 Picnic by the WaterwaysAttended by: 23 - Pathfinder24; Spladem; -Lisette-; -nirgal-; Earthbound Chief; BernieH; Archie B1 & B2; lochb; ahomburg; stagetree; SirJ-Oz; sedgwickDave; LouiseAnn; stemicmitsar; maccamob; PeteTheClown; spiffy-; quiet1_au; Happiikhat; Paul_the_Hippy; GJMMelb; TurnerfamilyFtg; Cr8purple
17 21 Jun 16 Picnic in the ParkAttended by: 17 - The Coffee's; The_Tritonz; geniejoan; Na'wal; NinjaTortoise; Square_Pegs; gmj3191; McLookers; GamingCaving; PantherX; leafotwind; Muzza; DAB; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; amj16
7 11 Aug 17 Pirates PicnicAttended by: 7 - Gonefishen07; DAB; Na'wal; ceebee2013; maccamob; surefoot24; The_Tritonz
14 16 Jul 17 Pirates Playing at PredawnAttended by: 14 - xsurfergirlx; Sims_family; -nirgal-; themd; Na'wal; n0w0rries; ThePacman; vacachin; Mel_Adz; TR!; Neville_devil; Capt.Roverman; thomo31; teamashy
3 11 Feb 17 Pizza coffee and wine with Firesafe & HoneysuckerAttended by: 3 - honeysucker; firesafe; firesafe
20 31 Jul 17 Pizza Night: Christmas In July FinaleAttended by: 20 - jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Saint.Anthony; MazzyMay; 6Hinemoa2; The_Tritonz; LouiseAnn; Perpetuallylost; Sunset62; maccamob; sorceysal; suscoe; McLookers; wozzle68; vaja1; Cherad; GemmaSistema; Dippa46; Fergzter
15 05 Apr 18 Planetary Pursuit Breakfast - BallaratAttended by: 15 - Saint.Anthony; Cherad; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Motndarg; McAdies; suscoe; SciFiRulz; MazzyMay; McLookers; strange quark1; Fergzter; GemmaSistema; wozzle68; PapaGrouch
19 19 Mar 18 Planetary Pursuit Launch Party - BallaratAttended by: 19 - Dippa46; Motndarg; HansandLinda; 6Hinemoa2; au.fait; Highrod; Snap Happy; maccamob; GemmaSistema; The_Tritonz; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; micaparamedic; MazzyMay; wozzle68; Fergzter; McLookers; Saint.Anthony
9 28 Mar 18 Planetary Pursuit Lunch - BallaratAttended by: 9 - Saint.Anthony; wozzle68; au.fait; Motndarg; Snorkafest; McLookers; jelly_bean14; McAdies; GemmaSistema
22 01 Jan 16 PM PJ PartyAttended by: 22 - Tigresss; 08151605; Buckleysbabe; Na'wal; Bushfire; Sims_family; AusFox!; Whitepaws9; goingplaces2; suss vulture; suscoe; Darth Briji; buzzsmc; sorceysal; larafolk; Plymouth57; Ninny_Muggins; TR!; Dog-gone; Neville_devil; RoadRunna; geniejoan
7 01 Oct 16 Point Nepean PicnicAttended by: 7 - Froglainey; jaybeebaby; SteMicMitSar; snugglebunnies; leafotwind; buhfuhguh; surefoot24
0 19 Mar 18 Points! Points! Points!Attended by: No Attendees
10 07 Jan 17 Polish Platypus Pack meets a platypusAttended by: 10 - sharkiefan; Murazor; Lady Murazor; tassieexpat; atsmug; vividrogers; n0w0rries; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Tally Tiger
33 07 Sep 13 Political Party 2500Attended by: 33 - TurnerfamilyFtg; ladioactive; Phetlern; Alansee; danozz; GraWil; The Coffee's; Snappy24; KRAZYK:-p; Scout Rikki; 2peasinapod2012; muzza; Happy pants; landau351; i love dr who; squalid; kmace; CJ-Curry; Team Crackers; Moosetash; TonyGold; gis+ger; spiffy-; OzArtek; Long John Silva; sisso; geo_jas; baluke; quiet1_au; Belleakelea; atraversiamo; dinsdale clan; monch's mob
8 13 Apr 17 Port Fairy Morning TeaAttended by: 8 - annabella02; bucketeer; sassieold55; Yoshi Warriors; Team R'n'B; GemmaSistema; AeroStupsi; undermind
70 16 Apr 11 PRE - Easter with the Central Victorian GeoCachersAttended by: 70 - StreetO; Chaplain Mike; diablo1234; Princess Amy; Stick Kid; The Coffee's; the farmers 5; purpledreamer; Yullaba; bevfre; The Morris; Romax; Bob's_your_uncle; whit's wanderers; WazzaAndWenches; Kinkell1; shane.thompson; suss vulture; tigersden; Burton's; Candy Cane 101; maccamob; Bushfire; Earthbound Max; C@H; Earthbound Chief; Ikkibrady; Datruk; Crisp image; Pathfinder24; LouiseAnn; Riddell; Maccaholics; callawadda_cowboy; Bmak; honeysucker; scouter 101; Lostmonster & Co; Blacklegend; Quasar3671; Black Bunny; Spladem; joffa1970; highrod; Caching Candy; mrx2; stemicmitsar; mr_roo; firesafe; maggot-man; Leaf Cruncher; Just a cacher; BPJTHillas; sully1; Smegheads; bucketeer; bogonghazy; Propeller-head; metamorphic mac; coley_babee; haveanez; micheena; Team Indiana08; walenators; BackPAQer; Geogetters; Pirateute; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Phetlern
24 25 Nov 12 Pre-Christmas at 3747Attended by: 24 - helmilly; micaparamedic; iamapom; DazRascal; nufrat; skullracing; bulletproof4; Team Crackers; haveanez; Yowie3747; the farmers 5; au.fait; team mvb; Harrowang; Bushtrakkers; chewinprickles; nanna.c-super.pops; MegsnJoffa; Beechworth.com.au; BettyBoo3747; Robmc; Lissie13; mvyrmnd; Tic Toc Racing
22 23 Dec 17 Pre-Christmas Brunch @ ClunesAttended by: 22 - becca85; micaparamedic; The_Tritonz; chooknchunk; GoodLook; jenno3; Sean.75; vaja1; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Motndarg; GemmaSistema; beckNmonts; MazzyMay; HansandLinda; kenbryl; McLookers; wozzle68; liambaxter88; kenare; Fergzter
13 24 Sep 17 Protecting the PondsAttended by: 13 - Chan 5456; wozzle68; DAB; AusFox;; The_Easter_Bunnies; 6Hinemoa2; Crack'n'LeeLee; Na'wal; GoodLook; au.fait; Hobartian; Neville_devil; Buckleysbabe
22 30 Sep 12 Purpledreamer's Memorial and Birthday EventAttended by: 22 - Aussie Pathtag Club; beavar; chewinprickles; Lostmonster & Co; troobloo; haveanez; DazRascal; Team Crackers; micheena; skullracing; Yowie3747; WazzaAndWenches; nufrat; Coruze; bulletproof4; kiara001; mvyrmnd; emnjared; Yullaba; Harrowang; mumkat; tattboy1
13 23 Mar 18 Pursue the PlanetsAttended by: 13 - 6Hinemoa2; micaparamedic; TR!; The_Tritonz; Phetlern; DAB; Bushfire; leafotwind; Sims_family; suscoe; Yin~Yang; Na'wal; wozzle68
18 28 Feb 14 Puzzle Solving DinnerAttended by: 18 - Frog_Lady; Dog-gone; LibzHat; sully1; Flying Platypus; ThePacman; dbelco; Buckleysbabe; ogrebeast; Bushfire; 2y'stassies; juc_cacher; suss vulture; suscoe; S. Piddy; jesstu666; Capt.Roverman88; Jacko83
15 01 Oct 16 Puzzle solving workshopAttended by: 15 - mcsee&petal; buhfuhguh; ceebee2013; BendSinister; Papillon4506; GemmaSistema; dgfb33; Harrowang; angelique_anja; Tally Tiger; Wal-len; Zedaycee; Pinkpiggy7; surefoot24; The van Abel crew
7 25 Feb 17 Puzzle solving workshop 2Attended by: 7 - Missmash; Walmont; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Wal-len; surefoot24
3 25 Mar 17 Puzzle solving workshop 3Attended by: 3 - buhfuhguh; benjay21; surefoot24
2 25 Nov 17 Puzzle Workshop10Attended by: 2 - surefoot24; Wal-len
8 09 Oct 15 Puzzles,Puzzles and yes Even more Puzzles!Attended by: 8 - maccamob; bisho%; MazzyMay; ST37E; GeoYogster; chooknchunk; Shamus1; McLookers
25 14 Jun 13 Puzzling times at FyansfordAttended by: 25 - jadess90; shane.thompson; Buckleysbabe; Team Indiana08; jinkyandjohn; jandaw; lennyboy; The_Easter_Bunnies; ThePacman; ogrebeast; KRAZYK:-p; themd; Effodero; mal64; suss vulture; Bushfire; Team PacketStorm; suscoe; Team EvilQueen; Whitepaws9; Teamranger!; Capt.Roverman88; jesstu666; jesstu666; VicMap
17 01 Nov 16 Pykes Creek CITO - Melbourne Cup DayAttended by: 17 - mudbrick; TR!; Na'wal; SteMicMitSar; Alansee; chooknchunk; leafotwind; MazzyMay; 6Hinemoa2; maccamob; gmj3191; Motndarg; Jarwillo; McLookers; The_Tritonz; Fergzter; Muzza
18 24 Mar 16 Rabbit SeasonAttended by: 18 - Tigresss; buzzsmc; Posho6; maccamob; The_Tritonz; au_Nerd; bazinga01; Darth Briji; AusFox;; Na'wal; Sims_family; Razetoei; DreamyDragon; vamp1blade; Dog-gone; Neville_devil; TR!; larafolk
36 08 Jan 11 Rabbitto's 50thAttended by: 36 - Team Rubik; The Coffee's; coley_babee; Team Crackers; Maccaholics; Datruk; Alansee; jezarocks; maccamob; Rabbitto; Toy Car; ian-and-penny; stemicmitsar; squalid; mrx2; Romax; 80degrees; ahomburg; landau351; muzza; Madwizzard; The Swaggies; Coffee and Cache; Spladem; walenators; iamapom; GJMMelb; 3blackducks; Tank47; HillTribe; BackPAQer; Biggles Bear; Gaga66; xf king; Franklj; Meerkat27
24 25 Aug 14 Radioburwood Event Cache 2014Attended by: 24 - littlemerpip; GJMMelb; TurnerfamilyFtg; lochb; The Coffee's; Radioburwood; TrailRunning; 2rascals; Ollie Baggins; Dunko; UnusMultorum; kmace; Vanessa&Aodh; ahomburg; clickcraftsman; slink1; BernieH; quiet1_au; team.sk; spiffy-; n0w0rries; Way Finder; Team-Ruphace; MisterMagee
44 09 Feb 13 Rebel Acts & Crazy! Nat Girl Engagement PartyAttended by: 44 - lukie1987; mcwomble; Spladem; The Coffee's; Quasar3671; highrod; Thing No2; -nirgal-; danozz; Team Verza; sedgwickDave; Datruk; omegaman1971; maccamob; BernieH; ahomburg; Happy pants; SnapHappy1; Riddell; GJMMelb; Roostaman; squalid; Gonefishen07; Team Crackers; Crazy! Nat Girl; barbbowman; breannaluke; muzza; Team LyssLyss; PeteTheClown; fasted 59; Rabbitto; Hearse068; 80degrees; Quasar; Franklj; waffle eggs; bubba_89; stemicmitsar; TrailRunning; spiffy-; Gaga66; Confuzeed; JoeyJoeJoe81
25 26 Nov 16 Red Centre Experience BBQ (Victorian chapter)Attended by: 25 - lukie1987; LouiseAnn; iamapom; OzHockeyChick; ahomburg; ahomburg; Annoying Tarbit; SirJ-Oz; sharkiefan; Tassie Trekkers; Whitepaws9; cathlud; crank1; Alansee; Clever Monkey; dazzpete; Archie B1 & B2; gmj3191; Muzza; PamJ; drjim7; BernieH; n0w0rries; jimbo_80; joffa1970
0 12 Nov 04 Red Faces at LextonAttended by: No Attendees
4 07 Mar 09 Return To Crooked RiverAttended by: 4 - Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; The Coffee's; Biggles Bear
20 14 Dec 14 Ring Road Reserve CITOAttended by: 20 - kergall; maccamob; Kazandbren; wozzle68; sorceysal; misschief18; chooknchunk; gis+ger; 2peasinapod2012; FUF009; McLookers; Tomstache; jelly_bean14; CarterClan6; McAdies; Glanville Girls; Gemmasiemensma; Fergzter; sharkiefan; Shamus1
29 01 Aug 15 Ring Road Reserve CITO #2Attended by: 29 - Glanville Girls; The Coffee's; micaparamedic; becca85; sully1; maccamob; Alansee; WeRAmused; bisho%; TR!; BallaratGeocachers; markndee; DAB; Whitepaws9; sorceysal; mazzymay; 6Hinemoa2; The 2 Wanderers; wozzle68; misschief18; Robmc; BettyBoo3747; Harrowang; squalid; GemmaSistema; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Shamus1; McLookers
12 17 Sep 16 Ring Road Reserve CITO #3Attended by: 12 - Shamus1; Cherad; wozzle68; Snap Happy; MazzyMay; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; McLookers; mi5sie; Fergzter; ThePacman
0 14 Jul 18 Ring Road Reserve CITO - BallaratAttended by: No Attendees
12 14 Jun 14 Riverland Rendezvous: Sunset at Sunset (Victoria)Attended by: 12 - locus cache; Ismartis; sushilord; Liz and Bruce; froghoppin; Laighside Legends; Ozibags; Huurtle; postiegirl06; Moneydork; TheKellyGang; Tounga
12 29 Aug 15 Road Trip '15 Coffee & Catch Up Flash MobAttended by: 12 - M&D?; sqau; The Coffee's; KI bug; Understar+Jai; Fredd01; Mummy Short Legs; gwd.aussie; gc.rhi; Jimmymaff; Charlie The Ant; jason_bradley
29 02 Sep 15 Road Trip '15 Finale - Dinner Event - BallaratAttended by: 29 - ThePacman; The Coffee's; Phetlern; Annoying Tarbit; maccamob; sully1; Tomstache; sorceysal; MazzyMay; Cherad; chooknchunk; ST37E; Saint.Anthony; Fergzter; mudbrick; 6Hinemoa2; Shamus1; McLookers; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Glanville Girls; Zombie Child; Motndarg; wozzle68; GemmaSistema; mi5sie; brooma; Capt.Roverman
0 15 Jul 18 Robot Charli WorkshopAttended by: No Attendees
14 14 Jan 18 rustynz 4000th find & Melbourne Adventure 2018Attended by: 14 - StagNanny; micaparamedic; rustynz; nirgalagrin; maccamob; leafotwind; Pinkpiggy7; Alansee; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Roscoe&Roscoe; Kunama; liambaxter88
10 25 Dec 14 Santa's Coming to town Flash MobAttended by: 10 - Julie&GGs; Buckleysbabe; Darth Briji; Helian1; alchey; au_Nerd; Na'wal; The_Tritonz; buzzsmc; RoadRunna
195 14 Nov 15 Saturday Night BBQ and FireworksAttended by: 195 - The Noodler; DD19; The Morris; wyrdsister; xambo4u; Little Squirell; greynomads; Miz Wacket; Southern Cross Caching; 08151605; sorceysal; WalkingDead2; ruralslicker; Jackylegs44; draggedalong; SnappyTomCats; Pinkpiggy7; ms-enchantress; maddso; Quasar3671; geotooter; Little Blue Hen; THE GREEN GECKOS; Glanville Girls; lochb; skullracing; Booo Booo; BWWC; LuckyL10n; Wiser than Owls; whitewebbs; locus cache; OzHockeyChick; Cybergran V; -Lisette-; omegaman1971; skakids; RogDel; littlemerpip; Robdoggz; Paul_the_Hippy; sedgwickDave; McAdies; alchey; kmps; Dicksontwo; de ja vu; charli_bear; me_to; suscoe; Gonefishen07; Darth Briji; The Double-A's; The Geo-Baristas; gregandjudi; kmace; 80degrees; The 2 Wanderers; OzArtek; Clever Monkey; Long John Silva; Nicole_Louise; 2peasinapod2012; Riddell; Laighside Legends; Hoka13579; Kunama; Pau Pau & Co; Ikkibrady; nature0nut; Selva Girls; AlphaDeltaIndigo; HansandLinda; quiet1_au; DOC-WHO; The Rusty's; GrumpyBump; The van Abel crew; vk3gs&cc; Jarwillo; stortigirls; Gullivers Travels54; SciFiRulz; The van Abel crew; strange quark1; atsmug; Biggles Bear; Tassie Trekkers; Cantcacheus2014; SirJ-Oz; Vanessa&Aodh; Labchick; Orange Crew; SKSJD; crane2; Noodles22; don55; Sorcha86; gmj3191; The Rats; 88andy88; Clan-Wallace; fam_o_five; Quasar; WazzaAndWenches; wazza9; Bernipnip; drjim7; maddso; tidder; BernieH; TheLoneBaker; .K.B.; Z-team44; BackPAQer; buhfuhguh; Sparky2604; Zeus; Hera & kids; Pacmania; Earthbound Chief; Nana Nel; scruffyblake; minons; Team Canary; HADO KARP; biggles1024; Condorito; TeamThommo; MacPacFamily; au.fait; The_Tritonz; FLIPPER&CO; Smepster+Darcy; 4 B Ninja's; Mark&Kelly; Kittykatch; La Kedi; The S's; jtnsilo; Jamin Appleford; H_Quinn; Bounty Trackers; robinyang; S'n'N; Robbofam; PapaGrouch; Cherad; trekhj; trekhj; Yin~Yang; mr_roo; teenyntonka; Willoll2013; TheGGGs; PegLegMeg02; S'n'N; geohoppe; Kwokka; mi5sie; Misthills; wildnic26; Cheeky Wink; frmen1; tassieexpat; 4evatinks; crig; geordiefamily; bam#13; Brad&Janet; LadyMcZee; Ambermcl; kangadrew72; Morcs4; jeckleberry and tedd; snugglebunnies; geoplunderers; Promontory; H423L; Harleyjohn2569; Scenic Routers; Saint.Anthony; Nosynel; OOH YEH; Rustymac75; Plymouth57; RoadRunna; Team Smokey-Bear; TeamCharizard; surefoot24; mg1996; lukie1987; Dora the Explorer!; snoogs; The Swaggies; Spladem
30 13 Jun 15 Say Goodbye to Froggie.....Attended by: 30 - buzzsmc; ThePacman; dbelco; highrod; Phetlern; Tomstache; misschief18; Glanville Girls; Cybergran V; The 2 Wanderers; Plymouth57; LibzHat; McLookers; suss vulture; ST37E; juc_cacher; au.fait; The_Tritonz; Fergzter; alchey; Buckleysbabe; Dog-gone; Capt.Roverman; hoon1; Darth Briji; TR!; SaintCache; cloudglider; sharkiefan; geordiefamily
30 19 Aug 17 Seventh Annual International Geocaching DayAttended by: 30 - Happy Feet 1; Geoturtle37; omegaman1971; Papillon4506; buhfuhguh; Annoying Tarbit; Mark9375; SteMicMitSar; gmj3191; Happy pants; biggles1024; jascat; Tassie Trekkers; DavidNessie; n0w0rries; +Wife; WeRAmused; ajtmb; Walmont; Earthbound Chief; landau351; Pinkpiggy7; 4 B Ninja's; kangas11; sharkiefan; OzHockeyChick; Mark&Kelly; Missmash; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee
18 12 Oct 14 Shepparton international Earthcache day Event:Attended by: 18 - hembee; kamikaze cacher; Team Rubik; GrumpyBump; Roostaman; docNwitchjy; LizzieandE; bulletproof4; Spy Inc.; what's_occurring; Cybergran V; baby&Mrs gopher; WazzaAndWenches; o.kay; Graling; Poa4; au.fait; thepope
7 11 Nov 14 SIBA Students TutorialAttended by: 7 - jinkyandjohn; Geo muppetz; Phetlern; Yoshi Warriors; BjOssie; Kia1; Scouter Steff
24 25 Nov 11 Something begining with \"C\"Attended by: 24 - highrod; SnapHappy1; Smegheads; tigersden; Moosetash; Zippi1; whit's wanderers; maccamob; Crazy Creels; scouter 101; micaparamedic; The Morris; bucketeer; the england's; Zippi1; The Coffee's; Clogwog; PrincessDiala; sully1; coley_babee; bogonghazy; BPJTHillas; Team Crackers; muzza
47 22 Sep 07 South East Meet-n-GreetAttended by: 47 - Dicko; skolz; Trunksergruppe; Mr.Coffee and the Coffee Clan; Wabi-sabi; Team Crackers; Spruce Mooses; Silver dice; Mini Cacher One; slipknot 666; Team Rubik; Trunksnsuch; Robmc; SamCarter; Romax; LittleTroopers; The Morris; chewinprickles; VKC1SR; The Rebel Alliance; dak's Emu Mob; LIVERPOOLRED; knot_gillty; Rebel Acts; Nutcache; Next!; TeamJEKL; Partic; The Swaggies; Geodes; Alansee; Coffee and Cache; Clogwog; wam78; muzza; Crisp image; feathertop; chefs on the run; Mr.Coffee and the Coffee Clan; FlyingPigSquadron; Biggles Bear; BackPAQer; Weathafurkawi; barcoder; pandpp; John-Gill; listmaker
36 02 Oct 10 South East Meet-n-Greet IIAttended by: 36 - Thirty Eights; RogWat; Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; XD1; The Coffee's; The Morris; Julz76; Team_Seegs; Robmc; Quasar3671; Team Crackers; º; crank1; The Swaggies; Whitepaws9; 80degrees; PrincessDiala; Alansee; bones1; tackle_head; de ja vu; kazza1996; Tatty; muzza; GeO_LIGHTLY; jindi kid; Landsergruppe; Scubacrazy666; GJMMelb; Rigger64; 3up; lemmykc; The Empire; XD1; laker63
12 21 Dec 16 Special Needs family festive gatheringAttended by: 12 - GeoVicAus; lukie1987; echidna44; Zeus; Hera & kids; maccamob; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; GJMMelb; Alansee; OzHockeyChick; plowfive; vividrogers; The Rustys
5 24 Apr 18 Speckless Sculptures T5 CITOAttended by: 5 - Whitepaws9; McLookers; gmj3191; Alansee; ThePacman
13 21 Sep 14 Spring has Sprung!Attended by: 13 - Bunjil; ThePacman; Buckleysbabe; BernieH; Phetlern; Kinkell1; ST37E; McLookers; Mrsblackduck; Glanville Girls; suss vulture; TR!; Tomstache
0 17 Mar 16 St Patrick's Day DinnerAttended by: None
18 17 Mar 15 St Patrick's Day DinnerAttended by: 18 - Glanville Girls; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; sully1; ST37E; McAdies; The Herenach; Beckster22; Motndarg; The 2 Wanderers; wozzle68; misschief18; maccamob; Gemmasiemensma; McLookers; Tomstache; Shamus1; The_Tritonz
16 17 Mar 17 St Patrick's Day Dinner 2017Attended by: 16 - Shamus1; The_Tritonz; Bushfire; MazzyMay; suscoe; maccamob; HansandLinda; AusFox;; Dippa46; GemmaSistema; Perpetuallylost; sully; McLookers; McAdies; Sims_family; wozzle68
16 17 Mar 14 St Patrick's Day EventAttended by: 16 - Shamus1; Kinkell1; highrod; Saint.Anthony; sully1; Neavesie; Rustyging; misschief18; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; McLookers; Tomstache; Motndarg; Glanville Girls; Panda Inc; Fergzter
32 17 Mar 18 St Patricks Day Afternoon Tea/White Night BallaratAttended by: 32 - SneakyGeoKids; AusFox;; Cherad; tippsy17; Saint.Anthony; micaparamedic; locus cache; The_Tritonz; Cybergran V; Snap Happy; maccamob; neisha07; Sims_family; SteMicMitSar; wozzle68; claybol; n0w0rries; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; boo09; becca85; chooknchunk; Fergzter; MazzyMay; Snorkafest; Neville_devil; surefoot24; McLookers; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Ninny_Muggins; Riddell
18 16 May 15 ST37E's Fifth Birthday & 2500th findAttended by: 18 - ST37E; highrod; chooknchunk; sharkiefan; Cherad; 08151605; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McLookers; geniejoan; Glanville Girls; Tomstache; Fergzter; McAdies; Shamus1; Motndarg; Gemmasiemensma; Riddell
25 23 Aug 13 Stalking at night with TeamRangerAttended by: 25 - Jacko83; Jacko83; ThePacgirl; TheSnoopy; -nirgal-; ThePacman; The4wdingtrolls; KRAZYK:-p; Effodero; jinkyandjohn; Dog-gone; Buckleysbabe; ogrebeast; conkyol; Teamranger!; Bushfire; juc_cacher; geordiefamily; suscoe; GeoJo; Capt.Roverman88; Team EvilQueen; LibzHat; stemicmitsar; biggles1024
14 26 Jan 16 Stralya DayAttended by: 14 - twowin; Na'wal; The_Tritonz; DAB; Tigresss; buzzsmc; suscoe; Snap Happy; McLookers; goingplaces2; Tomstache; Plymouth57; RoadRunna; TR!
26 26 Jan 18 Straya Day 2018Attended by: 26 - TR!; Snap Happy; Sims_family; Phetlern; jandaw; ThePacman; Bushfire; Jacko83; AusFox;; The_Easter_Bunnies; The Empire; Mel_Adz; vacachin; 6Hinemoa2; Capt.Roverman; RGSBruce; Na'wal; buhfuhguh; au.fait; angelique_anja; ThePacman; Tally Tiger; Neville_devil; Zedaycee; Haydos_K; Two+Four
0 10 Jan 16 Summer picnic in the Botanical GardensAttended by: No Attendees
5 24 Mar 18 Summer Puzzle Solving Fest RevisitedAttended by: 5 - surefoot24; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Retniap
10 07 Jan 17 SummerCamp 2017 - Let's Kill LexAttended by: 10 - -Mountain Goat-; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; skullracing; Jamin Appleford; Team?aky; day1976; º; Archie B1 & B2; tonytoad
6 27 Aug 11 Sunraysia Geocaching DinnerAttended by: 6 - cruisinblues; Romax; darrellr; Bradshaw Clan; mckinnonclan; Stewbies_6
14 21 Oct 16 Sunset Picnic Event - Tower HillAttended by: 14 - lukie1987; SteMicMitSar; LouiseAnn; GoodLook; leafotwind; The_Tritonz; maccamob; locus cache; sharkiefan; McLookers; Yoshi Warriors; Whitepaws9; au.fait; Wollaston
23 10 Nov 13 Swashbucklin' by the BayAttended by: 23 - Jacko83; ThePacgirl; -nirgal-; Happy pants; SnapHappy1; sedgwickDave; squalid; quiet1_au; DBelco; ahomburg; landau351; Buckleysbabe; maccamob; day1976; wyrdsister; BackPAQer; themd; suss vulture; The Empire; ThePacman; Na'wal; Captain Carpet; monch's mob
46 25 Apr 08 T 'n' T (oi!) @ the GVAttended by: 46 - Trunksergruppe; Trunksnsuch; astro69; squalid; metamorphic mac; Team Grog Monster ; GeoTilly; The Coffee's; Silver dice; mada1234; Highrod; sandar10; fullonphil; The Rebel Alliance; Roostaman; maccamob; Rebel Acts; Partic; Alansee; cdmark; Team Crackers; vombatus; pprass; Fred6603; featherdown; Biggles Bear; 2Dudez; the england's; Clogwog; howjen567; baby&Mrs gopher; feathertop; Facitman; Tickells; pandpp; DazRascal; Phetlern; Team Rubik; WazzaAndWenches; Rhinogeo; Muzza; Tank47; Marcus Vitruvius; The Morris; ian-and-penny; Team GraMon
18 12 Mar 16 T5 Tea Party!Attended by: 18 - The_Tritonz; ThePacman; Phetlern; OzHockeyChick; robinyang; SteMicMitSar; Buckleysbabe; buzzsmc; DAB; n0w0rries; 88andy88; Darth Briji; Tag-a1ong; 6Hinemoa2; Dog-gone; Team?aky; vamp1blade; Team Smokey-Bear
19 29 Feb 12 Take the Leap...Have a SnagAttended by: 19 - Romax; Bob's_your_uncle; PaddyJak; holzcotz; Jejon; nadsalator; Tamzy; The Morris; tigersden; patroling4x4; gregandjudi; whit's wanderers; Chaplain Mike; MrandMrsF; elitedude; RankinFamily; Geogetters; aveen; stooy
22 15 May 10 Tall Tree EventAttended by: 22 - C@H; The Empire; FLIPPER&CO; team_coxy; Jaffnut; Coffee and Cache; Starruby; Geodes; Bushfire; pocketrocket&friends; Facitman; Datruk; caughtatwork; GabGab; PrincessDiala; solomonfamily; GJMMelb; Treasurehid; Rhinogeo; Earthbound Chief; Happy Chappies; Rigger64
11 20 Jun 18 Ten Thousand Reasons for dinnerAttended by: 11 - micaparamedic; Team Crackers; nirgalagrin; Annoying Tarbit; sharkiefan; Alansee; maccamob; The Coffee's; Tally Tiger; OzHockeyChick; kotukuSI
100 29 Feb 12 The 3rd LeapAttended by: 100 - coburg3058; Rhiua; Bienvenu; Spladem; sjg101; BBG32; mrx2; Quasar3671; Lobster6 7; essieg; Pathfinder24; Wheelchair Access; Toy Car; AmethystPig; PrincessDiala; nedcj98; coley_babee; EuDes; danozz; -Lisette-; ladioactive; whyfarer; Team Crackers; Clogwog; ollave; Irontoad; donidoode; haldane; SirJ-Oz; iamapom; xambo4u; Paco Aliandro; bogonghazy; ahomburg; 80degrees; Gozanators; ProBleMatiKal; Paul_the_Hippy; maccamob; Alansee; Robmc; Combust4; stagetree; 2rascals; Geopr1ncess; diddysmum; Phetlern; the sock man; OGirlOz; Red GT; SteMicMitSar; Biggles Bear; landau351; Debs22; bubblzdee; Gaga66; Muzza; nadya; Alsume; Rabbitto; _husky_; Whitepaws9; Scubacrazy666; lochb; Facitman; Franklj; pprass; 6Hinemoa2; drjim7; kmace; LouiseAnn; R36; swampgum; quiet1_au; Riddell; sedgwickDave; caughtatwork; Earthbound Chief; grant1wish; GJMMelb; Methvin; Happy Chappies; gmj3191; lemongum; ssmc4; digitalformula; The Coffee's; solomonfamily; BernieH; themd; wallyhunt; geo_jas; i love dr who; littlemerpip; josiey; Alan-san; squalid; Callisto's friend; elthamkiwi; Bexta
27 17 Aug 14 The 7 Souvenirs of August - A Ballarat EventAttended by: 27 - highrod; vacachin; lionjrb; Eminor93; suss vulture; bogonghazy; DoorMatt; chooknchunk; Jacimarble; ST37E; misschief18; Rehfisch Clan; 6Hinemoa2; Cybergran V; o.kay; wozzle68; The 2 Wanderers; The_Tritonz; Saint.Anthony; Fergzter; sorceysal; Glanville Girls; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; tarshawk; knightarrant; geniejoan
16 10 Aug 14 The 7 Souvenirs of August; Coffee and CachingAttended by: 16 - Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; Glanville Girls; romork; Geo_Eddie; debbriamber; Tomstache; Fergzter; Gemmasiemensma; Smart Sassy Siren; Chaplain Mike; McAdies; Shamus1; ST37E; Rehfisch Clan; sully1
25 31 Aug 14 The 7 Souvenirs of August;RecapAttended by: 25 - chooknchunk; The Lookabouts; GazaC; The_Tritonz; ozishbob; ctone; wozzle68; The Morris; Motndarg; sorceysal; ST37E; Geo_Eddie; Rehfisch Clan; McAdies; Owl_crew; Glanville Girls; McLookers; Dazza1; Fergzter; Tomstache; M&G Clan; StreetTeam1; Shamus1; OhDang!; SweetRebelTee
39 18 Nov 17 The Alexandra Event 2017Attended by: 39 - Jentrek1; Sunset62; MuggleWifeDoes; curlycee; The Emongs; my_name_jeff; casey.cachers; geojosiah; DAB; OC_3; djl33; Mummy Short Legs; Geojill_11; jascat; paultheball; The Morris; Robmc; +Wife; Barnzy12; jtnsilo; -Lisette-; ScattsMadhouse; OZREG; taz-bud/inkle; xsurfergirlx; AdventureNauts; goingplaces2; SneakyGeoKids; JSando; 4bait; delightfuldolphins; celliot; bulletproof4; Scenic Routers; ruralslicker; GrimRaider; BackPAQer; sharkiefan; au.fait
12 17 Sep 16 The Anglesea CITO & CUAD EventAttended by: 12 - TeamAstro; ahomburg; The_Tritonz; Ruverbug Jam; BernieH; Bushfire; annabella02; Na'wal; sassieold55; sedgwickDave; Plymouth57; RoadRunna
23 29 Nov 14 The Beaufort BashAttended by: 23 - BettyBoo3747; Phetlern; misschief18; sully1; Tyred n Cranky; chooknchunk; The Swaggies; Kinkell1; suscoe; The Morris; Robmc; wozzle68; FUF009; LouiseAnn; sorceysal; Fergzter; Tomstache; 6Hinemoa2; McLookers; pprass; The 2 Wanderers; supawitchming; The_Tritonz
14 14 Feb 15 The Buller GetawayAttended by: 14 - skullracing; Zeus; Hera & kids; The Farmers 5; BernieH; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; º; Riddell; dalerious; Cybergran V; gmj3191; clickcraftsman; clickcraftsman; sharkiefan
26 16 Apr 16 The Buller Getaway 2016Attended by: 26 - mudbrick; Jacko83; Team Smokey-Bear; The Farmers 5; M&D?; Jamin Appleford; ThePacman; skullracing; The_Tritonz; wozzle68; chooknchunk; SteMicMitSar; sedgwickDave; Tomstache; MuggleWifeDoes; ahomburg; OzHockeyChick; sharkiefan; BernieH; 88andy88; gmj3191; McLookers; dazzpete; cacheafish26; mooseek; Team?aky
26 25 Mar 17 The Buller Getaway 2017Attended by: 26 - Clever Monkey; Zeus; Hera & kids; ScattsMadhouse; gmj3191; The_Tritonz; Jacko83; Team Smokey-Bear; The lost wanderers; skullracing; chooknchunk; wozzle68; Jentrek1; º; ahomburg; PamJ; Jamin Appleford; maccamob; the hamfish; sedgwickDave; BlazerTriaz; McLookers; au.fait; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; BernieH
26 03 Mar 18 The Buller Getaway 2018Attended by: 26 - locus cache; Clever Monkey; º; wozzle68; chooknchunk; BernieH; lukie1987; sedgwickDave; ahomburg; PamJ; ThePacman; BlazerTriaz; 88andy88; skullracing; Archie B1 & B2; McLookers; maccamob; Ausyowie; Riddell; gmj3191; dazzpete; au.fait; OzHockeyChick; SciFiRulz; SteMicMitSar; jascat
14 30 Mar 13 The Easter Geocache HuntAttended by: 14 - Shamus1; Kinkell1; misschief18; stooy; storchburp; bogonghazy; sully1; jinkyandjohn; suss vulture; roundcircle; Fergzter; ST37E; Paul_the_Hippy; Riddell
12 07 Jan 17 The Escapee Escapades DinnerAttended by: 12 - The_Tritonz; ThePacman; Nicole_Louise; Bushfire; Jacko83; Dog-gone; McPhail family; suss vulture; juc_cacher; suscoe; McLookers; vamp1blade
8 14 Dec 13 The FIRST annual geomas eventAttended by: 8 - kimmatmoo; The Geo-Baristas; sqau; gwd.aussie; Poiter.h; maccamob; M0O; greynomads
19 04 Jul 15 The Fourth EventAttended by: 19 - AussieGuy007; ahomburg; OzHockeyChick; daznjaneo; yorsys; Jacko83; n0w0rries; The_Tritonz; danozz; 88andy88; Jamin Appleford; crank1; Whitepaws9; don55; -Lisette-; TR!; Mark&Kelly; Hoka13579; lukie1987
5 27 Jan 13 The GCA Bingo PartyAttended by: 5 - Spladem; SirJ-Oz; GJMMelb; quiet1_au; ahomburg
9 19 Apr 15 The Gear CheckAttended by: 9 - bluewren88; Beanslayr; º; Jamin Appleford; BonnyBlack; skullracing; +Wife; n0w0rries; Archie B1 & B2
16 16 Aug 15 The Gear Check Mk IIAttended by: 16 - aqau; Alex-thesquirrel; -nirgal-; skullracing; M&D?; PeteTheClown; traut+wombat; sqau; Doctor Owl; bek-theraccoon; º; danozz; Jamin Appleford; Jacko83; sog12; drjim7
36 10 Nov 07 The Geelong End of Year Caching Event 2007Attended by: 36 - OKMate58; Team Ladava; pandpp; Trunksergruppe; muzza; LIVERPOOLRED; Trunksnsuch; Suitman; highrod; Pteranodon; Rebel Acts; The Morris; chewinprickles; Romax; sandar10; dak's Emu Mob; edmil; Bushfire; The Rebel Alliance; The Swaggies; Clogwog; Rabbitto; pprass; sarrett; maccamob; BackPAQer; redorca; doobie doo3; Mr Emu; caughtatwork; Biggles Bear; MrHyde77; the flyman; GeoJo; VKC1SR; JandJ01
0 28 Nov 10 The GeGnome Project: Bendigo LaunchAttended by: None
0 28 Nov 10 The GeGnome Project: Bendigo LaunchAttended by: None
10 28 Nov 10 The GeGnome Project: Bendigo LaunchAttended by: 10 - PrincessDiala; purpledreamer; RogWat; micaparamedic; bevfre; Crazy Creels; WazzaAndWenches; Kaztrekka; Hanseeka; 379Jonti379
27 03 Dec 05 The Great Aussie Christmas BBQ 2005 - VICAttended by: 27 - Alan-san; the england's; barcoder; Romax; Thyla and Thylo; ian-and-penny; Team Crackers; The Rebel Alliance; Rebel Acts; Bigmickb; chefs on the run; The Coffee's; Geof; geodano; Clogwog; DBigg; pprass; Geodes; Rabbitto; the farmers 5; maccamob; Biggles Bear; Partic; chewinprickles; s.d.m geo ; xf king; dak's Emu Mob
39 03 Dec 06 The Great Aussie Christmas BBQ 2006 - VICAttended by: 39 - sully1; dee93; Mini Cacher One; slipknot 666; cach'n kidz; Jaky Dory & Geogundog; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; ian-and-penny; Rhinogeo; bevfre; maccamob; Partic; Geodes; Ms Sassi; Alansee; Rabbitto; pprass; Team Rubik; Rallywrxwagon; pickupfamily; CanClan; The Swaggies; JADE004; chewinprickles; Biggles Bear; pandpp; Derringer; Romax; The Morris; Clogwog; BackPAQer; astro69; Maccaholics; feathertop; caughtatwork; listmaker; Keeper of Time; Team Timbertop
13 09 Sep 06 The Great Warburton Train RideAttended by: 13 - ssmc4; EuDes; Rebel Acts; Biggles Bear; Rabbitto; pprass; Nutcache; Geof; muzza; BackPAQer; dak's Emu Mob; edmil; The Rebel Alliance
16 22 Nov 14 The Hotham GambleAttended by: 16 - clickcraftsman; the farmers 5; haveanez; DazRascal; day1976; ahomburg; Archie B1 & B2; The lost wanderers; BWWC; º; sedgwickDave; Jamin Appleford; pprass; Muzza; aimz.h; mattjohnmcphee
11 28 Dec 13 The Inglis (English) girls are in MelbourneAttended by: 11 - penpolpals; IolantheK; ChrisRG; GJMMelb; mbl&k; T-Tech; Mitchelltwo; pigfumbler; gis+ger; MrHyde77; mazza-g
16 30 Aug 13 The Last Supper - Penultimate 30/31Attended by: 16 - Jacko83; ThePacgirl; ThePacman; The Morris; squalid; cloudglider; The_Easter_Bunnies; Buckleysbabe; littlemerpip; Phetlern; Bushfire; juc_cacher; nomadad13; Capt.Roverman88; suscoe; au.fait
5 29 Feb 16 The Leap Year Party!Attended by: 5 - M&D?; sqau; gwd.aussie; greynomads; Psycho_Scissors
11 16 Jul 17 The Lost TreasureAttended by: 11 - greynomads; aqau; M&D?; mezza74; d@geo; pullw; Paul_the_Hippy; gwd.aussie; sqau; Kashbound; Psycho_Scissors
12 15 Jul 17 The lost treasure of Captain Mary HydeAttended by: 12 - kryslazz; BonnyBlack; Poiter.h; apple460; the hamfish; Kashbound; Teammoss5; grannygeo64; tassieexpat; Shep & Co; CJPERX; Melandjaxon
9 16 Jul 17 The lost treasure of Mary Hyde - St.ArnaudAttended by: 9 - Indimist; sharkiefan; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; chooknchunk; Aussie Fun Seakers; docNwitchjy; muff1; dalerious
28 16 Jul 17 The Lost treasure of Mary Hyde Langwarrin eventAttended by: 28 - Quasar3671; The Welder; Annoying Tarbit; Phetlern; ahomburg; The Coffee's; Jentrek1; Flyingkangaro; mazza-g; n0w0rries; crank1; eighthknox; Cracka1; jascat; S4pphire; AdventureNauts; buhfuhguh; omegaman1971; nanton34; Dvynanjl; QueenK8; 4 B Ninja's; Team Nekochan; the Monkey King; biggles1024; fam_o_five; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee
622 14 Nov 15 The Melbourne Event 2015Attended by: 622 - TayTay.97; Dunko; onlyfarmville1; Archie B1 & B2; The lost wanderers; Pathfinder24; upptäckt; trickytracey; The Noodler; MumNBub; tuttle; one-eyed; j-bean; skirrel; GeoRo11; GeoJulz; slink1; pwala; caughtatwork; faulksi; GeoAwareANZ; one-eyed; rennige; eartheddivine; tidder; sqau; Southern Cross Caching; SaintCache; hevwalker; Jillaroo.; ladioactive; AutumnTree; GrimRaider; themd; *polabear*; day1976; +Wife; herbie112; sph1; WalkingDead2; CacheDoctor; ruralslicker; ºS; greynomads; cacheafish26; clevermonkeyJnr; rmdhudson; everestfound; BonnyBlack; charm quark 1; Mini Rats; WeRAmused; Earthbound Chief; Gozanators; kenbryl; BorisB&Natasha; leafotwind; #SEALTeam4; Muzza; nadya; dgfb33; Franklj; Pinkpiggy7; ceebee2013; geo_jas; cockatiel_king; joojoo57; birdie.eats; Coffee and Cache; roshimitsu; -Lisette-; BendSinister; Rigger64; nanton34; heatherr66; we_have_a_problem; RobMeBlind; paultheball; Dicksontwo; Romp62; eighthknox; Thirty Eights; squalid; Bucks23; scotttiew; The Rats; Condorito; autumncs; Wings Of Freedom; La mina; stagetree; bubblzdee; SnappyTomCats; Team Smokey-Bear; Tomboy; Ministro; Marcus Vitruvius; geojosiah; TurtleNBear; winged_kat; Pa_i_ge; honeysucker; geotooter; Little Blue Hen; THE GREEN GECKOS; GazaC; Quasar3671; catscatscats22; romork; Happy Feet 1; lochb; skullracing; Snap Happy; ms-enchantress; Gaz'n'Kab; Coruze; The Coffee's; LHE Duo; mogni; The.Arborist; Triciac2; troobloo; stairman1; jacko*; doddlingalong; Dutchie1950; Umustbekidding; albida33; mtrax; Fleabag-; mezza74; bkj97; Elmo2010; karopi; Gunnie69; icefoxy; brisal5; misschief18; Yoshi Warriors; ChestyLongpork; Bushfire; Fred6603; Echo & Spice; specimenX; FnKPatrolling; LuckyL10n; Velocachu; xsurfergirlx; crank1; locus cache; travellinbees; The Noodler; PapaGrouch; Pprime (P`); alpenmilch80; geostepdaughter; Crew 153; RideTheGeoWalrus; FurfacesLL; d@geo; Mighty Minions; The Morris; Paul_the_Hippy; Moosetash; The Swaggies; melandphill; Sol de lune; wozzle68; Paerole; karicka; -nirgal-; Cats&Dragons; Phetlern; Freddo; goldielover; Roostaman; firesafe; The Booos; Zobo04; tackle_head; Rapidlywild; Team 'X'; abl973; DD19; I & J; Miz Wacket; KTCvic; ReganSeekers; daznjaneo; MuggleWifeDoes; tmann421; Team Crackers; 08151605; Tealby; OrionJ; Fangsoki; bulletproof4; chooknchunk; steelpaw; wyrdsister; Tankengine; Jaimi007; lgoody; M&D?; xambo4u; º; ZimbaW; Jackylegs44; ahomburg; sully1; 2y'stassies; 10pmMeerkat; The Drovers; GJMMelb; Mel_Adz; gwd.aussie; Spy79; joegleeson_25; stortigirls; Happy pants; DreamyDragon; Booo Booo; XYZ-222; -Mountain Goat-; casey.cachers; Wiser than Owls; The Farmers 5; Everlasting; sorceysal; Rebel Acts; Alansee; Minister of Caching; BWWC; Harleyjohn2569; McLookers; yorkshirekiwi83; dahumbug; iamapom; KI bug; dalerious; Big Matt and Shell; Fergzter; TR!; maccamob; Granett; Rabbitto; BeechworthSC1; n0w0rries; gooseandegg; tronador; breannaluke; jelly_bean14; becca85; SteMicMitSar; Sparra0907; MazzyMay; spiffy-; ST37E; vacachin; Geo_Eddie; Jaxyy1201; R36; DiamonJs; Robmc; jtnsilo; Jimmymaff; larafolk; The Empire; geniejoan; Brad&Janet; BettyBoo3747; coley_babee; cathlud; JDScout; ansmisty; dawesy321; skakids; sedgwickDave; Tigresss; Robdoggz; The Rustys; sunnyindiatilli; Squiptar; Helian; Gunks; Tomstache; DOC-WHO; Calypso62; McAdies; Myrtie; drjim7; josiey; kmps; baby&Mrs gopher; Glanville Girls; elphin; de ja vu; OzHockeyChick; charli_bear; nanna.c-super.pops; Dora the Explorer!; me_to; docNwitchjy; kenare; PantherX; vk3gs&cc; Whyt Knight; QuadBash; VanderHunters; gis+ger; Fuzzej; genyo; AusFox;; Brainiac03; SIPE 78; Gonefishen07; haml3t; brosho; Julz76; filip-cz; ckuert; goldennuggethunters; GrumpyGramps1; Tatty; Kato Potato; jigg61; AWegs; jessecody; The Geo-Baristas; mi5sie; aussiejan; stacie&mitch; Tony66; april78592; gregandjudi; Mippy05; Vickersmob; 80degrees; The Cache M" Crew; alexisland; geohoppe; Silkyie; Sean.75; crig; vk3gs&cc; suscoe; hQ88; elthamkiwi; MrHyde77; Mummy Short Legs; Cambeldan; FeelinFine; mr_roo; OzArtek; hergab69; Clever Monkey; Team BGF; teenyntonka; 2peasinapod2012; cathylmorgan; super H; Ms Maddy; 6Hinemoa2; helsinski; Selva Girls; nature0nut; AlphaDeltaIndigo; ThePacman; Phil Serenity; kmace; Team?aky; Jarwillo; GrumpyBump; TheRobbos3266; SciFiRulz; Gullivers Travels54; The van Abel crew; Cybergran V; Rhyssa6; kerydn21; Biggles Bear; Laighside Legends; Whitepaws9; Nosynel; atsmug; SirJ-Oz; quiet1_au; strange quark1; (._o); Tyred n Cranky; windscreen; trekhj; Konie; GeoGranni; SKSJD; whitewebbs; gmj3191; Labchick; Gozanators; omegaman1971; Cherad; Long John Silva; FUF009; Tassie Trekkers; 88andy88; Quasar; Ikkibrady; Noodles22; sheldea; Clan-Wallace; .K.B.; BackPAQer; Geodes; SusanDW; Annoying Tarbit; TheLoneBaker; buhfuhguh; Kyzabra; Sorcha86; sharkiefan; HADO KARP; Zeus; Hera & kids; The S's; pattle66; minons; Sonic 9; LadyMcZee; au.fait; Fredd01; Facitman; Pacmania; FLIPPER&CO; Moonambel; annabella02; Happy Chappies; Jamin Appleford; feathertop; Robbofam; sylken; The_Tritonz; robinyang; Kwokka; what's_occurring; Misthills; TheGGGs; glishes; Square_Pegs; BBDAMN; The Artful Dodgers; S'n'N; The Big O's; Bounty Trackers; Cheeky Wink; Wazza&Kara; GT02; 4 B Ninja's; bella at waggy; Suzibound; 4evatinks; LouiseAnn; draggedalong; Darzee Di; Kittykatch; dghoffy; SA_ParrotHead; HansandLinda; i love dr who; haldane; GemmaSistema; La Kedi; mazza-g; lemmykc; frilk; Team Nekochan; don55; OOH YEH; kalianda09; sarejuergi; Team Canary; tmji_gh; the Monkey King; Rhinogeo; WazzaAndWenches; wazza9; TeamThommo; Michells&hound; biggles1024; Belleakelea; sog12; Cantcacheus2014; Nana Nel; BeeJay22; mcsee&petal; AussieGuy007; gandl768; Sparky2604; WildBaconLord; pippin69; Riddell; Darth Briji; kangadrew72; lionlord; Harrowang; coupmstr; dave8153; Kunama; The Double-A's; BernieH; Nicole_Louise; TheRustyDuck; Flyingkangaro; Geoturtle37; Papillon4506; katnat2; Promontory; scruffyblake; Lego Heads; Billy_Shears; Nel&Andy; The 2 Wanderers; kilpa4; drednort; Snoopy1976; snugglebunnies; SPlKE; QueenK8; fam_o_five; Yowie3747; Mark&Kelly; Orange Crew; Obi-Cal; Morcs4; micaparamedic; jeckleberry and tedd; Na'wal; frmen1; ris768; crane2; Little Squirell; tassieexpat; contactpete; Smepster+Darcy; heliboy11; Elkins88; Rustymac75; geoplunderers; Zardecoh; wildnic26; FlyingSolo1; NationalSteel; Team-Ruphace; micheena; Lost_and_found_79; team_coxy; gruffpuppy; geordiefamily; clickcraftsman; scody; lukie1987; carkisser; Scenic Routers; H_Quinn; H423L; MacPacFamily; yorsys; Just a Trifle; Burge; helsinski; Pau Pau & Co; KDougB; TeamCharizard; traceyjblake; PegLegMeg02; The Boyd Family; sunnyindiatilli; Hoka13579; maddso; Shamus1; surefoot24; Willoll2013; Saint.Anthony; mg1996; Team Junjine; Bernipnip; snoogs; Plymouth57; buzzsmc; RoadRunna; Nickstar69; JSando; tbaarda; DoofusTM; RoadRunna; RoadRunna; ookamiash; Ambermcl; Raevan; robtas; Cached; add0; andy707; Brainiac03; The Wackys; GizaGal; 1TOOLMAN; Sando33716; sezzaprice; jitterj; frannish; jman24; QuadBash; wazza.artist; Ranger DF; Mrsblackduck; Legomango's Dad; Legomango9; bam#13; Yin~Yang; Mrsblueduck; baluke; Glitch42; Spladem"
11 01 Nov 15 The Monkey King's 100thAttended by: 11 - SteMicMitSar; kmace; maccamob; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; biggles1024; RogDel; Dicksontwo; Team Nekochan; the Monkey King; aussiejan
19 13 May 17 The Nash BashAttended by: 19 - Saint.Anthony; kenbryl; Explorer Nan; micaparamedic; Phetlern; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; The_Tritonz; GoodLook; becca85; chooknchunk; The Swaggies; wozzle68; Fergzter; MazzyMay; kenare; jenno3; sorceysal; GemmaSistema
0 18 Nov 18 The Parkville Event 2018Attended by: No Attendees
0 17 Nov 18 The Parkville Saturday Night BBQAttended by: No Attendees
7 21 Jun 11 The Pirates' Tea KitchenAttended by: 7 - PrincessDiala; º; oldwinebottle; themd; muzza; suss vulture; Spladem
4 19 Oct 13 The Port Philip Bay Krazy Kast AwayAttended by: 4 - ogrebeast; Dog-gone; juc_cacher; Teamranger!
9 30 Nov 14 The SECOND annual geomasAttended by: 9 - mezza74; greynomads; d@geo; kimmatmoo; gwd.aussie; Chaplain Mike; B/dale bandits; CenturySon; Smart Sassy Siren
58 10 Apr 16 The Skipton Cave EventAttended by: 58 - Marjulcalham; ogrebeast; OzArtek; TR!; The Lookabouts; SaharaH99; ThePacman; boo09; MuggleWifeDoes; geniejoan; neisha07; chan02; Tomstache; Glanville Girls; Whitepaws9; Phetlern; tackle_head; brisal5; monch's mob; bucketeer; n0w0rries; buzzsmc; Bushfire; maccamob; becca85; stooy; lukie1987; the england's; Highrod; Robynonthego; Fergzter; abl973; 2peasinapod2012; Neville_devil; n0w0rries; washboard; xambo4u; GeoYogster; Tag-a1ong; Typhooo; TaylaM; Bmak; 6Hinemoa2; Wonder Woman W.W; BLR346; Boydclan123; Sobell Family; Saint.Anthony; geordiefamily; annabella02; Riddell; sassieold55; wildnic26; Rustymac75; jaggedwings; mi5sie; Gardner Geo's; Sobell Family
105 12 Nov 16 The Surf Coast CITO - IAttended by: 105 - Mark9375; honeysucker; clare007; GrumpyBump; WazzaAndWenches; CityKatterna; GeoVicAus; Cache Guardians; brisal5; mogni; Team Crackers; d@geo; gwd.aussie; locus cache; Sims_family; TheRobbos3266; travellinbees; Just a Trifle; Roostaman; Rusty85; DiamonJs; Team sissifalke; Glanville Girls; ahomburg; paddle chick; chooknchunk; BernieH; n0w0rries; +Wife; Guz's Travellers; *Cache_or_Check*; The Morris; GemmaSistema; McLookers; Nicole_Louise; GeoGranni; FeartGoblin; cathlud; Wazza&Kara; SnappyTomCats; nanton34; pprass; Fergzter; Wise_Old__Wizard; sedgwickDave; sassieold55; hmss bella; buzzsmc; leafotwind; Paul_the_Hippy; Mister JD; Archie B1 & B2; 2y'stassies; Smittengranny; bullertrout; Team Benders; frilk; The Empire; Snap Happy; AusFox;; The Coffee's; 4 B Ninja's; Highrod; joojoo57; Psycho_Scissors; Jacko83; Noodles22; KiwiGeoswami; eighthknox; wespro; Brad&Janet; .K.B.; suscoe; Whitepaws9; gmj3191; Cantcacheus2014; BackPAQer; -Lisette-; Earthbound Chief; Scenic Routers; baby&Mrs gopher; Gullivers Travels54; Na'wal; Lumpyjrb; snugglebunnies; grey team; AnyMules; Robber44; Neville_devil; sir_spectre; elthamkiwi; stagetree; RoadRunna; The Booos; Tassie Trekkers; lukie1987; annabella02; xyrocco; BeardedMuggle; Aunty Booo; Smepster+Darcy; Glitch42; ms-enchantress; Plymouth57; geordiefamily
76 13 Nov 16 The Surf Coast CITO - IIAttended by: 76 - KiwiGeoswami; locus cache; Sims_family; Tomboy; honeysucker; GeoVicAus; Cache Guardians; mogni; brisal5; Team Crackers; Tigresss; OzHockeyChick; Tardis; travellinbees; Just a Trifle; n0w0rries; +Wife; sir_spectre; clare007; ahomburg; Team sissifalke; misschief18; Snap Happy; GoodLook; khalleur; Bushfire; BernieH; maccamob; Mister JD; Guz's Travellers; Cybergran V; TT016; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; 6Hinemoa2; Alansee; Shandyk; The_Tritonz; ThePacman; bella at waggy; buhfuhguh; SciFiRulz; Moun10Bike; wespro; AdventureNauts; AusFox;; Tassie Trekkers; Smepster+Darcy; HansandLinda; joojoo57; Cantcacheus2014; Robber44; baby&Mrs gopher; Highrod; danozz; Earthbound Chief; Gullivers Travels54; Neville_devil; Tally Tiger; grey team; angelique_anja; Zedaycee; -Lisette-; suscoe; GrumpyBump; Team Smokey-Bear; The Coffee's; annabella02; sassieold55; hmss bella; BeardedMuggle; jascat; kangadrew72; Promontory; Paul_the_Hippy; WazzaAndWenches
51 12 Nov 16 The Surf Coast Event 2016Attended by: 51 - sammijoh; GeoAwareANZ; PRINCESSKATH.M; Team PacketStorm; Team Fisho; DreamyDragon; The Artful Dodgers; dodododomino; -nirgal-; lochb; GeoVicAus; travellinbees; Paul_the_Hippy; ahomburg; snoogs; Sassy Bandit; Hinemoana; South East Caching Mafia; The Coffee's; geono.; vistra; Snap Happy; yorkshirekiwi83; Mrsblackduck; Yoshi Warriors; maccamob; Mel_Adz; themd; sorceysal; robinyang; Happy pants; spiffy-; *Tiff*Davy*; The Farmers 5; AmethystPig; ThePacman; CaptainRisky; Happy Feet 1; suss vulture; clare007; Jacimarble; casey.cachers; greynomads; Morcs4; caughtatwork; Team Smokey-Bear; ozglory; Kato Potato; The Empire; kenare; Dachsie3
9 30 Dec 17 The Tardis Trio Travel To TownAttended by: 9 - sushilord; Doctor Owl; maccamob; dalerious; The Tardis Trio; Cybergran V; Harrowang; JACS Team; Spy Inc.
24 14 Jan 18 The Traditional Ballan Birthday PartyAttended by: 24 - Sunset62; Deragonflyz; sorceysal; Highrod; TR!; micaparamedic; sharkiefan; 08151605; maccamob; Matilda's Tardis; The 2 Wanderers; GemmaSistema; leafotwind; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; HansandLinda; LouiseAnn; MazzyMay; misschief18; Fergzter; Saint.Anthony; Capt.Roverman; suss vulture
16 05 Sep 15 The Yarra Expedition - Pt 1Attended by: 16 - Jacko83; +Wife; mudbrick; OzHockeyChick; The_Tritonz; chooknchunk; PeteTheClown; 88andy88; DAB; n0w0rries; ahomburg; Dora the Explorer!; Na'wal; maccamob; abl973; mazza-g
16 10 Oct 15 The Yarra Expedition - Pt 2Attended by: 16 - Jacko83; sedgwickDave; OzHockeyChick; ahomburg; Annoying Tarbit; The Coffee's; n0w0rries; Dora the Explorer!; quiet1_au; Alansee; PeteTheClown; The Double-A's; atsmug; 88andy88; robinyang; fuzzywuzzy72
15 28 Nov 15 The Yarra Expedition - Pt 3Attended by: 15 - Zeus; Hera & kids; ThePacman; OzHockeyChick; The Coffee's; xambo4u; The_Tritonz; Jacko83; 88andy88; n0w0rries; mudbrick; gmj3191; BernieH; atsmug; maccamob; Alansee
17 05 Mar 16 The Yarra Expedition - Pt 4Attended by: 17 - lukie1987; mudbrick; Jacko83; ThePacman; 88andy88; Mark&Kelly; ahomburg; OzHockeyChick; DAB; The Coffee's; Alansee; gmj3191; Bucks23; The_Tritonz; atsmug; n0w0rries; Team Smokey-Bear
13 29 Oct 16 The Yarra Expedition - Pt 5Attended by: 13 - OzHockeyChick; SteMicMitSar; ahomburg; jascat; gmj3191; Alansee; sedgwickDave; mazza-g; lukie1987; Jacko83; n0w0rries; atsmug; maccamob
0 04 Aug 18 The Yarra Expedition Part 10Attended by: No Attendees
11 27 Nov 16 The Yarra Expedition Part 6: Bend of IslesAttended by: 11 - OzHockeyChick; ahomburg; SirJ-Oz; n0w0rries; SteMicMitSar; Jacko83; gmj3191; sedgwickDave; Alansee; Mark&Kelly; maccamob
9 25 Feb 17 The Yarra Expedition Part 7Attended by: 9 - OzHockeyChick; SteMicMitSar; PamJ; Jentrek1; sedgwickDave; Jacko83; S_38; ahomburg; gmj3191
12 20 Jan 18 The Yarra Expedition Part 8Attended by: 12 - lukie1987; ahomburg; Geoturtle37; Papi4506; SteMicMitSar; Mark&Kelly; Gunks; n0w0rries; Jacko83; sedgwickDave; Alansee; OzHockeyChick
11 16 Jun 18 The Yarra Expedition Part 9Attended by: 11 - ale_plumtree; lillieb05; Mark&Kelly; ThePacman; lukie1987; sedgwickDave; ahomburg; spiffy-; Jacko83; OzHockeyChick; Geoturtle37
4 04 May 12 This is freaking DANGEROUS!Attended by: 4 - C@H; º; Spladem; Team?aky
17 23 Jul 11 Tigersden's Millennial MilestoneAttended by: 17 - monch's mob; tigersden; highrod; jonnykins; Kinkell1; Neavesie; squalid; Smegheads; bogonghazy; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; markndee; sully1; 42below; oldwinebottle; MrIwik; robeert
13 17 May 15 Tooradin CITO & CUADAttended by: 13 - Geocaching Melbourne; day1976; ahomburg; TeamThommo; The Swaggies; Pinkpiggy7; yorsys; schotje27; tassieexpat; draggedalong; frmen1; Team Smokey-Bear; ms-enchantress
28 12 Jul 15 Trackable Swap MeetAttended by: 28 - highrod; Gozanators; sharkiefan; McLookers; ST37E; Sol de lune; PollyTheCollie; Fergzter; Tomstache; caughtatwork; quiet1_au; yellowdaisy135; geo_jas; Nel&Andy; stagetree; geniejoan; abookwyrm; Jarwillo; TheRustyDuck; snugglebunnies; Lumpyjrb; Whitepaws9; wozzle68; Glanville Girls; skakids; Riddell; watertech; Operator
21 17 Jul 16 Trackables 101 - Ballarat EventAttended by: 21 - dehands; Glanville Girls; The_Tritonz; +Wife; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; neisha07; Phetlern; becca85; MazzyMay; iamapom; maccamob; Ruverbug Jam; wozzle68; micaparamedic; chooknchunk; McLookers; Cherad; Team Fordey; geniejoan
20 31 Jul 16 Tree Planting Day 2016 CITOAttended by: 20 - boo09; chan02; neisha07; wozzle68; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Mippy05; becca85; GemmaSistema; leafotwind; maccamob; chooknchunk; Fergzter; Glanville Girls; kenbryl; jenno3; Sean.75; kenare; ClanMcStormy
4 18 Jun 11 Twin City TurnoutAttended by: 4 - Smegheads; Kinkell1; emnjared; 4WDNROX
5 17 Oct 14 Two Macs at the MacAttended by: 5 - BettyBoo3747; Robmc; The Morris; bucketeer; Nicko57
5 04 Mar 18 Two Macs At The Mac Are BackAttended by: 5 - Robmc; bucketeer; The Morris; beckNmonts; BettyBoo3747
18 05 Jul 15 Un-Birthday Event at Bacchus MarshAttended by: 18 - misschief18; little blue wren; Aussie Fun Seakers; Tyred n Cranky; Riddell; FUF009; suss vulture; The 2 Wanderers; TR!; 2peasinapod2012; mudbrick; sorceysal; highrod; BBDAMN; taurus1955; Plymouth57; geniejoan; RoadRunna
13 06 Mar 18 Under the Silver ChimneyAttended by: 13 - Team Crackers; buhfuhguh; quiet1_au; maccamob; Alansee; DavidNessie; OzHockeyChick; leafotwind; spiffy-; sharkiefan; Fleabag-; Cherryslice88; The Coffee's
0 29 Jul 18 Union Jack Creek Tree Planting - NapoleonsAttended by: No Attendees
21 29 Oct 16 Unlock the Haunted Hides - BallaratAttended by: 21 - boo09; becca85; The_Tritonz; chooknchunk; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; misschief18; wozzle68; Fergzter; McLookers; micaparamedic; Muzza; GemmaSistema; MazzyMay; TR!; Cherad; McAdies; maccamob; Sunset62; mi5sie; Saint.Anthony
2 22 Nov 14 Valley of Nervous NelliesAttended by: 2 - Happy Chappies; geo_jas
6 06 Dec 02 Vic Cachers Weekend GetawayAttended by: 6 - Jedi4; Team Frogger; geofreak; GeoJo; maccamob; Biggles Bear
12 04 Jan 04 VIC Cachers' 2004 Summer FiestaAttended by: 12 - ectizen; lucydiamond; Team Frogger; boodi; Team Crackers; vombatus; Two+Four; Maccaholics; Drewscoot; Quasar; GeoJo; Biggles Bear
7 04 Jul 15 Victoria Lake Beautification TransformationAttended by: 7 - dalerious; TheChops; Team Rubik; Team GraMon; GeoTilly; GeoJnr; cdmark
15 29 Mar 03 Victorian Autumnal Caching AdventureAttended by: 15 - Team Piggy; TeamGeoCoopers; Alan-san; Quasar; the england's; GeoJo; boodi; Two+Four; Aussie Phantom; geofreak; kiwideb; Pyrenees Kid; Biggles Bear; muzza; maccamob
19 19 Nov 05 Victorian End of Year Get TogetherAttended by: 19 - fullonphil; Nutcache; crazy chipmunks!; Pyrenees Kid; Mikita; maccamob; djcache; The Coffee's; Alan-san; kiwideb; Team Crackers; vombatus; Biggles Bear; 2Dudez; Maccaholics; Aussie Dingoes; the england's; muzza; pprass
32 29 Jan 05 Victorian Geocachers Picnic - Jells Park 2005Attended by: 32 - Smegheads; T. D. Bear; dRanger; Smithereens; Nutcache; vombatus; barcoder; GeoJo; the england's; Rebel Acts; kiwideb; dak's Emu Mob; Geof; Rabbitto; muzza; Biggles Bear; Team_Diesel; xf king; The Coffee's; Partic; chandi; Maccaholics; maccamob; aussiecoder; Da Bugs; sbalogh53; Team Crackers; dcr; Blaze_au; Team Two Bears; Em_Eagle; evil_hitman
7 15 Jul 17 VIKtorians - WinterCamp 2017Attended by: 7 - sedgwickDave; Ausyowie; Archie B1 & B2; BWWC; ºS; º; Jamin Appleford
10 02 May 17 Visiting from Phillip IslandAttended by: 10 - neisha07; boo09; becca85; Snap Happy; micaparamedic; Wonder Woman W.W; tassieexpat; draggedalong; wozzle68; GoodLook
42 06 Dec 14 WalkBy/RideBy Geelong Christmas Smorgasbord EventAttended by: 42 - Snap Happy; The Coffee's; Happy pants; Team Crackers; maccamob; TR!; ogrebeast; ThePacman; Phetlern; The Morris; Glanville Girls; ozbob; McLookers; Yoshi Warriors; Gemmasiemensma; The_Tritonz; sully1; Frog_Lady; Buckleysbabe; sorceysal; 6Hinemoa2; LouiseAnn; Bushfire; Alansee; suscoe; Na'wal; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; alchey; McAdies; suss vulture; juc_cacher; windscreen; Darth Briji; The Empire; GemChef; OutRangerous; kmace; Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder; The Famous Geo5; buzzsmc; wozzle68
33 17 Sep 11 Wang springtime meet and greet.Attended by: 33 - Gonefishen07; Thing No2; Thing No1; maccamob; Lostmonster & Co; The Morris; troobloo; squalid; Hearse068; Robmc; Phetlern; Roostaman; skullracing; chewinprickles; micheena; Team Brooza; Fred6603; Blacklegend; WazzaAndWenches; Spy Inc.; Coruze; lochb; BackPAQer; Yullaba; haveanez; baby&Mrs gopher; purpledreamer; 3InOne; BettyBoo3747; Bushtrakkers; Hinklenator; tattboy1; monch's mob
32 22 Apr 18 Warrenheip Creek CITOAttended by: 32 - Snap Happy; micaparamedic; SteMicMitSar; The Empire; Phetlern; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; sorceysal; Geoturtle37; Papi4506; 6Hinemoa2; Cherad; feathertop; leafotwind; Bushfire; +Wife; claybol; boo09; neisha07; chooknchunk; becca85; biggles1024; au.fait; 08151605; Sims_family; OzHockeyChick; MazzyMay; Saint.Anthony; McLookers; n0w0rries; Neville_devil; Riddell
20 21 Apr 13 Waterways by Yak - CITOAttended by: 20 - Pathfinder24; Spladem; lochb; -nirgal-; BernieH; GJMMelb; Archie B1 & B2; ahomburg; SnapHappy1; stagetree; SirJ-Oz; stemicmitsar; sedgwickDave; LouiseAnn; Paul_the_Hippy; PeteTheClown; spiffy-; quiet1_au; Happiikhat; Team?aky
5 25 Oct 16 Way out West, over east !!!!Attended by: 5 - sharkiefan; ahomburg; maccamob; Alansee; Kyzabra
20 01 Jul 17 We've Turned the Corner...Summer's on the way!Attended by: 20 - Alansee; -nirgal-; micaparamedic; GoodLook; Muzza; landau351; cathlud; The Welder; Whitepaws9; greytiger; Legomango's Dad; Long John Silva; Leightsy; Cal&Ruth; ChrisWhite62; kangadrew72; Legomango9; UltimateGeoCacheTeam; gmj3191; Geo_Seek
22 21 Jun 14 Welcome CacherAttended by: 22 - cauzsa; ST37E; sully1; bogonghazy; misschief18; Shamus1; The 2 Wanderers; Glanville Girls; Beckster22; TR!; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; McLookers; oldwinebottle; The Lookabouts; highrod; Gemmasiemensma; Tomstache; Bri_poi; 42below; wozzle68; stooy
17 28 Feb 15 Welcome Cacher @ the UnicornAttended by: 17 - Glanville Girls; Shamus1; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Tomstache; highrod; Motndarg; ST37E; chooknchunk; wozzle68; Cherad; ZombieCats; Gemmasiemensma; McAdies; McLookers; mi5sie; The Herenach
26 21 Oct 06 Welcome Home MaccamobAttended by: 26 - Alansee; EuDes; LinearZZ; 4 men and a lady; dak's Emu Mob; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; barcoder; Alsume; maccamob; Spruce Mooses; Maccaholics; GeoJo; BackPAQer; the farmers 5; chefs on the run; Rabbitto; Biggles Bear; edmil; the england's; pprass; Clogwog; Partic; pickupfamily; Team Rubik; muzza
24 20 Nov 11 Welcome Liz and Bruce to MelbourneAttended by: 24 - dagobert1; Liz and Bruce; skirrel; Spladem; The Coffee's; maccamob; PrincessDiala; lochb; monch's mob; coley_babee; SirJ-Oz; ahomburg; Alansee; Rabbitto; landau351; sedgwickDave; lemmykc; Biggles Bear; 80degrees; Earthbound Chief; quiet1_au; iamapom; Rebel Acts; -Lisette-
92 17 Nov 17 Welcome to AlexandraAttended by: 92 - M&D?; Sunset62; Bushfire; Clever Monkey; gwd.aussie; The Emongs; my_name_jeff; Team Smokey-Bear; maximus1978; lochb; Zeus; Hera & kids; -Lisette-; DARKSIDEDAN.; sqau; cravo10; crank1; SkArY_KLoWn; #Kiko#; Böses_Mädchen; _AlfalfA_; CrikeyGeocacher; day1976; Fnsaws; Everlasting; fam_o_five; Fox in Jox; apple460; WeRAmused; Na'wal; MazzyMay; dazzpete; feathertop; The.Arborist; SteMicMitSar; cathlud; The lost wanderers; RoddyC; GJMMelb; squalid; firesafe; Crustyvarmint; Whitepaws9; Love; Tyred n Cranky; FUF009; 2y'stassies; plowfive; ahomburg; Muppet95; joojoo57; sedgwickDave; BernieH; Tankengine; Happy pants; Smittengranny; dahumbug; Archie B1 & B2; little blue wren; Geoturtle37; kotukuSI; Muzza; Goldenwattle; NationalSteel; Tassie Trekkers; Laighside Legends; baby&Mrs gopher; DiamonJs; scody; HansandLinda; Pinkpiggy7; Wazza&Kara; Earthbound Chief; grannygeo64; Nicko57; goingplaces2; lgoody; kmps; Treking Trev; patrol14; Zedaycee; Brolga; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; GeoLibrarian54; artesiancacher; youngoldfella; Snickersallan; Casadella; buhfuhguh; Gullivers Travels54; bunadoorian; pwala
129 12 Nov 16 Welcome to AngleseaAttended by: 129 - travellinbees; Paul_the_Hippy; MazzyMay; clare007; greynomads; iamapom; Tassie Trekkers; KmanNZ; honeysucker; GeoVicAus; Cache Guardians; Marcus Vitruvius; brisal5; mogni; gwd.aussie; geojosiah; locus cache; d@geo; LuckyL10n; Team sissifalke; Roostaman; nikid1; Quasar3671; paddle chick; SA_ParrotHead; TheRobbos3266; Chwiliwr; BernieH; Sims_family; Bushfire; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; *Cache_or_Check*; McAdies; Phetlern; GoodLook; hevwalker; Ruverbug Jam; TT016; TheRobbos3266; maccamob; geniejoan; Team Crackers; #SEALTeam4; sassieold55; buzzsmc; Just Friends; gooseandegg; pprass; Archie B1 & B2; xambo4u; McLookers; Smittengranny; bullertrout; 2y'stassies; SnappyTomCats; jaggedwings; khalleur; scody; Muzza; The Coffee's; AusFox;; Team Benders; Jazzminemoonlight; joojoo57; Jacko83; frilk; suscoe; ozglory; .K.B.; The Empire; gmj3191; HansandLinda; GrumpyBump; Team BGF; Scenic Routers; Laighside Legends; Robber44; Highrod; GeoYogster; -Lisette-; Jamin Appleford; Smepster+Darcy; KiwiGeoswami; eighthknox; xyrocco; Morcs4; baby&Mrs gopher; Harrowang; grey team; Na'wal; Lumpyjrb; Moun10Bike; Mark&Kelly; sharkiefan; Snickersallan; TiedyeSmileys; Neville_devil; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; Earthbound Chief; angelique_anja; snugglebunnies; sir_spectre; AnyMules; Team Smokey-Bear; day1976; SciFiRulz; larafolk; annabella02; The Booos; Aunty Booo; vamp1blade; Riddell; ms-enchantress; The Rustys; lukie1987; jascat; jaktembo; guntygu; mi5sie; Dachsie3; Guz's Travellers; Promontory; Kwokka; Misthills; Pinkpiggy7; Fernweh*; *bech*
31 21 May 16 Welcome to GeocachingAttended by: 31 - buzzsmc; boo09; The_Tritonz; neisha07; misschief18; Posho6; becca85; au.fait; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Darth Briji; wozzle68; Bushfire; Capt.Roverman; McLookers; DAB; Na'wal; Pinkpiggy7; AusFox;; Buckleysbabe; GemmaSistema; suss vulture; suscoe; jandaw; Sims_family; bazinga01; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; angelique_anja; Plymouth57
26 03 Dec 16 What-a-ChristmessAttended by: 26 - Buckleysbabe; Team Crackers; Phetlern; Happy pants; SteMicMitSar; leafotwind; sharkiefan; The_Tritonz; 6Hinemoa2; omegaman1971; Na'wal; Yoshi Warriors; maccamob; Muzza; Happy Feet 1; misschief18; Alansee; suss vulture; McLookers; Sims_family; AusFox;; feathertop; ThePacman; GemmaSistema; suscoe; Neville_devil
33 09 Aug 14 What-a-MessAttended by: 33 - donidoode; brisal5; Doctor Owl; Frog_Lady; mogni; hoon1; The Morris; chooknchunk; ogrebeast; kmace; Edlasc; quiet1_au; The Coffee's; sog12; suss vulture; alchey; Gozanators; muzza; McLookers; Glanville Girls; Rehfisch Clan; Tomstache; BettyBoo3747; 6Hinemoa2; Robmc; Buckleysbabe; DAB; Na'wal; Bexta; Bushfire; buzzsmc; Dog-onit; VKC1SR
10 28 Sep 13 Whats that Rambling down at Tower Hill?Attended by: 10 - whit's wanderers; The Morris; VicMap; scouterhannah108; bucketeer; Masked Avenger; BjOssie; squalid; highrod; ashleigh.green
24 29 Feb 16 Whats the Fuss aboutAttended by: 24 - casey.cachers; The Coffee's; Rabbitto; Alansee; #SEALTeam4; 88andy88; littlemerpip; Vanessa&Aodh; OzHockeyChick; matt walk the world; crank1; Pinkpiggy7; Sonic 9; SneakyGeoKids; Alanica; don55; Trac the world; biggles1024; Ruverbug; coley_babee; TeamThommo; xizorandy; ansmisty; Team Smokey-Bear
21 05 Oct 14 Where I B?Attended by: 21 - Saint.Anthony; ST37E; sushilord; Tounga; Moneydork; locus cache; ThePacman; Phetlern; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; romork; McAdies; 6Hinemoa2; wozzle68; sully1; Glanville Girls; McLookers; Tomstache; highrod; Fergzter; Beckster22
8 13 Apr 17 Where in the world is Signal?Attended by: 8 - Geocaching.Geelong; larafolk; TR!; Sims_family; PatandLynda; Bushfire; ThePacman; Na'wal
11 24 Aug 17 Where is WA Goes Big 2017- C'Mon VicAttended by: 11 - The Coffee's; sharkiefan; WeRAmused; Alansee; Kyzabra; Papillon4506; n0w0rries; maccamob; Pinkpiggy7; beckNmonts; OzHockeyChick
4 23 Apr 18 Where is WA Goes BIG in 2018?Attended by: 4 - CJ_252; Alansee; leafotwind; au.fait
10 18 Sep 14 WhereYouGoing?Attended by: 10 - Phetlern; suscoe; Bunjil; ThePacman; Buckleysbabe; Capt.Roverman88; The_Tritonz; suss vulture; Na'wal; jinkyandjohn
7 20 Sep 14 Wherigo To?Attended by: 7 - ThePacman; BernieH; sedgwickDave; EuDes; LouiseAnn; Frog_Lady; Long John Silva
17 19 Mar 16 Wherigo WorkshopAttended by: 17 - The Coffee's; LouiseAnn; OzHockeyChick; Mark&Kelly; ahomburg; Annoying Tarbit; sharkiefan; The_Tritonz; maccamob; The Swaggies; 88andy88; SteMicMitSar; Tally Tiger; Zedaycee; n0w0rries; Lego Heads; surefoot24
25 25 Oct 12 Williamstown Pub Dinner - Start of a Custom?Attended by: 25 - Riddell; mcwomble; calumphing_four; SnapHappy1; Team Crackers; mudbrick; iamapom; Spladem; 6Hinemoa2; The Empire; maccamob; bogonghazy; Archie B1 & B2; Alansee; themd; whyfarer; gmj3191; jester12; Robmc; Poseidon_2002; Biggles Bear; BettyBoo3747; Marks Finders; Paul_the_Hippy; landau351
13 17 Apr 16 Wimmera Hwy CITO 2016Attended by: 13 - GoodLook; locus cache; FUF009; Tyred n Cranky; maccamob; CPwanderer; muff1; crzcooper; tigersden; wildnic26; Bernipnip; WART.HOG; Rustymac75
19 15 Aug 04 Winches & Waterfalls 4WD Event Cache.Attended by: 19 - Da Bugs; Little Miss Muggle; Steph'n'Ash; stabilo; GeoQuacks; Pyrenees Kid; dcr; Maccaholics; GeoJo; ian-and-penny; pprass; Jedi4; Dicko; Rabbitto; xf king; engels; the england's; geofreak; Biggles Bear
17 10 Aug 13 Winter Games Night: One for the Geo Kids/FamiliesAttended by: 17 - Archie B1 & B2; landau351; Phetlern; -nirgal-; trixie&toby; 80degrees; OzArtek; La mina; PIPPAESP; crig; sons79; stagetree; KRAZYK:-p; CJ-Curry; littlemerpip; LouiseAnn; Way Finder
11 22 Jun 12 Winter Solstice on water by torchlightAttended by: 11 - 3up; Morwell SES; Crisp image; º; wam78; Ali J; Jacimarble; SKI Pair; stemicmitsar; Team?aky; Belladeka
27 01 Jul 17 Winter Solstice. Geocaching GeelongAttended by: 27 - sorceysal; Gunks; TuberDang; ThePacman; DAB; OzHockeyChick; micaparamedic; Geoturtle37; Papillon4506; GoodLook; The_Tritonz; wozzle68; n0w0rries; maccamob; Sims_family; geordiefamily; Muzza; Bushfire; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; GemmaSistema; Crack'n'LeeLee; McLookers; BoatieTim; Darth Briji; Na'wal; Pinkpiggy7
9 25 Jun 16 Winter WonderlandAttended by: 9 - The Coffee's; Ruverbug Jam; n0w0rries; OzHockeyChick; 88andy88; The Empire; Na'wal; leafotwind; imgettingannoyed
0 01 Aug 15 WinterCampAttended by: None
3 21 Sep 13 WinterCampAttended by: 3 - Team?aky; º; PeteTheClown
0 11 Aug 18 WinterCamp 2018Attended by: No Attendees
24 03 Jul 10 WintergrillenAttended by: 24 - slacas; suntu; Darkandstormy; RogWat; The Morris; Geodes; Partic; Robmc; 3up; Alansee; Team Crackers; maccamob; Phetlern; iamapom; garnercx; tackle_head; p-boro; Team Buggalugs; ian-and-penny; coley_babee; YugiTea559; Mr.Coffee and the Coffee Clan; 3blackducks; Riddell
23 31 Jul 10 Wintergrillen 2nd EditionAttended by: 23 - The Coffee's; mrx2; PrincessDiala; The Morris; Team Crackers; Biggles Bear; º; squalid; p-boro; diablo1234; iamapom; ian-and-penny; one-eyed; muzza; Spladem; Rabbitto; Zippi1; BackPAQer; Rigger64; LouiseAnn; garnercx; Earthbound Chief; coley_babee
29 28 Dec 13 Wonthaggi (pre) 2014 NEW YEAR PARTYAttended by: 29 - lozza311; Zobo04; bogonghazy; sully1; Gonefishen07; Phetlern; ahomburg; Hearse068; The Coffee's; de ja vu; EuDes; The Morris; The Swaggies; Alansee; Poiter.h; maccamob; GJMMelb; muzza; Sorcha86; Geogran1937; pprass; KTCvic; ceebee2013; dgfb33; crig; -Lisette-; You_Can_Do_It_2; anderka; Graling
33 29 Dec 17 Wonthaggi 2018 Pre New Year EventAttended by: 33 - Hearse068; Gonefishen07; sqau; pwala; d@geo; micaparamedic; gwd.aussie; The_Tritonz; Flyingkangaro; PamJ; GoodLook; Geogran1937; dgfb33; ahomburg; M&D?; McLookers; maccamob; Alansee; The Swaggies; +Wife; crank1; benjay21; sedgwickDave; Whitepaws9; beckNmonts; Zedaycee; ceebee2013; de ja vu; surefoot24; 2peasinapod2012; The Paulsons; Earthbound Chief; iamapom
24 29 Sep 13 Wonthaggi Spring Meet and GreetAttended by: 24 - xxhayleyxx; Trunksnsuch; Team Crackers; The Coffee's; Gonefishen07; Zobo04; Quasar3671; -Lisette-; kmps; Poiter.h; TheGGGs; SirJ-Oz; de ja vu; La mina; KTCvic; crig; Hearse068; Graling; Daryllm123; Pakenman; cazza_thats_me; lozza311; tassieexpat; Thing No2
46 03 Jan 15 Wonthaggi's 2015 New Years Event.Attended by: 46 - wyrdsister; sqau; Gonefishen07; coley_babee; Hearse068; Rebel Acts; Phetlern; Team Crackers; dgfb33; ahomburg; The Morris; gwd.aussie; Zobo04; The Coffee's; Nut bear; megs_q; Alansee; pprass; bdthamilton; Rabbitto; Clever Monkey; Wings Of Freedom; -Lisette-; The Drovers; kyabbott; The Swaggies; littlemerpip; Graling; LouiseAnn; Poiter.h; maccamob; You_Can_Do_It_2; BorisB&Natasha; jacqui2411; FelixII; Muzza; sharkiefan; clickcraftsman; gmj3191; ceebee2013; tassieexpat; º; anderka; minons; JSando; carkisser
35 07 Jan 17 Wonthaggi's 2017 New Year EventAttended by: 35 - Hearse068; Gonefishen07; xambo4u; GoodLook; Phetlern; misschief18; Mummy Short Legs; The Swaggies; Team Crackers; NurseHayley; geniejoan; Alansee; Mrsblackduck; lukie1987; Geogran1937; dgfb33; PamJ; au.fait; maccamob; Kato Potato; Highrod; snugglebunnies; de ja vu; crank1; Whitepaws9; BorisB&Natasha; kmps; pprass; squalid; KTCvic; Bounty Trackers; ceebee2013; Wal-len; matt_geo; geniejoan
36 02 Jan 16 Wonthaggis's 2016 New Years EventAttended by: 36 - Zobo04; Gonefishen07; coley_babee; yorsys; icefoxy; d@geo; +Wife; Hearse068; Phetlern; ahomburg; sqau; gwd.aussie; KTCvic; LouiseAnn; The Swaggies; Alansee; maccamob; micaparamedic; 80degrees; iamapom; BorisB&Natasha; snugglebunnies; The Coffee's; Muzza; n0w0rries; Square_Pegs; Team Crackers; Vanessa&Aodh; sedgwickDave; xambo4u; one-eyed; mcsee&petal; kmps; ceebee2013; Riley.B; Elly.B
11 20 Sep 14 World Clean Up Weekend - Our Civic DutyAttended by: 11 - The Coffee's; Team Crackers; Zobo04; micaparamedic; Gonefishen07; megs_q; muzza; Alansee; Na'wal; The Double-A's; sharkiefan
40 26 Jan 15 Worlds Collide at Brimbank (Australia)Attended by: 40 - Cybergran V; The Coffee's; -nirgal-; highrod; romork; AusTrackers; Team Crackers; scrigby; kizza-mermaid; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder; Obi-Cal; kmace; cdmark; Team Rubik; coachV; duncdonut73; Quasar; Gaga66; iamapom; Alansee; stagetree; Riddell; Muzza; Mrsblueduck; Fergzter; 80degrees; feathertop; Geo Jenni; Scooters Mob; bisygisy; McAdies; Skymija; carkisser; The Machman; robeert; JSando; Ziggy58; D-Tas
24 11 Nov 07 WWFM - Eternal FlameAttended by: 24 - Rhinogeo; LIVERPOOLRED; Highrod; EuDes; dcr; Clogwog; Facitman; Team Rubik; Team Crackers; sandar10; 38 degrees south; BackPAQer; The Coffee's; listmaker; vombatus; pprass; caughtatwork; Spruce Mooses; pandpp; micaparamedic; don55; pickupfamily; MrHyde77; Romax
52 10 May 08 WWFM III - Make a Federal case of itAttended by: 52 - geofreak; wheelio; Partic; T. D. Bear; Nutcache; LIVERPOOLRED; EuDes; flickr; Chati; slipknot 666; Mini Cacher One; John-Gill; ~Tango~; Team Crackers; Dazza1; Phetlern; the england's; Facitman; Clogwog; Alsume; pandpp; The Coffee's; squalid; maccamob; Ratbag14; Highrod; Coffee and Cache; LinearZZ; Marcus Vitruvius; fozzy778; whitejaegar; Team Rubik; Kinkell1; phanton51; 2big2little; MADSTARS; the ref; Rhinogeo; caughtatwork; ssmc4; bobthebuilder_123; flerdle; Team RooBok; pwags; listmaker; DiConX; pprass; bigmutts1; dolly2cv6; Muzza; SamCarter; MrHyde77
49 08 Nov 08 WWFM IV - Throw the book at it!Attended by: 49 - pandpp; Dicksontwo; Franklj; Trunksergruppe; Uncle Jiffy; Robmc; Alsume; EuDes; March Brown; red tag; James the Peg; Rhinogeo; Kinkell1; Crisp image; howjen567; CDNB; The_Easter_Bunnies; Facitman; Team RooBok; Bushfire; Thirty Eights; BackPAQer; Team Rubik; Eureka Gold; Blatherskite; monch's mob; VKC1SR; gmthirteen; bobthebuilder_123; Alansee; pprass; Spruce Mooses; Landsergruppe; caughtatwork; ssmc4; squalid; feathertop; maccamob; Muzza; SamCarter; pwags; vk3jap; Alan-san; flerdle; The Coffee's; Speedy Stamps; SirLoinOfBeef; petenric; MrHyde77
40 10 Jun 12 WWFM IX - Big Ted's HouseAttended by: 40 - iamapom; PrincessDiala; skullracing; Beau_rl; MissBB; -nirgal-; landau351; C@H; ahomburg; Beckety; lochb; Rhinogeo; themd; Paco Aliandro; sisso; i love dr who; grant1wish; The.Arborist; quiet1_au; Facitman; Happy Chappies; geo_jas; FnKPatrolling; clickcraftsman; micaparamedic; SirJ-Oz; nufrat; HADO KARP; The Coffee's; team_coxy; Bexta; Jacimarble; TrudyJane; GrahamT; whyfarer; Two_Drews; bulletproof4; Cycling_guy; Burge; Datruk
61 09 Jun 12 WWFM IX - Smiley, Smiley, SmileyAttended by: 61 - RollaB; jackam; lemmykc; themd; Happiikhat; coley_babee; MissBB; PrincessDiala; LouiseAnn; Princess Amy; C@H; Stick Kid; ahomburg; sedgwickDave; HADO KARP; lochb; sisso; grant1wish; team_coxy; bulletproof4; The.Arborist; Chaplain Mike; The Empire; landau351; stagetree; Snap Happy; -Lisette-; Muzza; suss vulture; iamapom; GJMMelb; Earthbound Chief; The Coffee's; geo_jas; quiet1_au; Whitepaws9; nurse suzy; -nirgal-; Maggies_lens; ProBleMatiKal; tackle_head; Facitman; epicmac; warrior99; Paco Aliandro; Team LyssLyss; RodHelena; abl973; Rhinogeo; Jazza16; Square_Pegs; micaparamedic; SirJ-Oz; clickcraftsman; Tatty; SteMicMitSar; Datruk; Smart Sassy Siren; nufrat; Jacimarble; GCMelb
54 02 May 09 WWFM V - To market, to market !Attended by: 54 - flerdle; jennysinclair; bobthebuilder_123; Rhinogeo; Muzza; Ratbag14; The Freaks; narns1mav; Team Rubik; The Empire; Kinkell1; budgie09; Facitman; monch's mob; Team Crackers; PrincessDiala; The Morris; EuDes; Coffee and Cache; TravellingTurtle; squalid; Smiley Bill; RobWinmar; pprass; McAdies; jezarocks; Highrod; Eureka Gold; Stickler; mymonster; pocketrocket&friends; Blatherskite; Rabbitto; BackPAQer; sandar10; Spruce Mooses; wallyhunt; Team_Ninja; TeamGeoPlesk; Llangollen; Rigger64; The Lone Random; Alansee; caughtatwork; 64EH; allan_b; Mr Emu; Lemony Squish; janaliel; joffa1970; maccamob; Partic; The Coffee's; phanton51
55 14 Nov 09 WWFM VI - Loosen the purse strings !Attended by: 55 - freddymcs; Team PacketStorm; Emma's JAM; Rhinogeo; RHPS; Chati; The Coffee's; Phetlern; 64EH; the easts; kamikaze cacher; The_Easter_Bunnies; streetvipers; Pöhö; EuDes; Uncle Jiffy; Team Crackers; happyjester; AppleBees; Team Rubik; TasmanJumper; 3up; Rabbitto; Darkandstormy; Echo & Spice; fozzy778; pprass; Team Boofa; gkragen; bobthebuilder_123; The Empire; Crazy Creels; Melbermans; LouiseAnn; pocketrocket&friends; mymonster; Jaffnut; caughtatwork; BackPAQer; tackle_head; Alansee; squalid; Facitman; listmaker; feathertop; cluelesscouple; janaliel; ssmc4; daunts; wallyhunt; Team RooBok; Pathfinder24; The Artful Dodgers; iamapom; monch's mob
39 05 Jun 11 WWFM VIII - Breakfast of ChampionsAttended by: 39 - Gozanators; harry_stamper; Albatross73; Rhinogeo; coley_babee; Geo Gemzy; EuDes; Pathfinder24; PrincessDiala; Whitepaws9; Facitman; crank1; landau351; laurenda; themd; pocketrocket&friends; Spladem; -Lisette-; LouiseAnn; The Coffee's; 80degrees; team_coxy; Cycling_guy; iamapom; ahomburg; stagetree; Geo Holzy; squalid; Bounty Trackers; Geopr1ncess; The Empire; YugiTea559; Happy Chappies; º; xambo4u; BackPAQer; Datruk; drgunnzo; laker63
43 04 May 13 WWFM X - May the Fourth be with youAttended by: 43 - PeteTheClown; mcwomble; Spladem; The Coffee's; -nirgal-; ahomburg; GJMMelb; Archie B1 & B2; BL4Z3N; sedgwickDave; Two_Drews; CJ-Curry; GazaC; La mina; Facitman; coley_babee; Alansee; EuDes; Riddell; lemmykc; Muzza; gmj3191; tackle_head; LouiseAnn; listmaker; maccamob; Rhinogeo; geo_jas; quiet1_au; crig; GrahamT; iamapom; SirJ-Oz; echidna44; 80degrees; SteMicMitSar; McLookers; QueenK8; TeamPurplePen; Capt.Roverman; Squishy_Blob; Tan1a; big_hairy_cat
39 05 May 13 WWFM X - What time ?Attended by: 39 - bulletproof4; -nirgal-; The Coffee's; lionjrb; echidna44; Two_Drews; themd; The Empire; PeteTheClown; GazaC; stagetree; CJ-Curry; Fergzter; EuDes; LouiseAnn; geo_jas; BernieH; quiet1_au; clickcraftsman; drjim7; josiey; Spladem; stemicmitsar; QueenK8; landau351; Archie B1 & B2; Whyt Knight; nanton34; 80degrees; Capt.Roverman88; ssmc4; iamapom; Riddell; S. Piddy; jesstu666; TeamPurplePen; Tan1a; big_hairy_cat; landau351
23 07 Jun 14 WWFM XI - A Flashy AssumptionAttended by: 23 - skullracing; emnjared; Lostmonster & Co; jacko*; GrumpyBump; baby&Mrs gopher; Coruze; ZombieZorb; PapaGrouch; bulletproof4; SciFiRulz; Aussie Pathtag Club; kiara001; Harrowang; Jamin Appleford; Yowie3747; ptw312; ms158f; TheClazzas; wackyweedos; cristabel; The lost wanderers; TheChops
49 07 Jun 14 WWFM XI - Hip Hip Hooray it's the QueenAttended by: 49 - beast98; TornadoTeddy; Archie B1 & B2; Ostara74; Snap Happy; º; strange quark1; Jimmymaff; urthawk; Facitman; Fredd01; Rose & Donbat; Earthbound Chief; LemurMan1; Muzza; The Coffee's; Team Crackers; Happy pants; n0w0rries; abl973; xambo4u; listmaker; LouiseAnn; geo_jas; SirJ-Oz; Burge; SteMicMitSar; Alansee; Wander Which Way?; quiet1_au; The Empire; kmace; Annoying Tarbit; Riddell; clickcraftsman; CJ-Curry; tackle_head; PantherX; gmj3191; MrEarp; mymonster; 80degrees; sharkiefan; sedgwickDave; micaparamedic; landau351; Pinkpiggy7; Vorbis2; Hawley3
21 07 Jun 14 WWFM XI - SebastopolAttended by: 21 - _stormhorse_; Geo_Eddie; Gemmasiemensma; wozzle68; gregandjudi; McAdies; TR!; Motndarg; chooknchunk; The 2 Wanderers; misschief18; Dazza1; dbelco; Glanville Girls; Fergzter; Tomstache; highrod; McLookers; 42below; Saint.Anthony; geordiefamily
16 14 Jun 15 WWFM XII - What time again ? 3am ? Oh, oh, oh no.Attended by: 16 - landau351; xambo4u; SirJ-Oz; SteMicMitSar; iamapom; EuDes; LouiseAnn; cathlud; geo_jas; Bounty Trackers; Pinkpiggy7; sharkiefan; gmj3191; 80degrees; JSando; carkisser
28 13 Jun 15 WWFM XII its all about BubblesAttended by: 28 - -nirgal-; sedgwickDave; casey.cachers; ahomburg; Rabbitto; pprass; Team Crackers; #SEALTeam4; squalid; Facitman; The Coffee's; n0w0rries; SteMicMitSar; The Swaggies; micaparamedic; Alansee; Muzza; (._o); Biggles Bear; biggles1024; TeamThommo; Stormgirl13; Pinkpiggy7; TeamCharizard; Team Smokey-Bear; TeamCharizard; chefs on the run; Spladem
9 11 Jun 17 WWFM XIV - 3am, no that's not a typo !Attended by: 9 - geo_jas; kangadrew72; -nirgal-; The Coffee's; Mark&Kelly; 80degrees; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; Zedaycee
11 10 Jun 18 WWFM XV - Are you Crazy or is it just usAttended by: 11 - micaparamedic; SteMicMitSar; surefoot24; chooknchunk; Zedaycee; Tally Tiger; angelique_anja; biggles1024; Pinkpiggy7; GoodLook; 4 B Ninja's
79 15 May 10 WWFMVII - not the WilburysAttended by: 79 - Team Rubik; The Coffee's; Geewok; 3up; Robmc; joffa1970; Team Goanna; team_coxy; harry_stamper; Datruk; kennedy*5; The Lone Random; oldwinebottle; 42below; Alsume; Everlasting; tackle_head; maccamob; mymonster; monch's mob; bearsleys; coley_babee; Uncle Jiffy; The Empire; Bushfire; º; Rogmantosh; ACME_Caching; 80degrees; crank1; Facitman; FLIPPER&CO; pocketrocket&friends; skip2992; PrincessDiala; Burge; GabGab; caughtatwork; Epsilon Crucis; Speedy Stamps; EuDes; SteMicMitSar; Rabbitto; Team?aky; MrIwik; Treasurehid; UnluckyCharm; PantherX; themd; reesylou; Rhinogeo; squalid; Geo_Eddie; wallyhunt; Storm Chaser 750; Muzza; templetonteam; Canaped; McAdies; Spladem; Jaffnut; BackPAQer; iamapom; Brynbeuno; R36; stagetree; Spruce Mooses; Alan-san; pwags; Callisto's friend; listmaker; ssmc4; designk; TeamBizkit; danozz; Stu+1; The Artful Dodgers; The Artful Dodgers; RodHelena
29 08 Jun 14 WWFMXI - Is that really the time?Attended by: 29 - Frog_Lady; lionjrb; -nirgal-; -nirgal-; highrod; dbelco; UnaSys; vicfire; Roads75; TR!; ogrebeast; Beckster22; Glanville Girls; McLookers; Bushfire; Tomstache; suscoe; Buckleysbabe; suss vulture; alchey; Tiff&TezBurns; Darth Briji; M&G Clan; The_Tritonz; Team PacketStorm; geordiefamily; LibzHat; Beelibones; StreetTeam1
32 07 Jun 14 WWFMXI - Ships AhoyAttended by: 32 - Frog_Lady; Phetlern; maccamob; suscoe; Tomstache; Sol de lune; UnaSys; Glanville Girls; McLookers; vacachin; juc_cacher; Beckster22; toy hunters; TR!; 6Hinemoa2; TheGspoters; jinkyandjohn; suss vulture; Bushfire; GeoDay51; ogrebeast; Na'wal; dbelco; Darth Briji; alchey; Bexta; vicfire; Little Pinky; geordiefamily; cloudglider; The_Tritonz; buzzsmc
22 14 Jun 15 WWFMXII - FFFFLLLLAAAASSSSHHHH MMMMOOOOBBBB!!!!Attended by: 22 - buzzsmc; -nirgal-; dbelco; highrod; Buckleysbabe; Tomstache; Cybergran V; AutumnTree; McLookers; suss vulture; themd; TR!; The_Tritonz; Darth Briji; Plymouth57; RoadRunna; LibzHat; MaggieDot; FattyMcScratty; sandy&alinetreasure; autumncs; geordiefamily
27 13 Jun 15 WWFMXII - Gateway Flashing MobAttended by: 27 - buzzsmc; dbelco; Phetlern; vacachin; highrod; Jacko83; Tomstache; Cybergran V; LibzHat; McLookers; suss vulture; ST37E; Glanville Girls; au.fait; Fergzter; alchey; Buckleysbabe; hoon1; Darth Briji; TR!; cloudglider; tackle_head; mudbrick; AutumnTree; MaggieDot; geniejoan; The_Tritonz
10 13 Jun 15 WWFMXII - MansfieldAttended by: 10 - rawhide; skullracing; BettyBoo3747; baby&Mrs gopher; Robmc; docNwitchjy; BernieH; Harrowang; Clever Monkey; gmj3191
26 04 Jun 16 WWFMXIII - Geelong's Paper Plane ChampionshipAttended by: 26 - buzzsmc; Tomstache; TR!; The_Tritonz; DreamyDragon; GeoVicAus; larafolk; Buckleysbabe; n0w0rries; The_Easter_Bunnies; McLookers; GemmaSistema; suss vulture; AusFox;; geniejoan; Dog-gone; Fergzter; Bushfire; Plymouth57; RoadRunna; 08151605; GemChef; Shiimmy; AutumnTree; autumncs; -nirgal-
12 05 Jun 16 WWFMXIII - Onesies MobAttended by: 12 - Tomstache; The_Tritonz; buzzsmc; Buckleysbabe; McLookers; suss vulture; AusFox;; TR!; Shiimmy; Ninny_Muggins; Lilmix; Darth Briji
13 11 Jun 17 WWFMXIV - As life goes onAttended by: 13 - AusFox;; suss vulture; mooochie; n0w0rries; The Empire; buzzsmc; McPhail family; Ninny_Muggins; McLookers; Polnevdol; Sims_family; Neville_devil; The_Tritonz
13 10 Jun 18 WWFMXV - Colours of the Cache-bowAttended by: 13 - leafotwind; Geoturtle37; The_Tritonz; n0w0rries; Sims_family; AusFox;; suss vulture; Buckleysbabe; McLookers; Neville_devil; _BFMC_; Ninny_Muggins; OzHockeyChick
20 09 Jun 18 WWFMXV - Gateway Flashing... Again?Attended by: 20 - Hotmumma; au.fait; nirgalagrin; leafotwind; Sims_family; maccamob; Phetlern; n0w0rries; +Wife; Darth Briji; Ninny_Muggins; The_Tritonz; cloudglider; suss vulture; jinkyandjohn; AusFox;; TR!; Na'wal; Neville_devil; Yetarewethere
11 20 Apr 13 Yack CitoAttended by: 11 - Aussie Pathtag Club; a1elec; skullracing; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; The lost wanderers; bulletproof4; bucrog52; ptw312; Coruze; au.fait
29 24 Oct 10 Yarrawonga Meet,Greet and EatAttended by: 29 - Aussie Pathtag Club; 3InOne; beavar; Team Rubik; Lostmonster & Co; Team Kamikaze; Spladem; bulletproof4; lgoody; Marcus Vitruvius; Darwinian; Alansee; purpledreamer; C@H; Mr Jibblets; The Lone Random; pocketrocket&friends; Blacklegend; Happy Chappies; WazzaAndWenches; The Empire; micheena; BackPAQer; The Morris; Coruze; haveanez; Harrowang; skullracing; -36kieran146
22 01 Oct 17 Yarrowee Creek CITO - BallaratAttended by: 22 - Neville_devil; Na'wal; GoodLook; Phetlern; SteMicMitSar; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; AusFox;; Motndarg; annabella02; DAB; vaja1; wozzle68; feathertop; maccamob; 6Hinemoa2; kenbryl; McLookers; Sean.75; Sims_family; kenare; Bushfire
27 17 Apr 16 Yarrowee River Afternoon CITO - BallaratAttended by: 27 - The_Tritonz; Tomstache; Cherad; Alansee; maccamob; jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; Motndarg; Glanville Girls; claybol; suss vulture; Beckster22; Green Team 2; MazzyMay; jtnsilo; GemmaSistema; Dazza1; 6Hinemoa2; Fergzter; McLookers; Shamus1; annabella02; McAdies; ST37E; GeoYogster; jaggedwings; ClanMcStormy
24 22 Apr 17 Yarrowee River Trail CITO and Graffiti CleanAttended by: 24 - jelly_bean14; AusFox;; Sims_family; The_Tritonz; Muzza; Snap Happy; Geo_Eddie; misschief18; McLookers; Cherad; wozzle68; Perpetuallylost; Na'wal; Motndarg; Sunset62; The Lookabouts; Fergzter; MazzyMay; McAdies; GemmaSistema; DoorMatt; Neville_devil; n0w0rries; BernieH
15 05 Feb 17 Yarrowee River Weeding and Maintenance CITOAttended by: 15 - jelly_bean14; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Na'wal; Bushfire; maccamob; McLookers; MazzyMay; claybol; Yoshi Warriors; GemmaSistema; Motndarg; Glanville Girls; Perpetuallylost; Fergzter
6 06 Aug 17 Yarrowee RiverTree Planting DayAttended by: 6 - Cherad; Na'wal; GemmaSistema; McAdies; Fergzter; Neville_devil
4 16 Jul 17 Yo-ho-ho in the BayAttended by: 4 - Crok8; jackjames1993; annabella02; sassieold55
6 16 May 16 You May Not Be The Coolest Person HereAttended by: 6 - GoodLook; Doctor Owl; four-fun; Team Waldron; Freddo; muff1
26 05 Jul 14 You Yangs Barbecued BeastAttended by: 26 - dbelco; ThePacman; Phetlern; lionjrb; Frog_Lady; abl973; Square_Pegs; Bushfire; wozzle68; shy kite girl; Buckleysbabe; Sims_family; alchey; windscreen; The_Tritonz; geordiefamily; TR!; skakids; suss vulture; Capt.Roverman88; Na'wal; Roads75; JmsCrk; Jacko83; ST37E; Shamus1
13 18 Jun 16 You Yangs Views - by night!Attended by: 13 - -nirgal-; SteMicMitSar; DAB; The_Tritonz; n0w0rries; Sims_family; Ruverbug Jam; mudbrick; Buckleysbabe; wespro; Jacko83; larafolk; Neville_devil
11 31 May 14 Young & Old Flashmob Event - BendigoAttended by: 11 - _stormhorse_; The Lookabouts; Tomstache; Motndarg; GrumpyBump; Beckster22; Rehfisch Clan; Glanville Girls; McLookers; Riddell; jkelma
23 31 May 14 Zesty FoodAttended by: 23 - Helian1; TR!; jandaw; Team PacketStorm; Snap Happy; biggles1024; GazaC; LibzHat; Square_Pegs; Bushfire; Darth Briji; abl973; Capt.Roverman88; dbelco; Na'wal; Dog-gone; suss vulture; Buckleysbabe; Jacko83; ogrebeast; OhDang!; stemicmitsar; SweetRebelTee
21 05 Feb 11 \"2010 Ballarat Geocaching Awards\"Attended by: 21 - S 4 Sammy; coley_babee; Team PacketStorm; PrincessDiala; ST37E; sully1; 64EH; Team Indiana08; -Lisette-; maccamob; BPJTHillas; Geo_Eddie; highrod; McAdies; luttrellfive; roundcircle; MrIwik; oldwinebottle; 42below; Riddell; RogWat
0 13 Apr 17 “Dönerstag” Mildura 2017Attended by: No Attendees
42 09 Jun 12 “WWFM IX” Ballarat, Victoria - Bring your UmbrellaAttended by: 42 - rufus53; Smegheads; iamapom; grant1wish; MissBB; Princess Amy; C@H; Stick Kid; EuDes; deanfamily6; luttrellfive; team_coxy; highrod; Chaplain Mike; Bushfire; shaegirl43; suscoe; muzza; Packafattys; pricey43; The Coffee's; 42below; oxymura; Julie&GGs; VKC1SR; Daynaduc; port63; ST37E; Geo_Eddie; McAdies; Datruk; jinkyandjohn; S 4 Sammy; tigersden; Smart Sassy Siren; micaparamedic; TwelveFeet!; sully1; 64EH; BPJTHillas; stooy; Shamus1
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