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Well I'm not going to explain what Geocaching is on this site.  It's a sport, it's a pastime, it's a game.

Go look at geocaching.com or geocaching.com.au if you want to understand the details!

Here's Facitman's statistics for geocaching

Remember!  It's not all about the numbers... I just like to count!

Facitman Statistics Page contains more information on Facitman's numbers.

A summary of cache changes in Victoria can be seen on the Geo-Dashboard

F is for Frog

A is for Architect

C is for Conservatory

I is for Ice

T is for Track

M is for Maths Talent Quest

A is for A Bunch of Beanie Kids

F is for Filter


2010 Geocaching Australia GeGnome moving cache race entries


Some caching photos
Facitman_makes_a_new_friend.jpg (52083 bytes)
e-Facit_at_cache.jpg (72864 bytes)
Facitman is also a container bigot!  He doesn't find virtual caches, he doesn't find locationless caches, and he doesn't find webcam caches!  If there isn't a container and a log book, it's not a cache.  Well that's his belief anyway and unless the therapy sessions (aka shock treatment) result in a change of heart that's the way he'll play! But as they say To each his own.

Facitman Caching Code Conduct

  • All Caches found by Facitman will have a container that has to be found. (So no virtual caches, no locationless caches, no webcam caches).
  • If Facitman seeks outside assistance then the type of assistance will be included in the online log.
  • Facitman does not re-find caches, if a cache is re-born with the same identification code then Facitman considers it already found.
  • Facitman's logs will always include the date and time found.

Happy Caching!

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